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Fuhu Temple, Mount Emie, Sichuan Province, China, June 2013

Fuhu Temple, Mount Emie, Sichuan Province, China, June 2013

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“The citadel of established practice seldom falls to the polite knock of a good idea. It may however yield to a long siege, a pre-emptive strike, a wooden horse or a cunning alliance.” 


Ally Fogg writes in an amazing turn about:

Yes, women can also be violent, especially towards intimate partners and family members. However in recent years the men’s sector as a whole (and I include myself in that) has often become so fixated on demonstrating and documenting the extent of male victimisation at the hands of women that we may have lost sight of the bigger picture.

Better one sinner that repents.

He continues:

I would suggest that it is no coincidence that the least violent generation of young men in living memory is the first to have been raised in the era of the rights of the child, in schools and homes that have increasingly eschewed violent punishments, with anti-bullying policies and where the social acceptability of violence of all sorts has been challenged and rejected as never before.

And I would suggest it also coincides with the rise of feminism and the refusal of so many women to be treated as the slaves of their male partners.


Backtothepoint posts about the EU’s  £1.7bn demand:

Still if the UK wants to leave, it should take care not to let the door hit it in the jacksie as it flounces. As opposed to the Eurocrats who like to have the UK in the Union as a force for neoliberalism, most of the people I know here in France either couldn’t care less if it went or think it would be a good thing to get rid of a chronic troublemaker.

Clearly the English hating, trouble making lover BTTP is still smarting about every French failure from Agincourt on, but if he thinks the rest of Europe is going to be sympathetic to its crowing cockerel, he needs to explain the contempt in which its social democratic President is held across the union and in his adopted homeland.


Is Calamityjane123 / BeautifulBurnout seeking to justify the killing of the Canadian security personnel?


MontanaWildhack posts:

For some reason, many people who consider themselves left-leaning politically seem to think that anti-American bigotry is somehow acceptable. It boggles my mind that people can’t see the contradiction in that.

The same MontanaWildhack who posted on CiF

Good Americans don’t question the essential superiority of America. Many Americans boast that they have no desire to even travel to another country. They believe that it is a sign of patriotism to wallow in ignorance of the rest of the world. Not all Good Americans are quite that patriotic. Some are open to the possibility that there might be other places in the world that are nice to visit. Really open-minded Good Americans think that, if one is quite adventurous, one might even live in another country for a year or two.

Anti-American bigotry anyone?


A new set of photographs here, all of which have been posted before but they’re now together in one place.


 Today’s Music

As from today – (sometime in early 2013) “A Change is gonna Come” and hence the track which is from almost 500, vaguely described as pop and rock, on my MP4 player that I use mainly when I’m running at the gym or outdoors, or when I’m doing things I rather not like ironing clothes, cleaning and so on. This one by coincidence comes top of the list when arranged in alphabetical order. Of course I’ll intersperse them with some great jazz and classical music.

First We Take Manhatten – Leonard Cohen

Yesterday’s music

Fire Lake  – Bob Seger and the silver bullet band

Find a River – Lowell George


In the beginning……….. How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form-  is now elsewhere  – making comments posted here easier to access – I hope.

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  1. Good morning all.

    Re the NHS. Went to the doctor last month as I had bleeding and other symptoms: she did a physical exam and I had a blood test and results within about ten days. No answers, so referral to colorectal service at hospital – wait for a camera investigation: 2 months.

    This is just not good enough – 2 months is a long time in possible cancer terms and if something sinister is detected, there will most likely be an investigation and then treatment after that. So I could be looking at the spring before any treatment if I have cancer; some 5 months before going to the GP. It annoys me when the blame for poor cancer results in Britain is put on the patient for not going to the GP quickly enough: we do go, but the system is far too slow. All those who will knee-jerk react with ‘the USA is worse’ are just planting red herrings: we’re not in the USA and their and ours systems aren’t the only ones in the world. Supporters of the NHS often dismiss diagnostic procedures as being over-done in the European systems – much as I dislike the thought of a camera up my rear end, I’d rather have that done quickly and get the all-clear than wait for weeks worrying about possibly having a tumour.

    Maybe I’ve just had a run of bad luck, but my experiences of the NHS have not been good at all and I don’t know how people get these wonderful, speedy experiences they talk of.

    To put this in perspective, I’m in my late 50s so well in the age range for more likely to have cancer – plus, my father had colon cancer. One of the first questions the GP asked was if I had any relatives who’d had that type of cancer. Presumably, a younger person without any family history of the disease would have to wait even longer. I have also read that patients over 55 are offered a bowel cancer check by the NHS – I’ve never been offered one despite being quite high risk. This is not good service whatever others claim.

    • Hi Desde,

      This is appalling, but I think you are a victim of post-code lottery as a friend who was having difficulty swallowing along with related pain went to her GP on the 19th, had a blood test at the hospital the next day, prescribed medication, an endoscopy on the 28th with the results the same day, another visit to the GP on the 3 December and back to the hospital for another blood test the following day.

    • brusselsexpats

       /  December 19, 2014

      Sorry to hear that Desde – that’s one benefit of the paying system (reimbursed by health insurers) – you never need wait. My mother was offered a CAT scan the following day from her appointment with a consultant.

      When I was very sick with bronchitis some years back and the doctor was worried about whether it was pneumonia or something worse, like cancer, he sent me immediately from his consulting rooms to a private clinic dealing only in radiology. Within an hour I was back at my GP and he was looking at the results of the x-rays. It was only bronchitis fortunately but a very serious case.

      Can you not change doctor or try and get a private appointment with a specialist?

    • Hello Desde, I’m really sorry to hear this and the way you’ve been treated.. truly hope the results turn out to be clear, it’s terrible the treatment you have had, what a very difficult time, thinking of you

    • Hi all

      Changing doctors won’t make a difference as it’s the length of the waiting list at the hospital that’s the problem. I’ve often heard about patients on mainland Europe having far quicker access to diagnostic tests etc and my wish would have been for Britain to adopt a version of the kind of insurance systems used in many European countries. Anyway, I’ve contacted a private hospital though you have to be referred by your GP and so I’ve left a message asking her to do so. However, the first appointment will only be a consultation and the camera test will be done after that, still it should be quicker than the NHS. No wonder we have such a terrible record on bowel cancer and other diseases. It may be proximity to Christmas that increases the delay – the NHS is notorious for not being well staffed during holiday times, as it is on the evenings and weekends.

      I went through this a few years ago with a breast lump – 2 month wait for a scan and I was a nervous wreck by the time I got the appointment. Again, my mother has had breast cancer and I’m quite high risk. Everyone else is suffering the same it’s not just me. I just don’t understand why that, not only do people put up with it, but they actually near-worship the NHS system. On Cif debates, so often the proud boast is ‘the NHS performs well for the money put into it’ and ‘you get more bang for your buck with the NHS’ – what this means is, considering how little money is put in, it’s not bad. But cheap doesn’t mean good quality or timely appointments.

    • JimPress

       /  December 20, 2014

      Desde, sorry to hear about your problems and hopefully everything will turn out ok.

      Having used the NHS and also the private sector in a number of countries, on balance I still prefer the UK state system for all its imperfections. At the moment I spend too much time outside of the UK to be eligible for NHS treatment but I have medical coverage that guarantees me instant access to private health care around the world. I’ve encountered good and bad doctors in both systems, but more than anything I’m reassured by the joined-upness and checks and balances of the state system despite the occasionally long waits.

      Ultimately, I’d rather pay into a system that ensures treatment for all than a system that triages on the basis of wealth.

    • Paul

       /  December 20, 2014

      Hi Desde

      I agree there’s a postcode lottery in the nhs but right now your priority is looking after yourself.

      As you know the same symptoms can mask health conditions from the very minor to the extremely serious.And by law of averages the probability is that what you’ve got won’t be anything serious.But you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t worry until you know where you stand.But given you strike me as an extremely resiliant person because of what you’ve been through in your life i’m sure you’ll cope until you get your diagnosis.

      If your symptoms worsen you know you can call 111 who’ll refer you to an emergency out of hours doctor if you can’t see your own gp.And of course you’ve always got the option of going to a&e although i’d avoid that unless you’re really worried.And if you’re specifically worried about cancer i think the Macmillan Trust have a helpline which could offer you support.advice and hopefully some reassurance.The people at 111 should have the contact details.

      Like all the regulars here i wish you all the best and hope whatever you’ve got doesn’t prove to be anything serious.Take care of yourself and i know it’s far easier said than done but try not to worry and enjoy xmas as best you can. And as i said if you need confidential advice and support etc there are things you can do to get it. .

  2. brusselsexpats

     /  December 18, 2014


    If there’s one thing the internet does it’s to allow posters to wallow in the image of their own making, rather like old-time movie stars who believed their own publicity.

    Only in this case they think they are oh-so progressive while in truth they parted company with reality years ago. I doubt they even realise what a bunch of phonies they are.

  3. brusselsexpats

     /  December 18, 2014

    Bitey – I wonder how many AF had sunk before making that sick comment.

    • JimPress

       /  December 18, 2014

      I doubt he’d sunk any.

      Ally is just detached from anything that isn’t obviously gender-related or in his own backyard; his ultimate story would be a bloke in Manchester with roots in Auchtermuchty being forced to the brink of suicide by years of ridicule at the hands of his evil feminist wife before being denied child access by the obscenely unfair matriarchal family court system. He can weep copious crocodile tears over a fluffy feminist-lite critique of middle-class white blokes and their sheds yet remain utterly unmoved by mass religiously-inspired murder of children.

      Say it loud: I’m white, whiny, male, privileged and proud.

  4. brusselsexpats

     /  December 18, 2014

    Morning all,

    Desde – no I didn’t see that – Madonna herself looked desperate enough….she should stop making a fool of herself.

    A cap on comments would be a good idea. Putting a cut-off time for comments would also help – say 19h00. It would save costs on moderation as well. Plus the posters would probably still be sober at that point.

  5. brusselsexpats

     /  December 17, 2014

    By all accounts I was living in Scunthorpe as a man, pretending to be a woman about town and swanning round theatres and fancy receptions.

    It must have mortified the nitwits when I turned up in reality. Not only that but I introduced personal friends from Antwerp to one poster and virtually the entire Brussels office where I work to Kiz only this summer.

    I’ve often been accused of lacking self-awareness. Well at least I’m aware when I’m engaging with complete idiots.

  6. JimPress

     /  December 17, 2014

    Wonderfully, over at YTU Poll has fingered me as an evil misogynistic who delights in attacking female posters after I had the audacity to raise an eyebrow at her bizarre rants and threats against her unfortunate neighbour.

    It was quite exciting when I was exposed as a far-right racist (that was Poll also) but this particular allegation is positively thrilling in its oddness.

    • brusselsexpats

       /  December 17, 2014

      Afternoon all,

      Jim, the sphere of nuttiness on the YTU is in a stratospheric league of its own. When I think of the descriptions some of the posters threw at me, I do wonder they can live with their own stupidity.

      Tranny waiter/truck driver/bar girl in Brussels – you name it, the imbeciles have flung it at me. Not to mention painting me as though I kicked the destitute whenever I trotted past them in my Manolos.

      Polly has to be one of the dreariest posters ever to inflict an opinion on the YTU – I really shouldn’t worry what she or her cheerleaders say.

      Just thank your lucky stars you are not one of Her Neighbours. You might have been tempted to do something really desperate.

    • Good afternoon all.

      It is surprising that JimPress is accused of having a go at women posters as he’s often posted in support of what are called women’s issues and of feminism generally. I’m sure you’ve had quite a few run-ins with male posters too Jim, but you cannot know the gender of everyone you may be arguing with. It doesn’t really matter if other posters perceive others as something they’re not – much of it is done on purpose anyway just to get a response.

      I’ve just spent most of the day in Luton; after that, I’m just about ready for anything. Bring it on.

    • ‘Not to mention painting me as though I kicked the destitute whenever I trotted past them in my Manolos.’

      Makes you sound like the Guardian’s version of Liz Jones. Speaking of whom, did you see her copying Madonna’s latest photo poses? A truly horrible sight.

    • JimPress

       /  December 18, 2014

      Desde, as you suggest, I’m one of the few male posters at YTU that has consistently supported feminism and directly challenged the rape apologists and MRA whiners. But obviously that counts for nothing if I have the audacity to raise an eyebrow at somebody using a newspaper forum to abuse their neighbours or question whether her mate Kochanski is on solid ground spraying her copious bile at the Roma. Clearly nobody could be odd enough to genuinely object to that kind of hate, so it stands to reason I just don’t like women and use it as a front for my ugly frothing misogyny.

      It’s the same misogyny that drove me in the past to challenge Alison ‘Ally’ Fogg and Betty Backtothepoint and throw my support behind that geezer Gita Saghal when he was having that run in with feminist icon Moazzam Begg.

      The best thing CIF could do is put a daily cap on posting – it just might allow the likes of Poll to regain their lives and sense of perspective. Plus, the quality of debate would rocket.

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