Backtothepoint and BeautifulBurnout denigrate holocaust victims to make a cheap jibe.

Hall of the People, Chongqing, China.

Hall of the People, Chongqing, China.

It is a measure of the desperate impotence of armchair terrorist Backtothepoint and his idoliser BeautifulBurnout that almost any action real or proposed by the Coalition government is met by a comparison with the worst Nazi atrocities.

Here’s the former about the proposed limiting of housing benefits to under 25 year old NEETS.

Of course, the Tories may well take a leaf out of their old chum Pinochet’s book and use sports stadiums… You’re not too close to the sea for the helicopters, but they could always load the unemployed onto cattle trains bound for the coast.

And here’s the response from BeautifulBurnout:

The chat-room for faux-outrage about imagined slights on jews extrapolated from erroneously-perceived comparisons to Nazis is the next door down, marked “The Daily Turd”. You know where it is.

This was a reply from PaulBJ who quite rightly had taken BTTP to task:

What’s with the reference to cattle cars ? The issue of welfare reform and its impact on the poor and vulnerable is a deadly serious one.But don’t you think you’re demeaning the debate by making such a reference to cattle cars given the historical significance?

Forcing the long term unemployed to attend jobcentres for 35hours a week is one thing.Loading them on to cattle trains and sending them to the coast-and from there to an unknown fate ???- is a very different proposition and i don’t see how you could possibly link the two.

It’s a sad day when the former scourge of the British National Party resorts to this kind of childish, hurtful jibe.

Update 1

BeautifulBurnout rather misses the point with her Pinochet cut n paste from wiki and concludes:

After last night’s little skirmish – woefully misinterpreted by the half-brained, hard-of-thinking half-witted on the Daily Turd as being vaguely something to do with some kind of comparisons to Nazis and therefore Holocaust denial, perhaps some education is called for.

It’s interesting how whenever the barrister BeautifulBurnout wants to abuse and try to defend her inappropriate holocaust denying comparisons, she resorts to the scatological. It’s as if she’s never progressed from the primary school playground.

And just to prove the point, here she is again:

As an old Japanese saying goes, if you spend long enough in the privvy you no longer notice the smell…

Update 2

BeautifulBurnout attempts to justify her denial of the unique nature of the holocaust with this:

The Caravan of Death (Spanish: Caravana de la Muerte) was a Chilean Army death squad that, following the Chilean coup of 1973, flew by helicopters from south to north of Chile between September 30 and October 22, 1973. During this foray, members of the squad ordered or personally carried out the execution of at least 75 individuals held in Army custody in certain garrisons. According to the NGO Memoria y Justicia, the squad killed 26 in the South and 71 in the North, making a total of 97 victims.

….. making a total of 97 victims.

And she equates these 97 victims with how many millions of Jews transported to the death camps in Backtothepoint’s “cattle trains”?

Update 3

Sheffpixie posts:

I really don’t get Bitey either – he has what would seem to be an interesting life, a lot of it in China, yet you guys are saying he’s still banging on about people here – what a waste of his time. Perhaps he suffers from OCD and can’t stop himself. Shame for him and boring for us.

Your comrades have a strange way of displaying boredom Sheff but don’t waste your sympathy on me; it’s quite amusing watching BB and BTTP thrashing around in their fantasy fascist universe, while Montana practises her obscenities and thaumaturge blissfully continues to miss the point.

OCD is in the top ten of the most disabling illnesses of any kind, in terms of lost earnings and diminished quality of life.

And I doubt you’d find many OCD sufferers who were across Striding Edge last weekend with 20 friends, and this week supervising three master’s degree applications and congratulating another on her graduation, lunching with friends, visiting his 92 year old mother  (she’s very interested in BeautifulBurnout / Calamityjane123’s identity crisis), running 18k, listening to the Hannes Riepler Organ Trio and… oh yes running this site.

In fact I think I’ve got EVS – Easygoing Voluntary Syndrome

Update 4

And now the intellectually superior Untrusteds are falling about laughing at the pathetic illiterates of the EDL – those who are the very product of Gove’s and previous government’s education policies, the deficiencies of which the UT cabal so frequently remind us.

Or maybe those devious EDL followers are just masking their own intellectual superiority while all the time transforming themselves into MontanaWildhacks mad men and preparing to seize power.

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