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I signed up to Comment is Free as Bitethehand, according to my profile on 26 Dec 2005 but my first recorded post is on 25 April 2006. Must have been interrupted somewhere.  Since then I have posted regularly from China and England, where I have lived and travelled in more or less equal measure. I continue to post on CiF, albeit under different names.

In the early days of CiF the site was so unreliable that posts would too often disappear into the proverbial ether. I and some other posters resolved this issue by composing in Notepad before pasting, and in my case saving the posts as an on-going record. Some felt this was underhand and said so; some couldn’t believe I had done this and accused me of having access to The Guardian’s servers; some accused me of being a moderator, and an Above the Line writer, none of which I’ve been. Here’s one of CiF’s former posters, HankScorpio  writing on the Untrusted 

BiteTheHand is the most obvious example, a lickspittle with too much time on his hands and a direct line, via telescreen, to Matt O’Brien.

And given that BTH and Matt are such good friends, and that BTH’s objet d’amour, ultima, seems to be immune from moderation, it seems eminently sensible to have a blog which isn’t open to scum who wish to close down free speech from those who see them as bigots, zealots and/or idiots.

CiF is an adversarial environment and it wasn’t long before the historical record became useful in showing that views a poster had previously posted, were no longer held. The annoyance this generated was exacerbated by the tendency of cliques and alliances between posters to develop, who quite understandably sought to defend their virtual friends. It wasn’t long before such posters started to object to having their own inconsistencies and even hypocrisy exposed before them and in the extreme this prompted them to demand the banning of posters like me.

Because  I post what scherfig describes as inconvenient and uncomfortable opinions , although I think that at best I dabble in a little satire from time to time, my detractors are left to resort to abuse, foul language, accusations of stalking, paedophilia, bullying and violence.

In the absence of evidence, they resort to abuse.

Posts and Comments

When I first set up this site I didn’t intend it to be anything other than a personal account of my time of CiF and the Untrusted. However I was persuaded to open up a comment thread and from time to time people who’ve had a similar experience with members of the Untrusted clique visit and post.

I have no objection to any abuse people wish to post about me – there’s enough recorded here. But if they think they can come here and abuse visitors, they’re living in a dream world.  One such deluded soul goes by the name of Master of Rhyme, (MOR) almost certainly a current or past Untrusted poster whose mission in life seems to be to act as BeautifulBurnout’s swain and gofer.  MOR posted abusive doggerel about various posters here for six weeks or so until I changed his insults into compliments or neutral statements.  He got the message and left.


  1. V V 1950

     /  October 22, 2015

    Hi BTH,
    and where’s everybody (*page not found*)…?

    • Hmm, I just signed on and the front page has disappeared along with many of the recent comments. I need to investigate and will be back later.

      • Well panic over – found the front page in the trash.No idea how it got there but normal service now seems to have been restored.

    • V V 1950

       /  October 24, 2015

      Thank you BTH!
      Back to today’s thread now 🙂

  2. Imageark

     /  September 11, 2015

    Style of thing


    • I notice from my archive that in all the year you’ve posted on CiF (I thought it was a lot longer) we’ve never exchanged comments. And nice entry on your CiF profile.

    • imageark

       /  September 11, 2015

      That surprises me, I would have thought we had.
      It’s a pity they got rid of the ytu thingy.
      Sometimes one could have some interesting debate, and not always be accused of this and that by the unthinking and dull.
      What’s frustrating I have some very good – and ancient – friends who are ‘Observer’ types ( though they seem to observe very little in fact ), who are very nice and lovely people.
      STOP !!!!
      Sorry, diatribe escape ….

      Happy Friday anyway.

  3. Edwin Normal

     /  August 21, 2015

    You people need to get a fucking life..

    • And which people are those Edwin?

      Have a look at my photos on this site – virtually all of them are ones I’ve taken between the late 1970s and yesterday. I think my life has been and still is wonderful. 🙂

      This was in reply to a comment left on another part of this place some time back, (that “you people should get a life”) and which I’ve only just discovered.

  4. RMaher

     /  May 25, 2014

    My experience was that I should never point to Muslim crimes of any stripe, especially Palestinian atrocities – like, for example, the beheading of a three month old Jewish baby by psychopathic Arab terrorists. Or suggest that one might find within the pages of the Koran, instruction for jihad; a fact which marks, whether The Guardian likes it or not, Islam out as potentially dangerous to the vulnerable mind.

    I should say, facts like this have always been expressed in context and with as much decorum as one can award such subjects – more than is used by many other contributors, some of whom express opinions that are blatantly antisemitic, or anti-American, or just outright thick and obnoxious, with impunity and encouragement.

    For me, reason and logic + CiF = exile.

    But it’s nice to find your site, sir. Good work!

  5. RMaher

     /  May 24, 2014

    After a long stint being pre-moderated for no more than rational observations and argument, mostly about the sickness at the heart of modern day leftism, they – the ultimately self-righteous and smug Guardianista monkeys – banned me from posting on CiF. Now I’m reading The Trial by Kafka again. Seems appropriate.

    • Hi RMaher,

      Yes it’s interesting how rank abusers like Backtothepoint – “I thought Mary Whitehouse was dead. She seems to be modding today.” and JayReilly calling them “keepers of the BNP zoo”, can get away with it while others who are completely innocent of such abuse get modded and banned.