Watching the Untrusted Implode II

Pig, part of a city wide sculpture exhibition, Bath, England, August 2008

Pig, part of a city wide sculpture exhibition, Bath, England, August 2008

There is something wonderful in seeing a wrong-headed majority assailed by truth.

John Kenneth Galbraith


Welcome to The Real Untrusted

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“The citadel of established practice seldom falls to the polite knock of a good idea. It may however yield to a long siege, a pre-emptive strike, a wooden horse or a cunning alliance.” 


 A new set of photographs here,

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End of You Tell Us – 28 January 2015

“Today is the last ideas thread. From tomorrow, we won’t be running these threads anymore. We still really want your ideas for articles, but we think the best way to do that will be to have a dedicated email address for people to send in suggestions. That is being set up asap. The editor of Cif, Kira Cochrane, will be running a talking shop tomorrow to explain more, but when this thread closes tomorrow there won’t be a new one. I know this will be upsetting for some, but please bear with us while we make some new changes to the site.”


 Today’s Music

As from today – (sometime in early 2013) “A Change is gonna Come” and hence the track which is from almost 500, vaguely described as pop and rock, on my MP4 player that I use mainly when I’m running at the gym or outdoors, or when I’m doing things I rather not like ironing clothes, cleaning and so on. This one by coincidence comes top of the list when arranged in alphabetical order. Of course I’ll intersperse them with some great jazz and classical music

Today’s music.

Pat Metheny  –  And I love her

Partisans  –  Swamp


In the beginning……….. How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form-  is now elsewhere  – making comments posted here easier to access – I hope.


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Paul, your “Testing” post at 3.16pm has arrived.

Update 2 Desde at at 6.09pm – hacked, I don’t think so but will investigate.

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Jack, thanks for the suggestion about the cache at 8.04pm which I’m going to look into now. When I opened the site this morning the appearance of the page had changed with a much wider margin on the left and no drop down menu to access the rest of the site. It’s what WordPress refer to as the “improved posting esperience”.  I can see all three new comments in “editing mode” but in”View mode” the most recent comment is still yours from 23 Feb 2015 about posting the 10,000th comment. Anyway I’m going to look at the link you left about the cache and if that doesn’t work I’ll leave a question on WordPress Support.

For everyone you can still leave comments and until I’ve sorted things out here and I’ll post an acknowledgement here.   :)

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OK I’ve got Charlie at WordPress who understands the problem and is looking to fix it.  More as and when.

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Charlie has taken the problem away and will respond to me by email.  In the meantime I’ve set up a new page where I can post your recent comments called Recent comments. 

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BTH – I have tried to replicate the problem, but without much success. However, in the past, we have ‘cured’ such problems by changing themes – may be worth a go.

Hi Jack, thanks for that but I’m reluctant to try anything while there’s a chance the people at WordPress might find out what’s wrong and sort it out. Their guy Charlie said he’d never come across the problem like this before so my thinking is that it can’t be something straightforward. I think it might have something to do with the change from the old editor, which I prefer and what they call “the new posting experience”. Yesterday was the first time when I clicked on the edit button that it opened the “front page” in the “new posting experience” editor.

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I received the following from WordPress – “We chatted yesterday about some of your comments not displaying on your blog. I asked a colleague to look into it, and there’s currently a bug that limits number of comments on a single page or post to 10,000.  At the moment, we don’t have a workaround, but our technicians are working on a fix and hope to have it updated soon.”

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Good morning all.

Perhaps a new site will have to be set up.

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BTH – Have replicated the fault. Once a article runs over 10,000 comments, it ‘trips’ back (no idea why)

The only way around it (for the mo) is to close your comments – then link your ‘To Comment click here & page to the bottom’, to a new page. Not ideal – but will allow comments.


Accusations of Paedophilia – Barristers, BeautifulBurnout should know better


Buddhist temple, Ta Gong, Sichuan Province, China September 2014

Accusations of Paedophilia – Barristers, BeautifulBurnout should know better

In the light of the recent report on Child Abuse I am reposting accusations that do nothing to assist the police and child protection bodies from carrying out their jobs.

BeautifulBurnout writes on The Untrusted:

But even in this day and age, adults excusing adults and accusing child victims of abuse is rife. Bitey whines and moans about people in the past calling him a paedophile, but, frankly, it is fair comment when you consider some of the stuff he has supported in the past – not just flying the flag for the teacher Helen Goddard when she was convicted and imprisoned for a sexual relationship with a female 15 yr old pupil, but also the disgusting comments he made in the Madeleine Martin case – the 39 year old teacher having a sexual relationship with her 15 year old pupil. Barbara Ellen wrote a completely wrong headed piece about it at the time

Barbara Ellen’s piece is here,  – and  – here is but one of the many posts of mine on that thread which demonstrates the mischievous highly unprofessional nonsense MrsB is posting:

Now would I have said that if I was arguing that she was innocent of any crime? Clearly she was found guilty and rightly so; it’s the complete lack of proportionality in the sentence and the pandering to tabloid outrage that I object to.

People are welcome to look at my posts on that thread and judge for themselves whether there’s anything I’ve posted there that supports paedophilia. As a barrister, MrsB will know that as the case involved a post-pubescent 15 year old student, the introduction of paedophilia can only be for sensationalist reasons. Indeed MrsB herself had agreed as much here:

“it isn’t paedophilia (that’s why I referred to hebephilia, which is a proclivity for pubescent teenagers”.

So to be perfectly clear, and for consistency, is BeautifulBurnout also calling Barbara Ellen a paedophile?

Later she screams at Barbara Ellen:

“Have you ever read any of the accounts of men who were “seduced” by older women when they were young? I summarise that your experience in this is limited to watching The Graduate”

Could it be that MrsB meant “surmise”?         Never mind.

And what are the accounts of “seduction” she provides as well cited evidence, of men who were abused when they were 15 years old?

Well they’re not in the report she cites – “Female sexual abuse of children: ‘the ultimate taboo’” by Michele Elliott.

This report states:

Eighty-three per cent of the women who could remember, said the sexual abuse started before the age of 5, 16% were between the ages of 5 and 10; 1% were between the ages of 10 and 15.

Fifty-five per cent of the men reported the abuse started before the age of 5;

35% were between the ages of 5 and 10; 10% were between the ages of 10 and 15.

The report doesn’t say if any were above the age of 15.

The male victims (N=320) reported that 82% of their abusers were related to them.

When a single perpetrator was reported;

96% were mothers; 4% were stepmothers. When two perpetrators were reported; mothers were abusers in 45% of the cases, along with sisters, grandfathers, and other males; 22% of dual abusers were stepmothers; and 33% were babysitters and family friends.

So the report isn’t about 15 year old post pubescent males being “abused” by 38 year old regular Christian church going teachers like Madeleine Martin, but almost exclusively about young children being abused by their immediate family.

Essentially, it’s totally irrelevant to the subject of Barbara Ellen’s article.

So what does it matter if the Bar Council’s representative on CiF can get some cheap acclaim from her admiring posters, all 458 of them?


Since BeautifulBurnout’s post were removed from the Guardian’s Comment is Free an impartial observer might declare – “the evidence has disappeared m’lud”.


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