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Aysgarth Falls, North Yorkshire, England January 2015

Aysgarth Falls, North Yorkshire, England January 2015

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“The citadel of established practice seldom falls to the polite knock of a good idea. It may however yield to a long siege, a pre-emptive strike, a wooden horse or a cunning alliance.” 


Oradour has silenced the pro-Putin groupies on the Untrusted:

When Putin took Crimea, I couldn’t remain silent, I felt too bad. People think this annexation is normal. They’ve been brain-washed. Most haven’t understood, they are too young. But those who, like me, lived as adults in the USSR, should be immune to such cynical, brutal propaganda.

To which Vincent Vassiliev replied:

Hi Oradour,

may I recommend the Russian émigré website ‘’,

from which can be found:

On February 27, 2015 Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in the street outside the Kremlin to intimidate Russian society. Sviatoslav Vakarchuk gave a concert in New York that day and has dedicated a song to this extraordinary Russian politician. A memorial march is now provided in the center of Moscow and at the center of Saint Petersburg.

And everyone else ignored.


Seems my previous entry below has ruffled a few feathers in Montana’s nest:

Zarathustra posts on the UT

UT has been going for more than six years and has attracted well in excess of a million visits.

This in response to Jack Roth posting the 10,000 comment here.

All well and good but the UT was set up as a messaging site to cater for poster, whereas this place was designed to be a record of my time on Comment is Free. Post were only allowed because I failed to understand how to prevent them when initially editing the site. And the very first post was from the UT old-timer Dotterel to among other things express concern about my mental health.  :)

Then on the few occasions that this place has been mentioned on CiF, apart from a couple of times when the posts slipped through the moderators’ net, the posts have almost immediately been censored. The same is not true of the UT which was able to advertise freely on YTU and even had some of it’s stars invited above the line. (MrsB, Montana, Martillo, Thaumaturge) Although some of them lived to regret the day they accepted the invitation.


MontanaWildhack posts:

“JackRoth is easy enough to ignore. For what feels like the 3 millionth time — the only people I have ever actually banned were Bitey & Sarah and I only did that because they were both aggressively trying to dominate and destroy this place.”

MontanaWildhack posted – 15 FEBRUARY 2009:

“I promise not to censor comments. Help me let people know that it’s here, okay?”


A new set of photographs here, (Photographs 24) all of which have been posted before but they’re now together in one place.


beautifullyburntout 19/02/2015 at 10:50 pm quoting Jack Roth’s earlier post:

“Accusing a certain poster of being a pedophile (or at least not disagreeing with the spurious allegations)”

Jack, dear. You really shouldn’t believe everything Bitey writes on his site. But even he will admit that the worst offence in his eyes is that, despite his incessant creepy stalkerish behaviour towards me, I should have some how run to his defence when others called him names but didn’t. And that is the foundation upon which is built an entire website.

Cut and paste that, pal. Off you go.

Not others Mrs B – but you. Here you are in December 2010

BeautifulBurnout  11/12/2010

“I have no doubt in my mind whatseover that you will laugh your sad, paedo little socks off when you read this post, but I really couldn’t give a shit, scumbag. You will regret what you have said for far longer than I will be upset about it. You can bet on that.”

Now why would I want or need you to run to my defence when you’ve almost always been one of the attack mob, albeit a second rate one?  I wrote about this tendency of yours to assume everything is always about you here. You should study it carefully.


I see BTTP’s / BB/CJ123’s favourite French man is back in the news. From the Independent:

Strauss-Kahn will appear in court with 13 other people. This includes a barrister, luxury hotel managers, freemasons, a police commissioner and “Dodo the pimp” – the owner of a chain of brothels. Such a line-up has got the French media buzzing. But this is not a watershed moment for French society.


End of You Tell Us – 28 January 2015

“Today is the last ideas thread. From tomorrow, we won’t be running these threads anymore. We still really want your ideas for articles, but we think the best way to do that will be to have a dedicated email address for people to send in suggestions. That is being set up asap. The editor of Cif, Kira Cochrane, will be running a talking shop tomorrow to explain more, but when this thread closes tomorrow there won’t be a new one. I know this will be upsetting for some, but please bear with us while we make some new changes to the site.”


 Today’s Music

As from today – (sometime in early 2013) “A Change is gonna Come” and hence the track which is from almost 500, vaguely described as pop and rock, on my MP4 player that I use mainly when I’m running at the gym or outdoors, or when I’m doing things I rather not like ironing clothes, cleaning and so on. This one by coincidence comes top of the list when arranged in alphabetical order. Of course I’ll intersperse them with some great jazz and classical music.

Keith Jarrett from the Koln Concert

Yesterday’s music

Funeral for a friend – Elton John

Free Bird  –  Lynyrd Skynyrd



In the beginning……….. How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form-  is now elsewhere  – making comments posted here easier to access – I hope.

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  1. Sara

     /  March 4, 2015

    Bring on the Hamantaschen

    • Sara

       /  March 4, 2015

      probably wont be around for a while – best for now

    • Had to look that up.

      Hope everything’s going alright for you Sara.

    • Sara

       /  March 4, 2015

      Have managed to move most of my stuff – in a kind of steptoe&son stylee – .. so glad to have a new place, still in the old for now clearing up..wont be online for a while

    • Sara

       /  March 4, 2015

      Hi Desde, thinking about steptoe&son_ I actually once had a job training mules to wear carriages in Didcot(which was quite..difficult) bloody hell the jobs you used to get from loot back in the day eh.. – caravan in someones back garden( I didn’t last the month..)

    • Sara

       /  March 4, 2015

      It’s Purim des

    • Good morning Sara

      Know that you can always email me if you want.

      There are some weird jobs around, maybe not so much now. I used to be a cleaner and shopper for a very difficult snobbish woman who complained about everything and assumed that if she could do something, then everyone else should have done. Her flat was pristine so there was nothing to clean. She had a Chinese student staying with her and was quite nasty to her – hard being so far from home and having English as a second language.

  2. Because I’m not very computer minded, this link may not post properly. If it doesn’t, it’s a photo of James Foley which his parents want to go viral rather than the video of his horrific murder, so please pass it on. _gda__=1433988487_12708d6df26104dc0b9925e0caaa3857

    • Jack Roth

       /  March 4, 2015

      Went a bit wrong that Desde – did you mean this:

    • Jack – think it was the inset photo with some wording which says share this photo and make it go viral. I got it from someone’s Facebook page and don’t know why it wouldn’t paste here. They’re nice photos.

      Which reminds me, the Mail has put another horrific photo of a man being thrown from a building to his death, killed apparently because he was gay by ISIS fighters. I really hate these photos being juxtaposed with the latest pic of some Z list celebrity in their bikini on a beach. It isn’t necessary to show someone dying – we can picture it in our mind’s eye.

    • Jack Roth

       /  March 4, 2015

      Ah, yes. Its this pic his parents have asked to be re-posted.

      The Mail and their readers do love their ‘death pics’. When they post their ‘Warning – graphic content’ message, there are always lots comments complaining that the picture wasn’t ‘graphic’ enough.

    • ‘When they post their ‘Warning – graphic content’ message, there are always lots comments complaining that the picture wasn’t ‘graphic’ enough.’

      Crikey what more do they want? Some of them must want to have been there in person. These ISIS murders are some of the most horrific images and that’s just the still photos – I’ve never been able to view the videos and can’t see that watching would achieve anything. Being a passive observer of someone’s torture is all it is.

  3. brusselsexpats

     /  March 4, 2015

    Morning all,

    See one of the candidates is a German – having a foreign editor would be an original slant – wouldn’t go down well with the UKip – get us out of the EU before there’s a revolution – Brigade though.

  4. JimPress

     /  March 4, 2015

    Hello, I thought people might be interested to see the pitches that four of the contenders to take over from Rusbridger have made to Guardian staff.

    It’s all very predictable with the exception of of Emily Bell’s suggestion that the role should ‘role should be a five-year contract, renewable for a further term, and should not extend beyond ten years’. She also says that ‘Salaries at the higher end (including that of editor) need to be constrained’ and that ‘We also need to advertise and recruit all positions openly and fairly'; that would be Bella fucked then.

    • Quite a lot to read there. I agree that The Guardian has become too London centric like most of the rest of the media. Journalists who are brilliant at technology are important but there won’t ever be a replacement for those brave enough to go out into the war zones to bring us the stories. Making the role temporary – rather like the American presidency – is a good idea I think.

  5. It is difficult to know how to respond to the findings of the serious case review into child abuse gangs in Oxfordshire. One thing that did stand out was that this abuse wasn’t even called that until recently: it was called prostitution and the under-age girls were said – by social workers and police officers – to be ‘making a choice’ .

    • JimPress

       /  March 4, 2015

      I recall one of the bleaker YTU stalwarts making the claim that girls in cases like this weren’t victims but, instead, ‘sex mad’ chavs who had it coming. I guess the attitudes of police and social workers reflect society at large.

  6. Good morning all.

    Better day as regards weather, there was snow yesterday but it didn’t settle. Bitterly cold too.

  7. Sara

     /  March 2, 2015

    How many more times do the Kurds have to say they need more weapons to fight the fascists of IS.??. seems the worlds media is too busy focusing on Jihadi John& those that flock to join the beheaders

  8. Sara

     /  March 2, 2015

    Great stuff from King of Dawah

    Beheading Bertie is a victim of our rampant existence

    ”After being forced into cutting off the heads of extremist aid workers, journalists, and raping pagan slave sluts, the man known as Beheading Bertie has been identified as innocent victim of stereotyping Mustapha Machete from Shepherds Bush in London.

    (anti racist social justice warrior and victim of unfair stereotyping Beheading Bertie aka Mustapha Machete)

    Civil rights activists were unanimous in blaming those responsible for his victimhood.
    Youseem Crazy of beheading rights activist group DECAP said in a press conference, with tears in his eyes,
    “I’ve known Mustapha Machete for years, and I’m not holding this press conference just because its come to light that I’ve known him for years and want to divert attention from that. Mahatma Mustapha, as he was known in peaceful beheading activist circles, was so compassionate and loving. When I used to see him pulling the legs off flies, I used to think to myself, ‘he wouldn’t hurt a fly’. He was one of the kindest, gentlest, most humble and sensitive men I’ve ever felt the muscles of. He may also have been forced to do it by Kay Burley from Sky News and her oppressive questioning style.”
    “When I watched him in the video beheading the Islamophobic aid worker I saw how he was a victim of a society that gave him every opportunity, privilege and benefit, other than allowing him to behead disbelievers and liberals, and he was enraged by those double standards, and that’s what made him do it.”
    (an artists impression representing what Beheading Bertie was like when attending a meeting of beheading rights activist group DECAP alongside Youseem Crazy)
    “It is also clear that MI5 and the authorities are to blame for making Bertie become a beheader after they tried to stop him beheading people. Until we break this cycle of radicalisation, in which people who want to kill people are made more determined to kill people by Islamophobes who try to stop them killing people, we have only ourselves to blame for being killed by victims of stereotyping like this.”
    (gentle, kind, humble, victim of anti-beheading phobia and Kay Burley)
    Other civil rights groups who have supported DECAP also spoke in his defence. Shakti Shampoo of civil liberties organisation Livertea said:
    “We stand with our partners in civil rights DECAP in calling for a full inquiry into why everyone else other than Beheading Bertie is to blame for him beheading everyone. John Stuart Mill would have been ashamed to be British whilst knowing how people are judging Mustapha Machete when he is so clearly a victim of how our system judges him for his authentic and alternative views of political protest against the sanctity of necks.”

    (human rights activist Shakti Shampoo weeping for oppressed victim Beheading Bertie and her damaged credibility)

    Mad Blumenthal, radical American social justice activist said,

    “Why did British intelligence not stop him from killing these people, unless they wanted him to kill them so they could say he killed them? How do we know he wasn’t programmed by subliminal messages in his Sony Playstation planted by MI5 to do this? What about when he was a kid and walked into a lamppost, and that experience led him to decapitate Japanese journalists as revenge against racism and unemployment, and other stuff? Basically we should all behead ourselves as an act of solidarity with this victim of our stereotyping of him.”

    In a letter to the Guardian, lots of liberals, social justice warriors and Russell Brand said it is all our fault, by judging Beheading Bertie we would only have ourselves to blame if we are beheaded in reply, that neo-liberal capitalism created the knives that he used to cut off heads, Iain Duncan Smith is a snob, and most white people and liberal Muslims practise cannibalism so are just as bad as beheaders anyway

  9. Sara

     /  March 2, 2015

  10. Sara

     /  March 2, 2015

    Thanks for your thoughts re moving (although I haven’t managed it quite yet – & it’s total mayhem here) I’m so very lucky to have found a place with a private landlord who didn’t require a credit check/fee’s or any of that, can’t quite believe I’ve found somewhere.

    The housing situation in this country is appalling- truly awful for so many people who just need a home and they have no way of securing one,

    • I hope you’ll be happy there Sara when you get settled in.

    • Sara

       /  March 2, 2015

      That’s the thing..desde.. debts and utilities and a court summons.. plus a zero hours contract ..and nada de nada help from housing place

    • Not much help for housing problems anywhere, unless you are in one of the priority groups then you’re on your own. The whole system needs changing: the stupid prices of houses, the lack of good quality public housing; the marginalisation of younger, single childless people when it comes to accessing public housing: rents being too high…

  11. Sara

     /  March 2, 2015

    Nick Cohen – The Spectator

    Why the apologists for the Islamist far right must make Jihadi John a victim

    Islamic State allows its adherents to be both cultists and psychopaths: an L. Ron Hubbard and a Fred West rolled into one. The reasons why young men want to travel across the world to fight its wars and lend a hand to the murder of its victims ought to be brutally and boringly obvious.
    Psychopaths are always less complicated, less rewarding, less interesting than their victims. They’re not hard to explain. Where is the difficulty about Abelaziz Kuwan , for instance? His case opens ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan. It is a superb piece of journalism, unsparing in it analysis of the folly of the Obama administration, which thinks it can win over the Sunnis of Syria, while tacitly supporting the Assad regime which gases and bombs them, and the Sunnis of Iraq, while tacitly supporting the Iranian-backed Shia sectarians of Iraq, who will slaughter and oppress them.
    But as well as condemning a West which thinks it can defeat one of the worst terrorist movements in the world by allying with some of the worst regimes in the world, Weiss and Hassan destroy the consoling illusion that others are to blame for the radicalization of foreign fighters; that if it wasn’t for “us”, they would have stayed in their middle class homes.
    They describe how Kuwan left a respectable family in Bahrain to fight in Syria. When he returned to Bahrain from the front, civilian life bored and belittled him. “This world means nothing to me. I want to be free,” he said. He returned to serve Islamic State, which allowed him to find his freedom by beheading its enemies and giving him a Yazidi woman to abuse as his own private sex slave. For a young man from a heavily policed, sexually repressed culture, Islamic State offered him the alternative of gratifying his darkest lusts, as it did to Mohammed Emwazi.
    And it gave those lusts a religious justification. If Kuwan or a British jihadi wanted a woman, it told them: “One should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Sharih.”
    Put this together and you see that Islamic State offers foreign volunteers the chance to rape and murder. It offers them more enemies to kill than even al-Qaeda did. Its charismatic leaders offer quotes from sacred texts, which assure its fighters that their excesses are more than bestial crimes, while the movement’s successes on the battle field offer proof that Allah is on its side, and that one day – when the final victory is won – the fighters will have the eternal glory of being there at the foundation of a global caliphate: a new heaven on earth.
    You may know people who would commit atrocities, given this combination of messianic authority and opportunity. You may be one yourself. There’s a great deal to be written about how depressingly easy it is to lead men into mass murder, but there’s no mystery to solve.
    Yet Jihadi John’s apologists want to create one. They want to deny that anyone is to blame for Emwazi’s “radicalisation” but MI5. “British security services,” said Cage, “have systematically engaged in the harassment of young Muslims, rendering their lives impossible and leaving them with no legal avenue to redress their situation.” Leave aside that our security services’ alleged “harassment” did not extend to taking the basic step of stopping Emwazi going to Syria, and that many people are given a hard time by the police and don’t come out as killers, slavers and rapists, and consider what Cage also denied.
    Their spokesmen came close to denying that Emwazi’s crimes were crimes. One told Sky News that it was “racist” to ask him to condemn them, before saying he wasn’t trying to justify beheadings – in a voice that sounded as sincere to me as the voice of a toddler who has been forced by his parents to apologise.
    They denied that his beliefs mattered. No one stated the simple truth that Salafi Islamists from Britain, Europe, the Gulf, America and Australia are pouring into Syria because they believe in fighting for the caliphate. Across the West there are influential voices, given access to the media, who deny that the reasons soldiers give for fighting for Islamic State are their real reasons. The real reasons must always be different.
    People deny a crime because they want to escape punishment and do it again. Or they deny because without denial their crimes will so contaminate their cause it will lose support. Or they deny it because they know that there are many who want to hear their excuses.
    All of these apply to Emwazi’s defenders.
    They cannot face Islamic State’s crimes for the same reason holocaust deniers cannot face the gas chambers. They understand, as neo-Nazis understand, that if they accept them, the barbarism they acknowledge will threaten support for radical Islam as surely as it destroyed support for fascism in Europe.
    They know too that if they turn the conversation to the alleged crimes of the West there are audiences which will applaud them.
    For all the videos of beheadings Islamic State shamelessly posts on the Web, Islamists may one day say that they are American/Zionist forgeries, if that lie is tactically useful. In the West, meanwhile, there are many who want to hear that their own governments are the “root cause” of the violence. Cage is not some shabby outfit hidden in a London backstreet. Absurdly given their professed principles,the Quaker Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Anita Roddick Foundation have funded it.
    Amnesty International meanwhile tore up a hard-won reputation for impartiality, it had taken decades to build, just so it could ally with Cage. My friend and comrade Gita Sahgal, the head of Amnesty International’s gender unit in 2010, warned Amnesty that allying with a jihadi advocacy group, whose members included supporters of the Taliban, undermined its fight against misogyny.

    “The human rights movement must maintain an objective distance from groups and ideas that are committed to systematic discrimination and fundamentally undermine the universality of human rights,” she said.

    No good did her clear and principled statement do her. Amnesty drove Sahgal out for taking her concerns to the press. I understand its motivation. Like Anita Roddick and the Quakers, Amnesty was appalled by Guantanamo Bay, the routine use of torture by Western states, and the extraordinary rendition of suspects.
    But it could not stick to consistent principles. Like so many others, it could not condemn the crimes of the West and the crimes of radical Islam at the same time and for the same reasons.
    There’s not much to hope for. But perhaps we can hope that the voracious barbarism of Islamic State will give that double-standard a fatal and long-overdue shock.

  12. brusselsexpats

     /  March 2, 2015

    Afternoon all – and all the best Sara. In the best conditions moving is very stressful – I hate it.

  13. Sara

     /  March 1, 2015

    I’ve left it so late to pack a crammed full one bedroom flat…where to start – has to be done by tomorrow…looks like an all nighter.. and then some

    • Take a deep breath and just start wherever’s logical or wherever you happen to be standing and work through it, just keeping what you need for overnight. It’s hard work. When I moved, I left it all to the last minute and had to go through Graham’s old stuff in the loft which was a horrible task. Wish I’d paced myself.

    • Sara

       /  March 1, 2015

      Hello Desde – there’s no logical here.. if you could see what I can see.. aghh – and only a man with a van for 4 hours at 8 in the morning

    • Hello Sara

      Hope it goes okay. Is the van big? A couple of trips should do it. Best of luck.

    • Sara

       /  March 1, 2015

      can’t do it, ..finished work at 3 today but just can’t pack everything by the morning – plus hump furniture tomorrow

  14. Good morning. Beautiful day here, sunny and blue skies. A few days back there was the strange sight of snow and snowdrops.

  15. Sara

     /  March 1, 2015

    ‘Oscars’ for the Most Barking Mad Left Writing.

    The Oscars tonight will be overshadowed by the new ceremonies for the ‘Most Barking Left Writing’ (Hat-Tip: Dave Osland).

    Via Tendance Coatesy

    The principal coveted trophy, will be awarded this evening in the Spring Road Allotment Shed – former Telephone Box.
    The past year has seen some strong contenders for the prize.
    We have had John Tummon, of Left Unity, and his ‘Calpihate motion‘

    “To show solidarity with the people of the Middle East by supporting the end of the structure of the divided nation states imposed by the Versailles settlement and their replacement by a Caliphate type polity in which diversity and autonomy are protected and nurtured and the mass of people can effectively control executive authority’. Left Unity distances itself specifically from the use of intemperate, inaccurate and moralist language such as ‘terrorism’, ‘evil’, ‘fundamentalist’, ‘viciously reactionary’, ‘murderous’, genocidal’, etc in discussion about the Middle East; these terms are deployed by people and forces seeking not to understand or analyse, but to demonise in order to dominate, and they have no place within socialist discourse.”

    We have had Socialist Worker publishing Hassan Mahamdallie who compared the outsiders fighting for the genociders of the Islamic State (Da’esh) and the foreign volunteers who backed Spanish democracy (“in the 1930s radicalised young men from the same mining communities illegally made their way into Spain to take up arms against general Franco’s fascist army”).
    He added this sentence, “It has been disheartening to watch establishment Muslim leaders apologetically rushing out with condemnations. They have pointlessly distanced themselves from “John the Jihadi”—who is alleged to have killed Foley—and declared that Isis is “un-Islamic”.
    The tonnes and tonnes of material written about the Ukraine has been ruled worthy of a special award – to follow.
    The slaughter at Charlie Hebdo, and the Hyper-Cacher, has brought a fine crop in.
    Tariq Ali set the bar high by announcing after the attack (this is a version from the 28th of January),

    How serious is Islamophobia in France and other European countries?

    ”France is the worst in Europe and tries to mask it by proclaiming its secular values (sound familiar?), but these values don’t apply to Islam. In fact, French secularism means anything but Islam. And when satirical magazines taunt them, they react. It’s as simple as that.”

    Only yesterday he tried to keep in the running by saying (Guardian), of Charlie.

    ”In the 80s it had become a stale magazine, and people have told me that one reason for attacking the Muslims and reprinting the Danish cartoons was to boost circulation.” He argues that Je suis Charlie stickers express something other than support for freedom of expression and condemnation of those who murdered in the name of Islam – a loathing for Muslims.”

    Note: Charlie Hebdo stopped publication from 1981 t0 1992 except for a special issue in 1982.
    The Socialist Workers Party Central Committee gave Tariq his angle on the 8th of January,

    ”Racists and right wingers are trying to use Wednesday’s horrific killings in Paris to divide working people, justify imperialist intervention and whip up Islamophobia.
    Almost everyone will recognise that the attacks are wrong and completely unacceptable. We must not let them be exploited to generate racism, justify more wars, or to give a boost to the far right.
    The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a “satirical magazine”. But it is not the French equivalent of Private Eye as some commentators have suggested. It may have been once, but it has become a specialist in presenting provocative and racist attacks on Islam. That does not justify the killings, but it is essential background.
    Let’s unite against racism and Islamophobia.”

    The ever-reliable John Wight on Socialist Unity said this (8th January) as the dead still lay unburied,

    ”The free speech ‘merchants’, those who were so up in arms over matters related to the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, who use free speech as a sword rather than a shield, would like nothing more than to silence one of the only voices in the country’s national life who dares challenge the demonisation of Muslims and the Muslim community, establishment support for the apartheid state of Israel, and a political status of quo of military intervention overseas and social and economic injustice at home.”

    But it’s the Economic & Philosophic Science Review that stands out,

    ”Fake-”left” line-up once more with imperialism to “condemn terror” over the Paris attacks, proving even further their craven capitulation to the warmongering demonisation being used to whip up World War Three. Attacking the Islamists as “reactionary” is opportunist sophistry, as is writing them off as “isolated individual terrorists” . Such pretend “Marxism” is just a cover for petty bourgeois moralising and “free speech and democracy” reformist humbug that solves nothing but helps feed the “kill them all” fascist revenge mentality stirred up by capitalist cynicism.”

    Further afield Ramzay Baroud‘s efforts post-Charlie in the Morning Star to pin the blame for hatred of Muslims and the crimes of Imperialism on the New Atheists merits an honourable mention.
    Socialist Fight, Gerry Downing and Graham Durham of the Crickelwood People’s Republic (twinned with the Donbass), is outstanding.
    Ian Donovan is also one to to watch, “in his opinion, there is a Jewish “pan-national bourgeoisie”, which has constituted itself as ruling class “vanguard” in key imperialist countries, and it is this that accounts for US support for Israel.” (Weekly Worker).
    Donovan’s recommendation, Support George Galloway MP for Bradford West, is surely in line with these views

    The Weekly Worker’s Letter Page yields a rich harvest notably this which is clearly the front runner:

    Sounds absurd?

    ”Phil Kent has accused me of holding positions I never held in relation to Stalin, the issue of peak oil and reptilians (Letters, January 15). He also claims I am an elitist, because I believe in leadership.
    Firstly, I never argued that Stalin’s victims “deserved to die” – I challenge Kent to prove otherwise. In passing, it’s interesting to note that following the demise of the Soviet Union, when Boris Yeltsin released the figures for individuals in Soviet prisons, these were lower than the USA. The capitalist media went silent.
    Secondly, I never argued that rising oil prices would “soon” mean the end of capitalism. What I argued is that rising oil prices in the period of declining oil production, following the global peak, would lead to the collapse of capitalism, if no viable substitute for cheap oil was found. World oil production goes through three stages: rising production, peak and decline. We are still at the peak stage, when oil supply is at its maximum.
    Thirdly, I never claimed that the future of humanity “may rest on the beneficence of extra-terrestrial reptiles”. I replied to Andrew Northall’s letter of December 18 and referred to the reptilian control theory, which argues that for thousands of years humanity has been controlled by a reptilian race, using their mixed reptile-human genetic bloodlines, who have oppressed and exploited humans, while claiming descent from the ‘gods’ and the divine right to rule by bloodline. Ancient and modern society is obsessed with reptilian, serpent and dragon themes, possibly due to this heritage. Even the flag of Wales has a dragon on it.
    Most people have closed minds, depending on the issues. Mention the possibility of aliens secretly manipulating humanity behind the scenes and the shutters come down. Perhaps Kent should contemplate Einstein’s words: “If at first an idea does not sound absurd, there is no hope for it.”
    Tony Clark Weekly Worker.

    • ‘ “It has been disheartening to watch establishment Muslim leaders apologetically rushing out with condemnations. They have pointlessly distanced themselves from “John the Jihadi”—who is alleged to have killed Foley—and declared that Isis is “un-Islamic”.’

      Not pointless, it’s very necessary and anyone with a funcitoning brain cell will distance themselves from Jihadi John. For Muslim leaders it’s a condemnation they make at personal risk too.

    • ‘funcitoning brain cell’

      functioning – obviously I don’t have one at this time on a Sunday morning

  16. Fran

     /  February 28, 2015

    Buenas noches:

  17. Paul

     /  February 27, 2015

    I’m off now.Once again all the best Sara and let us know you get on.

  18. Sara

     /  February 27, 2015

    theres no reply button, gullible victims,? i dont think so, i left at a young age, i didnt go to lop other men and womens heads though when i had a bad day , theyre fascists,

    • Paul

       /  February 27, 2015

      Disagree with you there Sara.I know some children and teenagers under the age of 18 and from all backgrounds can do dreadful things And i know that criminal responsibility in the UK starts from the age of 10.But to embrace ISIS and what it stands for those girls must have either been subjected to adult indoctrination and/or peer pressure from other youngsters who’ve been indoctrinated.Or they’re genuinely out of touch with reality and see going out to Syria as some form of adolescent rebellion.Needless to say if they really knew what’s likely to await them when they arrive in Syria -where they could be forced into sexual slavery and killed if they resist- i’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have gone out in the first place.

      If they subsequently become directly involved in terrorist attacks and other atrocities or provide succour for the men who’re mainly responsible for committing terrorist attacks and other atrocities then i’m not sure how they’ll be treated if called to account for their activities in a court of law,For they may argue they were very young and naive when they went out to Syria.And once they were there they had no choice but to co-operate in order to save their lives.Whether that would -or should-stand up as an extentuating circumstance i’m really not sure

      It’s a difficult one but i stand by my contention that when looking at the reasons they went to Syria these girls should be viewed as gullible victims.The issue for me is if they’re neither killed nor rescued how should they be treated if they go on to commit terrorist attacks/atrocities themselves or provide succour for the men who do ?.If they were 18 or over when going out to Syria i’d throw the book at them unless they could prove they were either not in charge of their facilities.or had been drugged and shipped out of the country against their will.But because of their ages i’ve got this voice in my head telling me that perhaps they should be treated differently.

  19. Fran

     /  February 27, 2015

    Hi Paul

    Strawberry Letter 23. I remember the Brothers Johnson cover, so here’s another from them.

  20. Paul

     /  February 27, 2015

    And something totally different from Donald Fagen

    • Jack Roth

       /  February 27, 2015

      Some good tunes Paul (and Sara.) I often wonder if I’m the only one who ever clicks on other peoples musical ‘offerings’ – Montana once posted that she ‘hates’ people posting youtube vids and has never clinked on a link. (Don’t like to say it – but the UTers are posting some fine classical numbers at the mo.)

  21. Sara

     /  February 27, 2015

    i havent packed yet

    • Jack Roth

       /  February 27, 2015

      Don’t leave it too late Sara – otherwise everything just gets dumped in boxes. Good luck.

    • Sara

       /  February 27, 2015

      boxes is all i got .. oh and laundry bags, but , if this place place works out, and a key in the door (brian behan told me that) – dont care about any of the rest, im very lucky .. i hope

    • Paul

       /  February 27, 2015

      Hope this flat really works out well for you Sara .

      Evening Jack

      The following is the original of the much covered ”Strawberry Letter 23”.

    • Paul

       /  February 27, 2015

      …and i’m keeping everything crossed for you Sara :-)

    • I hope it all works out well for you Sara and you get what you want. Without a decent home, life is very difficult. Just today I was talking to someone who is moving next week, setting up home with his girlfriend so they’ll be putting the contents of 2 homes into one and he hasn’t started packing yet. Starting early is a better way to go about it.

  22. Sara

     /  February 27, 2015


  23. Sara

     /  February 27, 2015

    re these girls ….comon… who brought the air tickets .. in whose name .. on whose card? debit or credit card/when/ what was the name on the passport.. when was it booked etc etc..

    • Paul

       /  February 27, 2015

      Hi Sara

      These girls are minors and i’m inclined to believe they’re gullible victims who’ve been groomed by adults and who have no realistic grasp of what’s awaiting them in Syria.However they may now become terrorists or at least complicit in terrorist activities.

      Teenagers from all backgrounds have always run away from home for all sorts of reasons.I read a book once about british boys of the same age as these girls who lied about their ages and went off to fight in the Great War between 1914-1918.For they also clearly having no realistic understanding of the hell of the trenches which awaited them and from which many wouldn’t return.

    • Paul

       /  February 27, 2015

      …who’ve been groomed by adults……

      On reflection i think ” …..who’ve been influenced by either adult propaganda or by other minors who’ve been influenced by adult propaganda ……” is a better way of describing it than the above.

    • ‘However they may now become terrorists or at least complicit in terrorist activities.’

      They were apparently hooked on the idea of being ‘Jihadi wives’ according to the press. I fear this means they will be used for sex by the ISIS men and then discarded as not marriageable women. They may become killers or get killed but most of the ISIS killers are men. Either way, they’ll be very lucky to salvage a decent future out of this. If they can get back home to their families and get support they may be able to put it behind them but it won’t be easy to get out of the situation they’re now in.

    • Paul

       /  February 27, 2015

      Hi desde

      I’ve just replied to Sara upthread on this and covered some of the points you’ve raised.I largely agree with most of what you’ve said but there’re still things i’m really not sure about.But on balance and given their ages i think they should be viewed at this stage as being gullible victims whose lives are in danger.

  24. Sara

     /  February 27, 2015

    via Tendance Coatesy

    The Anti-Semitic insults of Coulibaly to his victims in the Vincennes Kosher Supermarket.

    ”In case anybody is in any doubt about the racism of the attackers of Charlie Hebdo and the Vinceness supermarket this is only the latest news on their Anti-Semitism.
    This is expressed very clearly in information released today concerning the latter slaughter.
    “After signifying to his victims that he was attacking them because they were Jewish, the terrorist accused them of “financing” the killing of women and children – according to a recording.
    Friday, January 9, Amedy Coulibaly recorded his hostage-taking at the Hyper-Cacher, Vincennes, with GoPro, the content of which was revealed in the on-going legal proceedings. The Obs has published on its website a partial transcript. In seven minutes, Coulibaly killed three people before asking the survivors: ” You have not understood, eh? What are your origins? “”Jewish.” “answers one of them. Coulibaly replied:” Eh bah then you know why I’m here then! Allahu akbar! “
    Then, someone told him that his victims “had done nothing” He replied,“You haven’t done anything? “Later he explained that he did not kill women, yet his victims did. “You kill women and children everywhere! And you think things are like that? You know very well, stop making your … ” The rest of the recording is inaudible.
    According to Le Nouvel Observateur, the police also noted that Coulibaly was not a trained user of weapons, he needed ten seconds to find the button to change the charger from the Kalashnikov.
    In Le Monde an inquiry into the background of the other murderers, the Kouachi brothers was published on the 20th of February . For one member their family, “Ils étaient très racistes envers tous ceux qui n’étaient pas musulmans et arabes.” They were very racist towards anybody who was not a Muslim or an Arab.”

  25. Fran

     /  February 27, 2015



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