Ally Fogg’s sensationalist conclusions – “It is time to stop defaming our boys” conflicts with Dr Bell’s don’t generalize message

Twilight Brecon Beacons, Wales, January 2013

Twilight Brecon Beacons, Wales, January 2013

Ally Fogg’s sensationalist conclusions – “It is time to stop defaming our boys” conflicts with Dr Bell’s don’t generalize message.

Ally Fogg opens his latest piece of sensationalism – It’s time to stop defaming our boys:

Reporting research by the school of public health at Columbia University, published in the American Journal of Men’s Health, the coverage recounted findings that were so shocking as to take the breath away.

And ends it:

It is time to stop defaming our boys.

One of the terms used by Ally Fogg to categorise this article is “hatred of men”.

From the researchers of the report on which Ally bases his article:

 “Dr Bell pointed out that the small and relatively uniform sample makes it difficult to generalize from the results…”

But hey Ally,  let’s not listen to Dr Bell when sensationalism is at stake. After all one of your claimed areas of expertise is statistical analysis.

Ally Fogg is so insecure that he censors this kind of response from his website.

From his article:

The general assumption will never be that these teenage girl-beaters, abusers and rapists are the public school-educated, middle class sons of politicians and journalists – the fear and suspicion will land disproportionately instead upon the working class boys, the black and minority ethnic boys, precisely those who are already struggling hardest against stigma and stereotyping and who are already falling furthest behind in social, educational and economic attainment. As the research from Columbia suggests, this may well be an almighty calumny.

From the Guardian:

“Gangs draw up lists of girls to rape as proxy attacks on rivals. Gangs assault rivals’ sisters and girlfriends as a ‘low risk’ method of asserting dominance.

Scotland Yard has confirmed that sexual violence against women by gangs is now “at the top of our agenda” following initiatives that have seen gun crime fall by 17% and knife crime offences by 11.5%.

The emergence of “sket lists” of young women considered eligible for attack is, say frontline youth workers, indicative of how gangs perceive that they can rape with near impunity. “They put the names of young women on a list and circulate through BBM [BlackBerry Messenger]. These women become active targets on the way home from school or wherever. They are legitimate targets to be raped and sexually assaulted if their name appears on a sket list,” said Hubberstey.”

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