Watching the Untrusted Implode III


Staff scanning passengers’ luggage at the Kunming Metro Station, 15th May 2020


There is no country in the world that has such easy access to such beautiful and diverse scenery as the United Kingdom.

Watching the Untrusted Implode III


“There could be a smugness to irony … You woke up one morning and no longer knew if your tongue was in your cheek; and even if it was, whether that mattered any more … ”

Julian Barnes – The Noise of Time


From the Observer:

Legal aid cuts, and rise in digital evidence and sexual abuse cases affecting profession, says CBA

The Observer 6 May 2018 reports that Self-employed barristers with a tendency to take on whatever work came their way could end up handling back-to-back cases involving allegations of a serious sexual nature for months.

Is this any surprise given this sample?

BeautifulBurnout – calling Bitey a paedophile; – frankly, it is fair comment

BeautifulBurnout is Judge Anthony Pitt also a paedophile?

HankScorpio, BeautifulBurnout, Backtothepoint and Paedophilia

How False Accusations by the Untrusteds have allowed the guilty to avoid detection

BeautifulBurnout and Backtothepoint – 7/7 London Transport Truther Conspirators


There is something wonderful in seeing a wrong-headed majority assailed by truth.

John Kenneth Galbraith


Welcome to The Real Untrusted

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“The citadel of established practice seldom falls to the polite knock of a good idea. It may however yield to a long siege, a pre-emptive strike, a wooden horse or a cunning alliance.” 


Why I would have voted to Leave the EU is now here


I’ve posted Photographs 33  –  all of which have been displayed on the front page recently and are now all together for those who might have missed them first time round.



In the beginning……….. How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form-  is now elsewhere  – making comments posted here easier to access – I hope.

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  1. Good morning all.

    Japan is an interesting case in handling Covid-19. With a large number of very elderly people and a densely-packed population, a high rate of deaths was expected but it seems that there are less than 900 deaths and the state of emergency has been lifted. There wasn’t any kind of ‘lockdown’ but keeping away from others in enclosed situations was encouraged. The Japanese don’t shake hands as a form of greeting. I think schools were shut quite early but apart from that, businesses were mostly open. Mask wearing is common in Japan and people wear a mask if they have a cold so that could be a factor: countries where mask wearing is normal seem to have done well. Despite not having a specific disease control body, health centres have nurses experienced in tracking and tracing which has enabled identification of outbreaks and clusters. Even accounting for statistics being different in each nation, Japan has so far done very well.

  2. Eighteen articles about Dominic Cummings, all saying more or less the same thing, on the Guardian’s main Opinion page today, which I suggest is by far an all time record. And the editor too frightened to allow comments to remain open for more than a few hours.

    It’s taken almost four months denigrating and making light of the international campaign to counter in impact of Covid-19, for Marine Hyde to start to understand why Johnson has Cummings in Downing Street – he is “too terrified to sack his ideas man“. Like every modern day minister Johnson selects his or her Special Adviser. Cameron had Steve Hilton; May had Fiona McLeod Hill; Blair had Alastair Campbell. Johnson has Dominic Cummings.

    Here’s something I posted on Comment is Free back in February about Johnson’s recognition of his own strengths and weaknesses, after John Crace had once again demonstrated how unsuitable he is to be the Guardian’s parliamentary sketch writer:

    Boris, recognising that Guardian readers have got him bang to rights about not being the brightest spark in the box, has decided he’ll stay at home, out of the limelight, sending out his team of largely second rate lieutenants to take all the flack and employing Cummings as the potential fall guy, in the full knowledge that the electors will love him all the more when from time to time he emerges from number 10 with some carefully crafted jokes and some highly selective good news items, like a latter day Harold MacMillan with his – “Most of our people have never had it so good” and a cheery “it wasn’t my fault gov”; the electors, ultimately, always being the governors.

    Crace was writing about and writing off Michael Gove as a leading Tory MP and yet less than three months later, if Johnson were to go I dare say Gove would be one of the leading candidates to replace him.

    • That’s a good summing-up of Boris; he likes to stay out of the way and doesn’t like hard work. Cummings, and others I suspect, will take the blame.

      • Oh, heck, I called him ‘Boris’ after saying I didn’t like him being referred to by his first name only.

  3. Good morning all,

    Yesterday I walked to a nearby country park which was packed with people and the cafe was open for takeaway food. Further along, parks and the canal side were also packed and there was an ice cream van doing good business. All as if nothing has happened. Not a single person in mask or gloves anywhere that I could see. There are photos of crowded bars in some states in the USA. The death and infection rates for the next few weeks should be revealing.

    • Jack Roth

       /  May 26, 2020

      Yes, ‘lockdown’ is as good as over (if it ever really started).

      A cynic might suggest that with all the ‘spare’ ICU capacity (over 70% in some hospitals) this government still has a ‘herd immunity’ plan – and, in the words of Mr Duncan-Smith, intends on running the NHS ‘hot’.

    • Hi Desde, much the same here although the vast majority are still wearing masks and the general impression I get is that people are assuming the virus has gone for good despite the reimposed lockdowns in cities in Jilin Province in the far north. I’ve also noticed an increase in air traffic over the past week or so.

      One interesting observation (well I think so) is the difference between the Johns Hopkins record today and that of Wiki when usually they report the same figures. So for the increase in confirmed cases yesterday, Johns Hopkins reports 4043 whereas wiki has the figure of 2004.


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