BeautifulBurnout (Jane Haybroek) and Backtothepoint – 7/7 London Transport Truther Conspirators


Stained Glass window, Ightham Mote, Kent, England.

Stained Glass window, Ightham Mote, Kent, England.

BeautifulBurnout (Jane Haybroek) and Backtothepoint 7/7 London Transport Truther Conspirators

The current dispute between Peter Bracken and the UT Russiaphiles reminds me of an earlier one when BeautifulBurnout as she was then, placed herself four square with the July 2007 London bombings and Dr David Kelly “truther conspiritors”, and got their deserved comeuppence from both the Peters – Bracken and Jackson. 

BeautifulBurnout’s posts of course in an act of Guardian censorship vandalism, have been deleted from the thread, but there are sufficient parts quoted within other comments to be able to understand where she was coming from and where her true sympathies lay.

Speaking about whether the security services had prior knowledge of the bombings that killed 52 innocent London Transport passengers she wrote:

or the third option, which is that they knew it was going to happen and did nothing to intervene because they saw the political value of letting it happen.

To which Backtothepoint responded:

One hundred percent support for BB. As has been said, if we didn’t ask awkward questions about official versions of events, then the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six would never have been cleared. That’s not to say that those convicted of the London bombings were innocent, they very probably weren’t. But even in such imperfect democracies as we have, it’s our duty to take a very sceptical view of anything we’re told that may not be true. I still regret having taken the Guildford and Birmingham convictions at face value at the time.

But not it would appear, the London Transport bombings.

And as if to prove that the security services and the government were covering up the truth she writes:

There is some dispute as to whether, if they (the bombers) got on the earlier train that was slightly delayed, and thus arrived at Kings Cross at 8.28, they would have managed to get from the Thameslink station to the Underground in time.


And the 7/7 bombers left Bedford on a train that was cancelled.


The rationale for the 7/7 truthers is that in constructing the evidence to cover their tracks, the state got sloppy and attributed a non-existent train to the ‘bombers’.

To which Peter Bracken responded to this “crank’s list of birdbrained conspiracy delusions”:

You couldn’t make it up. And if you think, BB, that tripe of this nature does not deserve to be derided, think again.

We’re talking about your ‘claim’ that Dr Kelly was murdered and the London bombers are a figment of planted and fabricated evidence.

Quoting BeautifulBurnout’s long list of strawmen:

And Jean Charles de Menezes was wearing a bulky jacket and leapt over the barriers at Stockwell Underground, running away from the police.
And Goldsmith never wrote an opinion saying the Iraq war was illegal, much less did he change that opinion after a visit to Washington and a chat with US government attorneys.
And the 7/7 bombers left Bedford on a train that was cancelled.
And Miliband didn’t lie to the High Court in the Binyam Mohamed case.
And Straw didn’t lie about our involvement in extraordinary rendition. And nobody in government has ever told a lie about anything, ever.

JosephMalik responded: 

An excellent list of strawmen, BeautifulBurnout, but totally irrelevant. Would you like to deal with the asertion that (as Peter Jackson and Peterbracken and others have pointed out) some of these ‘experts’ on the Kelly case appear to be ‘troofers’ who have a long history of bizarre statements. They are simply not credible ‘experts’ – perhaps you should look a bit more closely at the sources you base your arguments on.

Which is not to say that there might not be a case to answer about Kelly’s death, but if your only arguments are a bunch of MP’s jumping on a bandwagon and a handful of totally discredited axe-grinders, then you you might want to subject your pre-conceived ideas to a dose of logic and reality.

And later Peter Bracken again:

You see, I’m not sure you’re speculating about the form of transport the bombers took; my guess is that you think 7/7 was not the work of suicide bombers at all. That it was – yes, of course it was – a state-concocted atrocity.

It’s the kind of repellent speculation that gives reputable lawyers a bad, so I guess that needn’t concern you….Being anonymous an’ all that.

You see, BB, you’re peddling classic cranks’ disinformation: the records are not being kept secret for those that want to satisfy their professional concerns. So, might you find some time, delayed as you are, to acknowledge your error and applaud Lord Hutton’s balance of concern for the Kelly family and for the truth?

Somehow I feel the crank in you will find a new ‘nugget of drivel’ on which to squirm free.

Finally let me quote the late Peter Jackson:

@Jay and @BB

It might be a good idea to look at the activities of some of the ’eminent doctors’ other than their call for an inquiry into Kelly’s death.

Three of them at least, Drs Halpin, Burns-Cox and Frost, are far from disinterested medical sources. Halpin is a fully-paid-up 9/11 and 7/7 truther and ‘false-flag’ fan, as well as a somewhat deranged anti-Zionist, while the other two are at the least conspiracy nuts. You can read Halpin in his own words at his website here, as he pounds out letters on his obsessions to everyone he can think of and the Morning Star.

The others write for the conspiracy nut site at

Some background to the campaign led by Halpin over Kelly’s death can be found here.

As was mentioned earlier, lawyers or doctors (or MPs) are not immune from crankdom.

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