Ally Fogg Defends Murdoch’s Page 3

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur, Nepal

Ally Fogg Defends Murdoch’s Page 3

Ally Fogg writes:

My general take on the issue is that The Sun is a paper which peddles the exploitation, vilification and undisguised hatred of, well, just about everyone.


 Pretty young women with clothes on are attractive, and pretty young women with fewer clothes on are even more attractive. Boobs are nice to look at.

But somehow, Murdoch’s  Sun, this exploitative, vilifying messenger of hatred of just about everyone can each day transform itself by portraying naked women, (but never naked men), as an act of decency, approval, commendation and love.

I think Ally this is a poor example from you to push your increasingly anti-feminism agenda.  And strange when Murdoch is hinting at recognising his error, Ally Fogg is travelling in the opposite direction.

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