Ally Fogg’s “cold-shower” analysis of the sexually abusive, homicidal men in the gaming community.

David Hume's memorial, Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh.

David Hume’s memorial, Old Calton Cemetery, Edinburgh.

The heights of popularity and patriotism are still the beaten road to power and tyranny.

 Ally Fogg’s “cold-shower” analysis of the sexually abusive, homicidal men in the gaming community

Baden-Powell considered sexual desire a transitory phase in adolescence, and he was obsessed with self-abuse. He recommends that a young man beset by impure thoughts should drive them away by plunging his “racial organ” into icy water.

Ian Steadman has a far better article than Ally’s in the New Statesman headed – Anita Sarkeesian makes videos looking at how poorly women are represented in games, and gamers hate her for it, insulting her work and accusing her of dishonesty. It’s almost like they’re trying to prove her premise.

Steadman writes about the reception to Sarkeesian’s work :

Even before the Kickstarter fundraising finished she was subjected to death and rape threats. Someone made a game where players could beat her up, she was subjected to racial and sexist slurs, and she was labelled a liar and a con artist.

And Ally Fogg’s latest offering on Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men is about the same subject and the seriously disturbed and dangerous men who spend much of their lives playing computer games. Here are men who spend their free time immersing themselves in violent, highly sexually stimulating fantasies, yet for whom any normal meaningful sexual relationship is completely absent. Small wonder their hatred is so reinforced by the games they play.

Steadman writes about a game “Hitman: Absolution, where the character has to sneak past two exotic dancers in their dressing room while on the way to assassinate someone else. There are two choices: sneak past the dancers, or kill them and hide their bodies to avoid suspicion.”   He writes of “women as background decoration – that is, they don’t have any influence on the narrative, and their existence is entirely predicated on their usefulness or otherwise to the player. “

And this is precisely the attitude towards women that these abusive gamers have.  It is not the games that influence and determine their attitudes, but their attitudes that attract them to devoting so much of their time to the games. Neither is their behaviour “profoundly irrational” as Ally would have us believe, but totally consistent with their attitude towards women. They have seen, read and experienced the way feminism has defeated the reality of the submissive, all serving, readily available, easy to beat into submission woman they expected to be providing for their every domestic need, so that with little to offer in a relationship, they are reduced to obsessing with gaming and being abusive to anyone, and especially women, who challenge their last refuge.

So what is Ally’s precise, razor sharp social – psychological analysis and prescription for dealing with these abusive men?

“No. Stop right there. There is no excuse for bullying, threatening and intimidating people”

But this is a grotesque failure of analysis, a Powellesque “cold shower” approach to confronting the real issue and Ally knows it because he’s read Ian Steadman’s article, which is actually a much better one than his, where he includes some of the sexually abusive tweets and death wishes sent by these seriously disturbed, sexually frustrated men.

This, as I’ve said more than once in the time before I was banned from his blogs, is Ally’s motherhood and apple pie response to any situation where he’s required to disagree with and upset one of the groups who make up his audience.


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