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Bovolo Palace, Venice, 2002

Bovolo Palace, Venice, 2002

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“The citadel of established practice seldom falls to the polite knock of a good idea. It may however yield to a long siege, a pre-emptive strike, a wooden horse or a cunning alliance.” 


So here’s a challenge to Ally Fogg from no other than Ayaan Hirsi Ali, one of the most courageous women today, who says – Islam “is not a peaceful one” and calls for “a Muslim Reformation.”

Those who she states are her harshest critics — Muslims and Western liberals – like Ally Fogg, deny what she’s been professing all along: that Islamic faith and modernity are incompatible, and that the recent surge in extremist attacks in the name of Islam is an even greater indication that something more monumental must be done.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali writes, and she writes it about you Ally Fogg:

My uncompromising statements on this topic have incited such vehement denunciations that one would think I had committed an act of violence myself. For today, it seems, speaking the truth about Islam is a crime. “Hate speech” is the modern term for heresy. And in the present atmosphere, anything that makes Muslims feel uncomfortable is branded as “hate.”

So will we hear Ally Fogg calling Ayaan Hirsi Ali a vile racists?


Ally Fogg:

Free speech not only means the right to say unpalatable and unpopular things, it also involves
the right to call oppression and bigotry for what they are when we see them.

And if you call someone a vile racist for criticising Islam as being institutionally sexist and prevent him from making that criticism, then who is the bigot?


A new set of photographs here, (Photographs 25) all of which have been posted before but they’re now together in one place.


There I was thinking the Untrusted had become as mundane as the Underground when up pops MontanaWidlhack objecting to being called “Monty” by one of the newcomers:

“…you can’t possibly be so obtuse that you don’t understand the concept of compassion, so I’m going to have to believe at this point that you’re really just an arrogant bitch who can’t be bothered being nice to people you see as inferior.”


BeautifulBurnout on the Tower Hamlets school girls:

We still don’t have any proof that they have actually gone to fight with or support ISIL either, Frog. As I mentioned the other day, the elder sister of one of the girls seemed to think they had gone off to try and find their friend and bring her back.


A new set of photographs here, (Photographs 25) all of which have been posted before but they’re now together in one place.


End of You Tell Us – 28 January 2015

“Today is the last ideas thread. From tomorrow, we won’t be running these threads anymore. We still really want your ideas for articles, but we think the best way to do that will be to have a dedicated email address for people to send in suggestions. That is being set up asap. The editor of Cif, Kira Cochrane, will be running a talking shop tomorrow to explain more, but when this thread closes tomorrow there won’t be a new one. I know this will be upsetting for some, but please bear with us while we make some new changes to the site.”


 Today’s Music

As from today – (sometime in early 2013) “A Change is gonna Come” and hence the track which is from almost 500, vaguely described as pop and rock, on my MP4 player that I use mainly when I’m running at the gym or outdoors, or when I’m doing things I rather not like ironing clothes, cleaning and so on. This one by coincidence comes top of the list when arranged in alphabetical order. Of course I’ll intersperse them with some great jazz and classical music.

Massenet – Meditation from Thais


Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones

Gimme Hope Joanna – Eddy Grant


In the beginning……….. How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form-  is now elsewhere  – making comments posted here easier to access – I hope.

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  1. Paul

     /  May 6, 2015

    Brenda and a mix ‘n’ match of House of Windsor in-breds react to the news of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana’s birth

    • Since they’ve wanted to live like common people, at least as far as marrying them goes, the Royals don’t look so in-bred.

      Nice horses.

  2. Paul

     /  May 6, 2015

    A non-custodial father who has been banned from seeing his children was nevertheless fined because the mother took the children on holiday and lied to the school by telling them they had been ill.And he was still fined even though the court accepted he had no idea what the mother was doing.

    The fact this man was banned by social services from seeing his children suggests he was a crap father and probably a pretty unpleasant person with it.But it highlights the vulnerability of non-custodial parents- the majority of whom are men- who the law states should take responsibility for their children even though it acknowledges the custodial parent-the majority of whom are women-may make that impossible.

    The man who has been fined could have been a loving father and a decent bloke who genuinely wants to pay a full and meaningful part in his childrens lives but is prevented from doing so by the mother.It’s therefore not right in principle that he-and other non custodial parents of both sexes-could be find for something they had absolutely no control over

    • Paul

       /  May 6, 2015

      ……because the mother took the children on holiday and lied…..

      That should have read :

      ”…….because the mother took the children on holiday during term-time and lied…….”

  3. Paul

     /  May 6, 2015

    Afternoon all

    Wandsworth,a flagship Tory borough in London,is offering social tenants a bribe of up to £7k if they move to Birmingham.Surely this will leave them open to a charge of gerrymandering -something Shirley Porter was found guilty of in Westminster,another Tory borough-if the homes of these social tenants are sold off to either private landlords and/or owner occupiers.

    Already an estimated 50,000 low income families have been shipped out of London because of the benefit cap,bedroom tax etc.And now Wandsworth is using public money to add to what is clearly a covert policy of social cleansing from London.Although if i were a betting man i reckon other London boroughs-and not all Tory ones at that- are also seeking to bribe more of their social tenants to leave the Capital..Out of site and out of mind.

    • Wandsworth was the council which once had zero council tax. Is what they’re doing legal?

  4. brusselsexpats

     /  May 6, 2015


    You should never feel guilty about posting on abuse or the flaws in the mental health system. In fact, given the Savile scandal (to mention just one), your information is very topical and gives a great insight to those who have never had to go through that hell.

    The real attention seekers are posters who live the bourgeois lifestyle in spades yet try to give the impression they spend their waking hours worrying about the plight of the refuse collectors (one of Hank’s gems that). When they are not tanked up on Beaujolais Nouveau that is.

  5. brusselsexpats

     /  May 6, 2015

    Morning all,

    Like Jim I believe it’s never over till the fat lady sings so despite the predictions from those in the know in our office, I’m refraining from comment about the elections.

  6. JimPress

     /  May 6, 2015

    So what are all of your predictions for the election result?

    I hope I’m wrong, but I think the Tories will do better than the polls indicate, certainly well enough to form a coalition with the surviving LibDem rump. Red Ted and his Stupendous Stone of Truth are just too weird and otherworldly not to damage the Labour vote.

    • I have a horrible feeling that the Tories will get in and may just have a working majority with the LibDems and the Ulster Unionists and perhaps a few others.

      Ed Milliband is probably not a bad bloke but he’s lacked any passion and missed so many opportunities to stand up for the poor – they were practically open goals for him, like the bedroom tax. He’s got an image problem and that does count in this day and age. One thing’s for sure, the knives will be out for him within the Labour party after the election unless he does manage to scrape in.

      I just bumped into someone I know as a fellow volunteer (not a real friendship as such) and she had a right go at me for saying I might vote Labour: said that Labour aren’t for the working classes any more. She, from a traditional working class background, is going to vote Conservative. She hates the more tax stuff that she says Labour will do and I think that many think her way. Bizarrely she went on about the lack of decent jobs and a documentary she’d seen on SportsDirect who treat their staff appallingly but just manage to skirt the employment law. Even worse, we had this conversation standing beside the walls of a mansion within which lives one of the worst multi-millionaire employers, and he is of course a Tory and a personal friend of Cameron. Life, it’s a rum do sometimes.

    • JimPress

       /  May 6, 2015

      The only thing the Labour Party needed to do to guarantee a clear majority at this election was ensure their leader wasn’t called Ed (Balls is just as bad) or Miliband (Dave M would’ve been even worse).

      Ed’s not a good bloke or a smart bloke, he’s a gurning talentless clown with a rancid sense of self-entitlement, fast-tracked in to a role that is far beyond him. The nepotistic advancement of the talent-free baby Benns, Kinnocks, Straws and Milibands is symtomatic of all that is wrong with the modern Labour Party. Miliband is to socialism what Bella Mackie is to journalism.

    • I never felt Ed Milliband had that arrogance that so many others in Parliament have, especially on the Conservative side. He certainly has never had to live the more ordinary and hard life that most Britons do and has had a lot of privilege due to sheer accident of birth. On that subject Paul wrote something about Boris Johnson which I liked on the CifUnderground yesterday; hope he doesn’t mind me reprising it here:

      ‘Boris Is a bit of a walking melting post Xen even though he looks in-bred.And i still can’t get why so many people fall for his faux bumbling buffoon act He’s a ruthless operator with the smug over-confidence and sense of entitlement that goes with being .a member of the born to rule set.He wouldn’t last five minutes in the real world and on a level playing field with everyone else.’

    • Sara

       /  May 6, 2015

      hello jim ‘So what are all of your predictions for the election result?’ ‘

      ‘I get no kicks from campaigns” .. ha – prob a labour/conservative coalition.. who knows.. im voting labour anyway – ”Miliband is to socialism what Bella Mackie is to journalism.’ That’s low man

      As Nick Cohen says ”Comrades, pre-election discipline ends in 34 hours. As of 10pm tomorrow we can go back to kicking the Labour Party again.”

  7. I find it hard to believe that Florian can’t post here – it’s rather convenient isn’t it that she’s been able to post before and posted only the other day. Funny how all these characters go running off to the UT to be mollycoddled when they’re challenged.

    Florian, you have emailed me saying ‘you do believe me don’t you?’ Just that, with no explanation. I know that originally it was a mistake by someone else which led to our contact but you started this pleading for belief over an unspecified issue. Why on earth would you care what I, a random woman on the internet, believes about something the nature of which I am completely unaware of? You do not need my validation. Why don’t you say what it is? How would you feel getting messages from someone asking for acceptance for something which isn’t named?

    It is also hard to believe that shazzbot would have openly and under that name, written you an unpleasant email – you could have exposed her (why didn’t you?). This is a woman who has gone to great lengths to cover up her deceptions and shazzbot is very intelligent and I can’t see her making such a stupid move so early on in her deceit. We all know what a rush there’d be to defend the frail Florian and the vitriol that would’ve been heaped on Shazzbot for being cruel to the ill and she wouldn’t want that: she hates being confronted. So, sorry that doesn’t wash.

    I’d considered asking the Guardian staff if they could do anything to offer help to shazzbot as others have done when posters have been depressed, but decided it’d make it worse and this isn’t about shazzbot being depressed, it’s far more complex and entrenched than that. She’s even having conversations with herself between various characters. It isn’t shazzbot who will suffer, but her victims, as her personality is so rigid and defensive. But on balance, shazzbot must have a huge emptiness in her life to invent these fictions and I’d like to think she can find something real to fill that gap.

    • JimPress

       /  May 6, 2015

      Hi Desde, what’s the backstory to Florian? She, like the much-referenced Leni, has totally passed me by, but clearly people have an attachment to both of them.

      I agree that the email message you quote is inappropriate, particularly in the present circumstances, and I’ve no understanding of why anybody with good intentions would send it. Did it come from the same address as earlier messages that Flo doesn’t (if I’m getting this right) deny sending, or is it from a new address? A big part of the current problem is that chaos really does breed more chaos. One person behaves in a deeply transgressive manner and others, who until that point have done nothing, feed off and add fuel to the situation. It’s reasonable to assume that Shazz isn’t solely behind the currently spiraling oddness.

      People are now being spooked and upset by the ongoing situation, but I’d urge them just to step back, don’t get involved and treat it as the (largely) harmless pantomime it is. It’ll all fizzle out pretty quickly.

    • Hello Jim

      It is all getting out of hand but we should remember whose deviousness caused this – it’s a bit stupid for us here and the UT to be throwing accusations of insanity at each other when the instigator was never really a feature of either site.

      No I haven’t checked florian’s email address but I doubt she’ll email me again as she’s got the message. Florian appeared on both the YTU and here as a very gentle character, wrote about the cuts to benefits for the sick quite a bit: they were almost weak and many were protective and defensive of her. She did register with me but, like you, leni didn’t make a big impression though I knew who she was. Funny how we notice some more than others. Florian disappeared for a long time but returned the other day here pitching into the shazz razamatazz.

      I posted on Cifunderground yesterday for the first time in a long time in response to femalelefty and ity almost immediately came on and started up the issues again saying I was laying into them and florian here – though my response to femalelefty didn’t address ity, talk about them or mention the conflict at all. ity had to back down as others challenged them but it doesn’t look like they’re willing to let this go.

      The quality of debate on Oif/Cif would be considerably improved if all these liars and fakes would go away but the only option is to ignore it, especially as ity and some of the others have previous in going berserk with both you and Sara.

    • JimPress

       /  May 6, 2015

      Desde, given that a key plank to Shazzageddon was locking on to and exploiting pre-existing feuds that were feck all to do with her, I’m in total agreement that it’s ridiculous for people here and at the UT to be throwing accusations of madness back and forth. I made the same point over there and was gratified that people seemed to take it at face value.

      The reason that I asked if Florian’s email came from the same address as before is that anybody can create a new account and pretend to be whoever they want. My understanding is that Florian is maintaining that she didn’t actually send this particular email, so, if the address is different, there’s little to be lost by giving her the benefit of the doubt.

      Regarding Ity, I’m happy for him/her to carry on incoherently ranting against me because it’s much closer to self-harm than it is to a genuine attack on me. I’ll always make my case if somebody questions or challenges me in a rational manner, but why would I waste a single keystroke combating Ity’s impotent rage?

      Ultimately, none of this stuff matters.

    • Jim – I didn’t mean to include you in the madness accusations as you are about the only one here who hasn’t said the UTers are crazy – I’m guilty of doing it myself and I shouldn’t have. I apologise to UT posters for saying or insinuating they were mentally unbalanced, however flippantly I wrote it: it’s not for me to say that and it’s got nothing to do with this whatsoever.

      Yes, there may be other posters with a streak of mischief-making in them who’ve latched onto this for a bit of sport. Whether others online believe who someone is or what they say doesn’t really matter eventually and getting on with posting and reading and getting what you want out of it, is what we all have to do. I didn’t like it years back when some on Cif said I was lying about child abuse and other stuff because it’s a touchy subject: they are entitled to their opinon. Even more disliked how I presented my account and said that I did it for sympathy and attention seeking. But it’s their right to feel that way and though it felt bad, I just had to get on with it and accept their view. The real problems are in day-to-day life where it can be very difficult when others don’t believe you about something that’s very serious and shaped the kind of person you are. But even then, you have to cut those people out of your life.

  8. Forgot to say good morning to everyone. The strong winds yesterday brought down even more of the garden fence – not that I care that much just don’t want the dog extending his empire to the neighbour’s garden.

  9. Ed Milliband was in Kempston yesterday at the Addison Howard Centre just a few yards from my previous abode.

    This is a marginal constituency with Richard Fuller, Conservative, getting in with a majority of less than 1,400 and will be watched with interest on Thursday. Fuller’s typical of his type: Oxford, then venture capitalist type jobs, i.e. never known hard graft in his life. He’s had several links to private healthcare and voted for the Health and Social Care Act. Fuller owns at least 3 properties including one in New York which he rents out. He has received huge amounts of money for directorship/advice type work whilst on his MP’s salary of £65,000 plus expenses.

    The problem, as ever, is the weakness of the opposition. Patrick Hall who was the Labour MP for Bedford and Kempston from 1997 to 2010 after a long Conservative rule, just doesn’t come across well and doesn’t know how to talk to people and because he’s uncomfortable around people it tends to make others uncomfortable. Hall’s a nice enough person but has some very poor local staff and was a bad loser in 2010. Both Fuller and Hall went to the same school I think so at least they do have local connections but seem out of touch with how many in Bedford and Kempston live. Hall’s marriage to an Italian woman won’t do him any harm in a town like Bedford.

  10. Paul

     /  May 5, 2015

    London has some of the worst levels of poverty and inequality in the country.And also some of the worst life expectancy rates .

    It also seems quite apt that Islington-the spiritual home of New Labour-has one of the worst life expectancy rates in the capital..For let’s not forget that between 1997-2010 successive New Labour largely failed to really tackle the structural poverty/inequality which blights our society.Indeed some working class communities which were battered under the Tories between 1979-1997 actually received a further kicking when New Labour.were in power.

  11. Sara

     /  May 5, 2015

    The Revolution in Rojava

    ‘Since last August, when I first heard about the fight against ISIS in Kobani, I have been wondering why so few people in the United States are talking about the Rojava cantons. You’d think it would be big news that there’s a liberated area in the Middle East led by kickass socialist-feminists, where people make decisions through local councils and women hold 40 percent of leadership positions at all levels. You’d think it would be even bigger news that their militias are tough enough to beat ISIS. You’d think analyses of what made this victory possible would be all over the left-wing press.’

    • ‘In other words, the strongest enemies of ISIS are internationally labeled as terrorist, just like the rapist, fascist jihadist murderers. Similarly, everyone is trying to instrumentalise the suffering of the Yezidi people from Mount Sinjar (Shengal) for their own interests, but the thousands of Yezidi refugees in the Rojava state that the international community is doing nothing for them, while it was the YPG/YPJ and PKK that have rescued them in August and looked after them ever since, in spite of the embargo on Rojava and the war in Kobanî.

      Uncomfortable facts for those, who portray themselves as the rescuers!’

      That’s probably why it’s not being talked about. They’re very tough men and women to take on ISIS and win. If ISIS continue to paint the Middle East black, the consequences are going to be increasingly horrific.

  12. Sara

     /  May 5, 2015

    It’s about time the Green Party stopped their compliance with the Conservatives

  13. Sara

     /  May 5, 2015

    America’s Literary Elite Takes a Bold Stand Against Dead Journalists

    ‘Hitler. Goebbels. Hebdo. Really? Can the PEN members boycotting Tuesday’s Courage Award for the slain French satirists really not tell the difference between racism and mocking racism?’

    On January 7, Jean-Baptiste Thoret was ambling toward the office, late for an editorial meeting—he’s a French film critic, after all—when 12 of his colleagues at the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo were being cut to ribbons by AK-47 fire. A fraternal team of semi-illiterate religious fanatics, Chérif and Saïd Kouachi, both Paris-born, casually returned to their getaway car, congratulating themselves for having avenged their aggrieved prophet. As a digestif, an accomplice was across town, preparing to murder Jewish shoppers at a kosher supermarket.
    When Thoret walks into PEN America’s annual gala at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan on Tuesday night to collect the 2015 Toni and James C. Goodale Freedom of Expression Courage Award, it will doubtless be to whispers that he’s the Charlie Hebdo guy who survived because he overslept. But there will surely be those squinting, craning their necks, wondering, is that the racist guy who survived the terror attack in Paris?
    Charlie Hebdo’s film critic, Jean-Baptiste Thoret, speaks during a press conference at the Freedom house in Washington, DC, on May 1, 2015.
    Charlie Hebdo would seem a rather obvious choice for a prize celebrating journalistic courage, considering the newspaper was firebombed in 2011 for producing cartoons satirizing militant Islam, lived with a heavy—but not heavy enough—security presence, and continued to raise a middle finger to those who threatened its journalists with death. But the award was an obvious choice that annoyed more than 200 PEN members—including Eric Bogosian, Wallace Shawn, Junot Diaz, and Peter Carey—who responded to the honor with a campaign of defamation against the dead. Charlie stood accused of, among other sins, trading in “selectively offensive material: material that intensifies the anti-Islamic, anti-Maghreb, anti-Arab sentiments already prevalent in the Western world.”
    It was an odd sight; gauche caviar left-wing writers aligning themselves against slain soixante-huitard left-wing cartoonists, all while expressing sympathy with “devout” religious conservatives “humiliated” and “suffering” because of silly drawings from a low-circulation satirical newspaper.
    Some PEN members pulled out of the event. At least one publicly threatened to quit. Others said that while they would attend the gala, the still-mourning Thoret would be treated like Elia Kazan at the Academy Awards, with the objectors remaining seated, grim-faced, hands folded in their laps.
    Charlie Hebdo—scourge of the post-fascist political party Front National, enemy of Papists, cheerful anti-racist activists, fellow travelers of the French Communist Party, staunch agitators for Palestine—has been accused of racism and employing crude and offensive satire to “punch down” at an aggrieved minority.
    So while we can all agree that the right to free speech is indivisible, is Charlie a racist? Click around a bit—no French skills required—and you’ll find out that Charlie is Stormfront with colorful cartoons, a modern Der Stürmer-like tabloid, but one supposedly marinated in the politics of the old-guard left. A day after the attack, Slate’s Jordan Weissmann did a bit of Googling and discovered that those comparing the dead to “white power” activists had something of a point. Two days after the murders, under the crass headline “Unmournable Bodies,” The New Yorker’s Teju Cole provided a confused exegesis on French satire, a subject he has previously avoided discussing. Charlie Hebdo, he wrote, was possessed of a “bullyingly racist agenda” and traded in “violently racist” images.
    Elsewhere, the #JeSuisCharlie brigades were admonished for affiliating with an anti-Arab magazine whose “staff was white,” a point not contested by editor Moustapha Ourrad because he had annoyingly just been murdered by religious psychopaths. Nor did Zineb El Rhazoui protest, likely because she was too busy mourning her dead friends and cobbling together the newspaper’s first post-bloodbath issue. Francine Prose, one of the first refuseniks, said PEN’s choice “very conveniently feeds into a larger political narrative of white Europeans being killed by Muslim extremists, which is not the case,” a point with which the families of slain Hebdo staffers might take issue.

  14. Paul

     /  May 5, 2015

    Evening all

    Another victim of Welfare Reform.From what i can gather Paul Marsden has been put in the Employment Support Allowance Work Related Activity Group where he has to undertake a number of compulsory interviews and work related activities ,where he’ll face benefit sanctions if he can’t/won’t comply and where he’ll face a means test after 52 weeks.

    Realistically what chance has this man got of finding sustainable employment ?And whilst there’s legislation protecting the rights of disabled workers getting it enforced is another matter.Plus many people with disabilities are actually scared of asking their employer to make reasonable adjustments for them for fear of the consequences.

    If we get a Tory government life is going to get even tougher for the sick and disabled.And still the medical profession and the media are at best half-hearted in addressing this scandal.

    • Sara

       /  May 5, 2015

      Hi Paul – ”If we get a Tory government life is going to get even tougher for the sick and disabled.And still the medical profession and the media are at best half-hearted in addressing this scandal.”

      lets hope those affected by cuts/low pay/no pay/unemployment/ zero hours/lack of affordable housing/ etc etc get of their arses and vote then

    • Sara

       /  May 5, 2015

      and if people are bothered – they can follow it through and force the changes we all need.. show some kind of outrage at the system – there should be more to democracy than an x

    • Hi Sara

      The apathy in this country is depressing although the sick and disabled are fighting back as best they can.However what’s needed is for all those you’ve listed to join forces and take to the streets and have their voices heard.Problem is a lot of people are scared of the possible repercussions if they protest .

    • More people need to get out and vote. At grassroots level re the sick and disabled losing their benefits, it’s charities and individuals who are picking up the slack, trying to stand up for them, represent them at tribunals and give them food and other support.

  15. Sara

     /  May 5, 2015

    British Government and the Constitution
    A fixed-term hung Parliament?

    ‘Opinion polls over the last few weeks suggest that no parliamentary party will have an overall majority in the Westminster parliament; we will have a ‘hung parliament’. What then are the consequences? Who will govern, and how?

    • Some of the press talk about a Labour-SNP coalition as if it’d be the devil incarnate. Could be the best result of a bad bunch.

  16. Hurray – one of the dogs from the animal rescue is going to be featured on the Paul O’Grady show: 2 of the staff have gone with him for filming this afternoon. I hope it’ll be on the show tonight, 5pm ITV, if not it’ll be on later. He’s an old chap but a very happy chappie.

    • Think it’s going out live – so look out for Seth, he deserves a home.

    • Sara

       /  May 5, 2015

      Hello Desde Hope Seth finds a place to call home

    • Hi Sara

      Just watched it – hilarious: Seth was introduced by Paul, and Seth played his full cuteness, rolling over on his back for a tickle; Sean Lock brought on a young greyhound cross, then Stacey Solomon brought on a mastiff cross, and finally there was a Rottie. Mayhem broke out when the greyhound tried to get it on with Seth! The audience were laughing and oohing and aahing. I really hope Seth gets a home and he’s got such a happy, jolly personality and I’m not saying that just because I got Rudi there, he really is very happy and loves people. It will be a retirement home for him as he’s old.

    • Jack Roth

       /  May 5, 2015

      Yes Desde – looks like Seth made a ‘friend’ there. :-)

      Its now been three weeks since BiteTheHand made an appearance here – strange.

    • ‘now been three weeks since BiteTheHand made an appearance here..’

      Perhaps he’s seen the error of his ways and will be re-born on the Untrusted as a new man. Or all this jiggerypokery of the last few days has put him off.

  17. brusselsexpats

     /  May 5, 2015

    Desde – I hadn’t realised you were being targeted via your home email. I diverted the Hack’s posts into the trash can before things got out of hand.

    • Not really targeted – Flo emailed as my address was on my Cif account; it’s the nature of these emails I don’t like, the whiney attempts at manipulation and the half-spoken accusations. I’m not answering them and will consider them harassment if they continue. If a grown adult – a normal one that is – has something to say then they just come out and say it.

    • Paul

       /  May 5, 2015

      Hi desde and bru

      I’d be really disappointed if Flo was mixed up in all.this nonsense ,

      Best thing to do with unwanted e-mails from people you know is automatically direct them straight to the trash can as bru suggested .If you can’t do that then manually send them to the trash.And once there delete them.But don’t read them so as to avoid any temptation to respond.

      You can’t change people but you can change the way you relate to them-if indeed you relate to them at all.For some people are best ignored although i know that can be easier said than done

      @Feel free to remind me of my own good advice when i next blow a gasket when someone pisses me off.Although i’m practically a saint these days :-)

  18. brusselsexpats

     /  May 5, 2015

    The UT is full of misfits and mentally maladjusted posters – I did suggest to Montana that she seek medical help with her issues after she bombarded my home email with her usual unhinged tirades.

    In fact her foul-mouthed posts for even the most trivial of reasons is a classic sign of mental disorder.

    • It’s like the Richard the Third ward for over-acting. I may call my therapist.

  19. brusselsexpats

     /  May 5, 2015

    Morning all,

    Mad busy today but I’ll say that Sara is an outstanding upholder of human rights and whoever attempts to paint her as mentally ill can go and stick their antisemitism where the sun doesn’t shine.

  20. Looked at the UT this morning and ity has said I’m being manipulative and have upset Flo by insinuating ity’s one of shazzbot’s homies. So the yardstick by which we must measure what we post is how much it might upset Flo? This sly little attempt at guilt-tripping won’t work ity. Yes, poor dear little Flo whose disjointed and dippy posting manner belies her eagle eyed observational powers. Flo hasn’t posted here for months yet when she does re-appear she’s onto my one tiny little reference to ity immediately which even those involved in these exchanges hadn’t seen. Flo’s been reading everything here intently for yonks but saw fit not to say a word till this.

    Flo, you do know that email addresses can be traced don’t you? Please don’t email me again with cryptic insinuations and half-baked attempts at manipulations as I’ve no interest in getting drawn into your games.

    If the UT want to continue to engage with Shazzbot under other aliases that’s their choice but the game’s up Shazz. Maybe it takes a nutter to know a nutter as per the Rosenhan experiment though not all those in possession of the ‘n’ word have much sense as the CifU demonstrates. If it was me, I’d want a warning but, hey, we’re all different and some people just can’t be told.

    Which reminds me, when ity, and others of their ilk, realise they’ve slipped up or gone too far they fall back into that good old stand-by: I’m mentally ill, confused, manic, don’t know what I’m doing and other assorted bollocks. That puts others into a difficult position as they don’t want to be seen to be being nasty to the sick hence the originator of this stupid game playing can continue with their lies.

    It’s not the calling someone mentally ill that was disgusting – it was the ‘stench’ part of it – and that’s crystal clear.

  21. The Mail has a story about a woman refused laser treatment on the NHS to lessen the scars left after an attempted rape. The attacker is in Chadwick Lodge private psychiatric unit which costs a lot of money. Whatever spin the Mail is putting on this – Chadwick is not some luxurious, cushy joint by the way – there is a point there. The victim can’t have treatment which is deemed too expensive and claims the benefit wouldn’t be that great. I’d tend to disagree because having a visible sign of what happened is a constant reminder of the attack and makes it harder to move on with life.

    Yesterday in the Co-op I saw the Daily Express’s headline which is that the cost of treating diabetes is still rising. It had been claimed by some that it was slowing down.

    If it’s true that costs are getting higher and the Commissioning Groups are making decisions like the above, then serious debate is needed about what the NHS can treat if it’s going to continue in its present funding system. The old PCTs made very similar decisions which looked very unfair and arbitrary and, yet again, a patient might get treatment in one area yet under another PCT an identical funding application would get refused. Pity the election debates have only scratched the surface of these health issues.

  22. This track seems apt.

  23. ity says : May 4, 2015 at 7:55 pm

    I miss flo. and I don’t even know if she’s real anymore :(


    I’ve just read your post to me on the CU and i’ve responded to it.there but i’m going to respond to it here as well.

    I made a rare visit to the UT in the early hours of yesterday morning and i saw that you had exchanged pleasantries with Flo.Yet on sunday evening you left a post on the CU about Flo which i’ve blockquoted above.

    If you’d exchanged pleasantries with Flo on the UT and called her darling amongst other things why would you then post the above blockquoted post on the CU hours later on the same day ? It doesn’t make sense.Can’t you see that ?

    You’ve also stated that you’ve been prevented from posting here.Yet whilst i was over at the UT i saw that Jack had clearly explained why that was.This blog belongs to Bitethehand who’s been away for a while in China.And everyone who posts here for the first time goes into pre-mod. It’s standard practice on a lot of blogs.Thereafter they can post here freely .However as BTH is the only one with admin rights here anyone posting for the first time whilst he’s away is going to be stuck in pre-mod until he gets back.

    Within the last 24 hours i’ve gone from being indifferent to you because i i didn’t know you to wondering whether you might be another one of ”Shazzbots” creations.

    If i’m wrong i apologize but you didn’t do yourself any favours by planting that post about Flo on the CU.

    • JimPress

       /  May 5, 2015

      Paul, I don’t know if Ity is another manifestation of Shazz, but I do know that Ity is best avoided because it’s not possible to have a rational dialogue with him/her/it.

    • Yep,i’m beginning to see that but thanks anyway Jim.

    • JimPress

       /  May 5, 2015

      I tried engaging Ity back at YTU but it always ended up being a strange and unedifying experience.

      You’d disappear for fifteen minutes and return to find ten sequential replies, unpunctuated by anybody else, all deleted, and wonder what the feck had been said in your absence – not that I was ever much the wiser even when I got to read the posts.

    • ‘the stench of Sara’s mental illness’ and wanting to vomit in someone’s face are disgusting things to say and is angry to the point of being irrational.

      ity is trying to manipulate the UT posters against here and looks like they’ve succeeded with many of them – using Montana’s past reference to Sara as being mentally ill as a hook. ity hasn’t achieved anything by getting some UTers irate at posters here for they are only too ready to come out with put downs about most here. In this case, it’s intensified because they feel miffed about being conned by Shazzbot and throwing insults here deflects away from that.

    • Looks like we’re in for a treat when ity’s post here is finally released. In advance, I’m not going to respond to it because of what I’ve already said and engaging with them is to encourage them. I will challenge them on Cif if they post any more revolting stuff like the stench remark quoted above.

      What is all this stuff about knowing a poster is real and loving them as expressed on the CifUnderground? Especially when that’s followed by: I don’t know if they’re real. You love someone you’re not sure exists.

      One thing’s for sure and that’s ity is a very close reader of both this site and the UT and has been for quite a while.

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