Guardian Posts Hypocritical Editorial on Censorship

On Wednesday 19 July 2017 the Guardian published an editorial headed Users of WhatsApp in China and security researchers reported the service partially blocked by authorities, about the Chinese government’s censorship of the internet and linking it to the death of jailed Nobel peace prize laureate Liu Xiaobo.

So well done the Guardian for standing up to those who seek to suppress the freedom to comment and to read.

In May 2009, the writer, Jane Nichol-Bell (AKA BeautifulBurnout / MizzLizProbert / idanielblake (but actually barrister and Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Livingstone fan Jane Haybroek) wrote a popular and much acclaimed article Don’t blame the police for Sabina Akhtar’s murder.

In her haste to get published Ms Haybroek failed seriously to undertake even the most basic research to ensure her facts were correct and while her loyal fans did their best to defend her, more objective readers thoroughly slated it.

Here’s one of the posters on that thread:

Beautiful Burnout/Jane Nichol Bell: You have completely ignored some of the most useful comments on here in a painfully one-sided argument without much research or facts.

(Of course the comments that she did make and there were many can’t be found, other than when quoted in other posters’ comments.)

Also, why are you comparing another domestic violence case where the victim did not obviously want help from the police or courts to the original case where she was definitely asking for help?! It really seems like you are lumping all domestic violence cases together in a way that is almost misogynist…

But what a pity that the Guardian fails to uphold such worthy anti-censorship principles in its own publications and allows its own staff a free hand to censor. Sometime in 2013 or 2014, at her request the Guardian deleted everyone of the thousands of posts that BeautifulBurnout had posted on hundreds of its Comment is Free articles.

And from another of her fan club:

And how is it that ultimathule’s partner in slime, BiteTheHand, gets to slag off an ATL writer without sanction? Some of the stuff that this guy has been slinging at JaneBell has been borderline actionable in law given that he’s been questioning her competence as a solicitor/barrister.Is it true, as has been hinted at, that BiteTheHand writes for the Guardian? If so, shouldn’t he, and Cif, be a little more open about it?

You might now understand why Beautiful Burnout and her fan club were so eager to get Bitethehand banned from CiF.

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