Ally Fogg’s doubts on the statistical evidence of FGM in the UK must be music to the ears of the cutters

Stonehenge, England

Stonehenge, England

Ally Fogg’s doubts on the statistical evidence of FGM in the UK must be music to the ears of the cutters

Ally writes:

I have longstanding and lingering doubts about some of the evidence that is always produced when we discuss the nature and extent of FGM in the UK. I stress at this point that from hereon in, this blogpost will be asking questions, not providing answers. 

Yes and doubtless his F4J followers and those who are pro-FGM will interpret this as saying there is no evidence that this anti-FGM campaign  is anything other than a feminist conspiracy to attack Muslims in the UK.  Julie Bindel’s research is dismissed as anecdote and assumption. Ally must have been aware that the mere mention of Ms Bindel would send vast numbers of his supporters into paroxysms of disgust.

Then after more largely irrelevance and obfuscation, including:

Other people who will have told the census they were born in Kenya include many white stragglers from the colonial era (Richard Dawkins, Cristina Odone and Peter Hain MP were all born in Kenya). 

What we end up with is an article that’s all but calling for a retention of the status quo.

Strange that on the same day Ally was able to post the perfect solution to his problem with the statistical evidence, on the Guardian’s article Failure to protect girls from FGM is ‘ongoing national scandal’, MPs saywith the following observation of how boys have their genitals checked twice by medical professional while at school:

Yep, once in primary school, then we all got checked again in secondary school aged around 13.

So there’s the simple solution – make it compulsory for the girls and we get close to a 100% statistical survey of all girls, conducted by medical professionals. And those families who refuse to co-operate should then get a visit from social workers.

 Update 1

A poster asks in response to Ally Fogg’s statement “I’m not an enormous fan of using criminal justice to solve these things.”

(These things being the genital mutilation of young girls.)

To which the response quite rightly was:

And yet you would, I am sure, support it in cases of murder, rape, burglary, armed robbery etc. etc:*

And when Ally Fogg says in response:

No, you’re wrong. I don’t really look to the criminal justice system to solve or reduce any of those crimes. I look to socialisation, education, values, how people are brutalised in childhood etc etc.

Is Ally Fogg saying that FGM should be decriminalised?

*  spelling of original corrected.

 Update 2

Ally Fogg writes:

After I finally banned you from my blog after losing patience with about seven years of your wild libellous lies about me, your stalkerish tendencies, your mile-wide racist and misogynistic streaks and the type of Grade A assholery that has also seen you banned from this site about 27 times under different names, you pop up here with more wild, fantastical lies that anyone with a couple of braincells can see through in about ten milliseconds.

Ally Fogg has accused me of racism before and the charge is answered here in –  “Is Ally Fogg also calling the National Secular Society racist for publishing this article criticising religion?”

 Update 3

CalamityJane123/BeautifulBurnout comes to Ally Fogg’s rescue:

Grounds for a libel suit if you ask me.

Hey, I will even do it for you pro bono.

And I thought working for nothing was what that nasty Mr Osborne was  about.

Update 4

From The Telegraph:

The City University London and Equality Now study claims the number of women living in the UK who have experienced female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C) has risen dramatically, a new report suggests.  It shows that the practice has been carried out on 137,000 women and girls living in England and Wales.

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