Ally Fogg dismisses the UN’s HeForShe campaign with – “what about teh menz?”


Ally Fogg dismisses the UN’s HeForShe campaign with – “what about teh menz?”

The United Nations launches a campaign for people to stand as one against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls and Ally Fogg won’t support it because it doesn’t specifically include violence by woman against men.


And even more pathetic is his response to the opposition of many of his regulars:

We’re no strangers to strong disagreements here at HetPat, and I assume that most of what I write will lead to angry reactions from one quarter or other.

This of course is a piece of deliberate self-delusion as many of the comments Fogg attracts to his site are from fellow anti-feminist men and women.

But what’s missing from his response are the words – “which is why I ban those who post comments I can’t or won’t answer“.

Now Fogg claims:

When I heard Emma Watson’s speech last weekend, I was given the impression that what we were being offered, finally……. was the inseparability of men’s and women’s gender issues.

Well he must have been the only man in the world who thought that’s what she was talking about and as Fogg isn’t that lacking in the ability to understand English I can only assume this was an even more pathetic attempt at after the event rationalisation.

And now:

Ally Fogg  says to and about Mike Buchanan,  who is so anti-feminism, even Fogg finds him difficult to stomach:

“Start by learning the important lesson that if you associate yourself with overtly misogynistic ideas, like stopping all benefits to single mothers, and overtly misogynistic people like Paul Elam and John Hembling, then you will quite rightly be excluded from reasonable and constructive media and political space.”

And yet he doesn’t exclude him, he allows Buchanan to post on his blog, but bans me who has opposed misogynism and campaigned for feminist ideas on Comment is Free, both of Ally’s sites, The Untrusted and here for over eight years.

Forgive me for thinking Ally Fogg that you’re far closer to Buchanan than you imagine. And your latest couple of articles have proved the point.

And now about Free Thought Blogs that hosts Ally Fogg’s increasingly “what about the menz” blog:

FTB is supposed to be a non-MRA zone, or so I thought. I’ve been a lurker here for a while and every time I see your posts, it’s obvious to me that you share MRA points of views. You always use MRA talking points and subtle fear mongering tactics (“5 words that betrayed Emma Watson”… REALLY???) quite frankly I’m wondering when everyone else is gonna wise up and see you for what you really are. Even if you don’t identify or believe this to be true, fact of the matter is you’re still spreading their filth.

Still spreading their filth.

And here’s another poster who hits the nail right on the head:

Instead of trying to create your own plan for discussion & action, your post came across (to me, and from the reaction, to others) as criticizing someone else’s plan for not talking about the things you want to talk about.

And what after so much criticism of his attempt to disrupt the UN’s campaign?

To re-write it’s pledge to read:

Gender equality is not only a women’s issue, it is a human rights issue that requires my participation. I commit to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls and men.

To which suggestion Fogg responds:

That’s the most constructive response I’ve seen this week, I think.

So what about 14 months ago?

Here’s Ally Fogg on 22 July 2013, somewhat contradicting himself and his opposition to the United Nation’s HeFor She campaign:

Asked by one of his posters:

So, in improving things for women, transssexuals, the deaf, I am actually improving things for men?

Fogg replied:  –  Yes. Absolutely.

How things can change in just 14 months.

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