Watching the Untrusted Implode III

Hire bicycle congestion at the entrance to the metro station. June 2010

Watching the Untrusted Implode III


Photographs 35 Are here

Abuse from those who occasionally praise is considered to be personally offensive and they who give personal offense will sometimes make the world too hot to hold them. But censure from those who are always finding fault is regarded so much as a matter of course that it ceases to be objectionable. –

Anthony Trollope – ‘The Way we Live now’.


From the Observer:

Legal aid cuts, and rise in digital evidence and sexual abuse cases affecting profession, says CBA

The Observer 6 May 2018 reports that Self-employed barristers with a tendency to take on whatever work came their way could end up handling back-to-back cases involving allegations of a serious sexual nature for months.

Is this any surprise given this sample?

BeautifulBurnout – calling Bitey a paedophile; – frankly, it is fair comment

BeautifulBurnout is Judge Anthony Pitt also a paedophile?

HankScorpio, BeautifulBurnout, Backtothepoint and Paedophilia

How False Accusations by the Untrusteds have allowed the guilty to avoid detection

BeautifulBurnout and Backtothepoint – 7/7 London Transport Truther Conspirators


There is something wonderful in seeing a wrong-headed majority assailed by truth.

John Kenneth Galbraith


Welcome to The Real Untrusted

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“The citadel of established practice seldom falls to the polite knock of a good idea. It may however yield to a long siege, a pre-emptive strike, a wooden horse or a cunning alliance.” 


Why I would have voted to Leave the EU is now here


In the beginning……….. How the CiF rebels turned hypocrisy into an art form-  is now elsewhere  – making comments posted here easier to access – I hope.

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  1. A bit of light relief.

    Best Daily Mail failure to proofread in a long time. They report an abandoned black labrador tied to a ‘mental’ gate. One of the comments say:

    “A mental gate? Really? Is that like a normal gate only slightly unhinged?”

  2. Jack Roth

     /  July 7, 2020

    Boris Johnson said he’s “very proud” of the government’s record on the coronavirus, after the UK registered the highest death toll in Europe.

    A Timeline of Failure (Part One) –

  3. Jack Roth

     /  July 7, 2020

    Well worth a read –

    The U.S. and U.K. Were the Two Best Prepared Nations to Tackle a Pandemic—What Went Wrong?

    ‘On Oct. 24, 2019—45 days before the world’s first suspected case of COVID-19 was announced—a new “scorecard” was published called the Global Health Security Index. The scorecard ranked countries on how prepared they were to tackle a serious outbreak, based on a range of measures, including how quickly a country was likely to respond and how well its health care system would “treat the sick and protect health workers.” The U.S. was ranked first out of 195 nations, and the U.K. was ranked second.

    You read that correctly. The two countries that on paper were the best prepared to deal with a pandemic turned out by June 2020 to be two of the world’s biggest failures in tackling COVID-19.’

    The Time article concudes –

    ‘The catastrophic U.S. and U.K. responses to COVID-19 show that when we give out future grades to countries on how well prepared they are to handle the next pandemic, we need to account for a country’s political decision-making as one of the most important determining factors.’

  4. Jack Roth

     /  July 7, 2020

    ’The Johns Hopkins site has recorded progressively declining confirmed cases in the UK from 891 on 28 Jun to 360 yesterday. This might be just the effect of the lockdown and if that’s the case how long before the effect of the relaxation of the rules reverses that trend? (BTH – down thread)

    Good question.

    Perhaps the virus has picked off the low hanging fruit – those in care-homes, the weak and vulnerable with ‘underlying conditions’.

    David King (he of the ‘alternative sage’) and others (such as Dr Mahiben Maruthappu, former lead advisor to Sir Simon Stevens) seem convinced that a second wave is a certainty.

  5. Poor oral health is linked to a lot of serious disease, including cancer. It’s to do with inflammation. Here’s an article that suggests it may also contribute to severity of Covid-19 – see what you think.

    • Jack Roth

       /  July 7, 2020

      It would help if you could get to even see a denist –

      ‘COVID-19: routine dental care ends throughout the UK’

      ‘This week the Chief Dental Officers (CDOs) have issued COVID-19 letters which effectively ends all routine care, and most or all urgent care, in general dental practices throughout the UK.’

      • Hello Jack

        You’re right of course though there are some who never look after their teeth anyway. A friend of mine has an abcess in her mouth and was put on a ten month waiting list before the pandemic. Goodness knows when she’ll be seen now. She keeps having courses of antibiotics when it gets bad. When I had the colonoscopy in March she said, ‘Perhaps we can ask them to do 2 for the price one!’ and get her tooth sorted whilst my other end was being attended to.

    • Thanks for the link to that article Desde and yet again the more we know about the virus and its impact on the human body the less I’m surprised at the way things have turned out.

  6. Good morning all,

    Another Guardian article full on non-facts this one about care for the elderly. Ros Altmann, Conservative peer and former pensions minister claims the NHS used to run care homes – it did not. Care homes were run by councils and many of them were appalling. I think 2 posters pointed out the error but the rest accepted it and want the NHS to re-nationalise care homes.

    It is weird that on a site where the majority of posters are left wing and often write about wealth inequality, that nearly all of them think it’s unfair and a source of ‘inequality’ that those with houses and savings should have to pay for care. Why shouldn’t they? They don’t need that any more and they are going into a nursing home to die. It’s really about inheritance despite all the claims that it is unfair. Then there are claims that the fees are too high in nursing homes – clearly many posters don’t realise how staggeringly expensive it is to run a home. Maybe they should try it or look at the huge bills homes have to pay.

    As a former pensions minister, Altmann could at least get her facts right and the Guardian should check before printing stuff.

  7. Jack Roth

     /  July 7, 2020

    Looks like this virus is going to be around for a long while yet.

    ‘Nearly one in six Britons would refuse Covid-19 vaccine – survey’

    • The anti-vaccine brigade are growing stronger all the time, along with their other conspiracy theories. Some think that Bill and Melinda Gates started the virus so they could make a fortune from the vaccine. If there’s a vaccine and a certain number refuse it, herd immunity won’t be achieved and there will be unnecessary deaths.

  8. brusselsexpats

     /  July 5, 2020

    After all the good weather we had in June Belgium is now officially in summer mode with wind, rain and grey skies. Pictures of people at the coast say it all.

    On the Belgian news today our top virologist came on and said again, it’s best not to go abroad this year (I don’t count The Netherlands as abroad so might still pop to Zeeland).
    It seems Italy has seen a rise in cases as well as Spain. So many people travel by car here to Spain and the professor said it’s impossible to test everyone coming back by car from infected areas.

    The border between Bulgaria and Greece stretched out to infinity today with people stuck for hours in 38°C. That’s a killer even for people coming from countries used to such temperatures.

    Glad I’m avoiding that holiday hell to be honest.

    Have a good evening all.

    PS: Belgian news posted scenes from London last night……


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