The Truth about Backtothepoint’s denials about Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Sissinghurst Castle, former home of poet and writer, Vita Sackville-West, Sept 2012

Sissinghurst Castle, former home of poet and writer, Vita Sackville-West, Sept 2012

The Truth about Backtothepoint’s denials about Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Backtothepoint has frequently objected to the suggestion that he considered the  arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn to be a conspiracy cooked up by then French President Sarkozy, the Sofitel Hotel management in New York, some right wing elements in the USA and the CIA.

Despite being a long term member of the French Communist Party, he was playing the archetypical middle class white man, (despite his own multi-cultural family), – much like the New York District Attorney, and refusing to accept there was a racial element to the matter with a rich white man versus a poor black woman.

When the charges against DSK were dropped Michael Greys, co-founder of the group 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement, expressed his fury at the dismissal. “American justice is not blind, race and class still play a part. This was a case of a millionaire against a poor black woman with no education.”  Rudy Dent, another Diallo supporter said the decision was down to “plantation politics.”

Here was BTTP’s response on one of the occasions I reminded him he was previously entertaining a conspiracy theory:

No, I wasn’t, Bitey. Do you ever post anything true?

Well as you ask Spike, yes of course I do – as do others. Here’s that well known former Comment is Free poster Peter Bracken: after being asked whether he thought there might be conspirators at work.

You’re too right, Damntheral. And their cheerleader is?  Why, our very own BTTP who, within a nano second of DSK being charged with a serious sexual offence, begins speculating about the likely motives for such an outrageous slur on such a fine, intelligent and savvy politician.

So here’s a selection of BTTP‘s responses  to DSK’s arrest:


Well, as I said, we’ll see how the investigation goes. There’s a hell of a difference between sleeping with a colleague (his past form, I believe) and leaping naked on a chambermaid. The whole thing is very weird. Sarkozy himself is supposed to know all about operations aimed at torpedoing politicians’ careers since the second Clearstream affair, in which he was accused of corruption (along with DSK, as it happened) and subsequently cleared.

The Clearstream Affair


We’ll see how it turns out. There are a lot of people (well, mainly Sarko) who would like to see DSK set up, so I’d be looking for lots of supporting evidence. If the head of the IMF actually did suddenly start leaping naked on chambermaids, you’d expect some history and other behavioral problems I would have thought (though I’m no expert). We’ll see what the investigation throws up.It would be very convenient for the French Right if DSK suddenly became a sex offender, shortly before the primaries where he is the favourite to be elected to represent the Socialist Party against Sarkozy who has sunk below thirty percent in the polls.


It wasn’t long before the IMF announced that DSK had been reprimanded for what in more enlightened organisations is called sexual harassment.


Sarkozy certainly thought there was a conspiracy among the Chiraquiens when he said he’d hang de Villepin from a butcher’s hook. And the bank account said to be Sarkozy’s (using parts of his name) was supposed to have been used by a number of people.

So more suggestions that DSK was also the victim of a conspiracy.


I don’t know if there’s a precedent, but much as I’d prefer the Socialist candidate to be Martine Aubry, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be DSK. Everyone can take the piss out of my political punditry if he fails to stand.

Everyone Spike? You seem to be managing that all by yourself. 🙂


Are you being deliberately obtuse? I’m saying that it’s weird that a man who’s shown enough discipline for forty years to rise to the very top of politics in a major Western country could have lost control so totally as to throw it all away on an impulse crime he had no hope of concealing. I’m not saying that sexual assaults are rare or only committed by the unintelligent and disreputable, FFS, that’s you trying to put words into my mouth. I think a lot of people are capable of stealing, Tories more than most, but I’d still be bloody astonished if David Cameron was caught running out of a jeweller’s after breaking a display case and grabbing a necklace.


But the crime he’s accused of is a crime of impulse, suggesting a total lack of self-control and an inability to anticipate consequences, things I wouldn’t associate with DSK at all. He’s very astute and calculating, which is why I find the whole thing weird. It’s not the idea of him perhaps being capable of a sexual assault, it’s the idea that he’d go about one in this totally reckless, blatant way. Anyway, I see on French news that there’s a lot of disbelief being expressed, especially among the politicians who know and have worked with him, and quite a few people are disturbed by the timing of the accusation – just as the campaign for the Socialist primaries was about to begin.

A total lack of self-control and an inability to anticipate consequences?  Bit like your posting history Spike.


Do you think you’d need the police on board to have someone accused of attempted rape (and apart from anything else, I have at no point said that this is what happened)? And why French? If I were writing a thriller, I might run with the idea of the CIA liking Sarkozy’s pro-Americanism. If they can try firing poison into Castro’s lemonade, I would have thought a sexual assault fit-up would be well within their capabilities.

Well of course the CIA would be involved at some stage.

And BTTP’s response to all of this:

Diallo consistently lied to the DA’s staff on a range of topics, wept as she described a gang rape to them that she later admitted had never occurred, held tens of thousands of dollars in her bank account for a jailed drug trafficker, committed tax fraud and claimed someone else’s child was her own to get subsidised accommodation she wasn’t entitled to. It’s all in the DA’s motion to dismiss. That’s why I, unlike you, bitey, have disdain for her.

To which my reply was:

Each and everyone of of those accusations against Diallo has been refuted or seriously undermined by her lawyer and on the pages of CiF and elsewhere. Here under the delightfully accurate title – Frame the Victim. For you to repeat them here merely confirms my earlier point that when it comes to making a choice between a rich white millionaire with a massive sexual-psychological obsession and a desperate black single mother immigrant who suffered rape at the hands of a marauding gang in a country she was understandably desperately trying to escape, merely confirms where your sympathies lie. You, a member of the French Communist Party, the party of the working class, has “nothing but disdain” for a worker and trade unionist whose faultless record of cleaning the rooms of the Sofitel New York’s most privileged guests and whose future there was brought to an end by the outrageous behaviour of Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Then kindly explain to this political simpleton, just who it is that French communists and trade unionists and often the two seem synonymous, are prepared to stand up for if not Ms Diallo? Surely not “socialists” like Dominique Strauss-Kahn?