In “Zimmerman, Martin and patriarchal misandry”, Ally Fogg blames outside “pressures” for the killing

The Chapel, Wimpole Hall, Hertfordshire , England, June 2005

The Chapel, Wimpole Hall, Hertfordshire , England, June 2005

In “Zimmerman, Martin and patriarchal misandry“, Ally Fogg blames outside “pressures” for the killing

Ally begins his piece with the startling claim:

“But there’s another aspect to the death of Trayvon Martin that has gone almost unnoticed. When all the dust and bluster is cleared away, the inescapable likelihood is that Trayvon Martin would never have died had he been white.”

I’ve read articles in the Guardian by Gary Young, Professor Patricia Williams, Marina Hyde, Randolph McLaughlin, Amy
Goodman, Deborah Orr,  Lindsey Bever, Bella Mackie, in which Ally was “commenter of the week“, an editorial and the speech by President Obama, each of which were open to comments which totalled 7331. The view that “Trayvon Martin would never have died had he been white” was one of the more frequently posted comments and prompted much discussion.

Ally continues:

“The phrase (patriarchal misandry) captures for me how psychological, emotional and physical traumas are imposed routinely or sporadically upon men purely as a result of their gender, in large part in order to nail them to their expected place in the social order. That place that includes being the oppressor of others, whether you want to or not, and it includes not just the gender hierarchies of society, but the racial, sexual, social and economic hierarchies of society.”

This sounds as if any and every act of men however anti-social, discriminatory or heinous becomes the responsibility of someone else in the patriarchy. Are those who commit these acts to take no responsibility?

You might have thought with such a radical departure we might have been provided with one or two example of how these psychological, emotional and physical traumas are imposed routinely or sporadically upon men. Zimmerman and Martin according to Ally, fought with each other “because society perpetuates narratives about the criminality and violent tendencies of men.”

So how come so many men, I suggest the vast majority manage to avoid these societal pressures and never fight with each other, yet alone shoot and kill?

What about those men who for example decide to work in the public sector because they are aware of and object to what will be expected of them in the private sector? The same might be said for many who work in the voluntary sector or for charities. Are they not to be praised for their self-sacrifice and the example they set  others?

Then he implies with this:

“The pressures which drive men to be big cheese on their block, in their gated community or in their merchant bank are to a large extent the same pressures that drive men to the prison gates and the psychiatric wards.”

that even the members of the patriarchy have no say in what they do and no or very little responsibility for the outcomes, as somehow there are unseen pressures instructing us all.

So how does anything change, if not by the actions of men and women? How do we rid ourselves of this ruling class patriarchy and arrive at what some would call an egalitarian socialism, or in Ally’s case egalitarian anarchism?  Seems we can’t because the “pressure” won’t allow it.

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