BeautifulBurnout – “A good reason to cease hostilities imo.” – Nah. – An update

Ailao Mountains across sub-tropical rice fields Jan 2010

Ailao Mountains across sub-tropical rice fields Jan 2010

Update 1

MasterofRhyme responded to this:

As to your “breaking news” about the Burnout, it makes no sense at all and is, frankly, utterly risible.

And my reply:

MrsBurnout, or CalamityJane123 as she now prefers to be addressed will have to live with her deceit. But having succeeded in taking the CiF moderators for a ride and in a breathtaking act of confidence trickery, getting them to censor her entire posting history, “because Miss I’m being stalked by that nasty Bitethehand”, within a few weeks, in a post since removed by the same moderators, she was accusing another poster of being the “manuphage”. This in case your knowledge of these matters isn’t quite up to the speed it might be, is the name she and her former beau Backtothepoint coined for me when the two of them thought Comment is Free was their own Guardian sponsored personal playground. Having discovered her deceit and that it was her all along who was continuing our long term dispute and wouldn’t let it go, the moderators promptly deleted her offending post.


BeautifulBurnout – “A good reason to cease hostilities imo.” – Nah.

During the time when one of the Untrusteds, Afancdogge was in a hospice in Hackney, London, she, along with other Untrusteds used this site when their one was for some reason inaccessible. I was quite content for this to happen but didn’t join in, knowing that whatever contribution I made would provoke outrage. And as if to prove the point up popped Chekhov with the following rant from the “outraged of Tonbridge” handbook:

BTW: what’s with all the hypocrites on “biteys” blog jumping on the sympathy vote for Leni…what sort of fucking band wagon is that!

Obviously. I ‘m not having a pop at you guys on here but for fucks sake…it seems a bit sordid that her message has to be filtered through a mesh of fetid crap!

Anyway, Leni is above all this malarkey….so i won’t bother to argue the toss anymore….either you are with Leni or against her………… it’s “us against “them”

Which side are you on?…….Time to get off the fence?

And not to be out done, along came BeautifulBurnout to respond to a quite unnecessary suggestion that there should be a “truce” between me and the Untrusteds so that this site could be used as a conduit for anyone who wanted to send or receive messages to or about Leni. Unnecessary because in her time posting on CiF and the UT, Leni and I have never had anything other that civil exchanges.

“When he stops being a freaky creepy asshat, maybe. (Although a couple of years or so ago I proffered the olive branch on here and suggested we wipe the slate clean and he told me where to go, and keeps his nasty trolling assault going year in year out instead.)

I have absolutely nothing against Paul, Sara, Florian, even the annoying 101 I have a soft spot for (and I don’t mean a damp 8 x 4 plot in the cemetery either!). But as for the rest of em…”

Now I can remember plenty of crowns of thorns but if this – “a freaky creepy asshat” – is meant to be an indication of an Olive Branch, then  MrsBootstraps, self made woman and winner of the David Cameron “bootstrapper of the year award”,  is talking her usual delusional irrelevance?

Why on earth would the censored be interested in a truce with the censor?

This isn’t an Arthur Koestler novel.

In any case I have no desire for a truce of any kind. When BeautifulBurnout conspired with the Guardian to censor her complete four year posting history, she condemned herself to that ignominious fate that is the reward of all enemies of freedom.

One final point

Some time ago and prompted by a couple of posts here I wrote something on the appearance of a CalamityJane123 on Comment is Free. Subsequently BeautifulBurnout published that this was in fact her “new nick”.

Well here she is offering a bit of racist advice to a “foreigner”:

@jennyanydots 16 April 2013 10:00pm

Oh look! Someone who lives in another country telling us off for what we feel in ours!

How quaint!

Jennyanydots is a long time poster on Comment is Free and I have no hesitation in posting what I think is one of her best posts here:

Inayat, when Senator Joe McCarthy asked the question, “Are you now or have you ever been a Communist?”, he wasn’t interested in finding out the truth; his mind was already made up about their guilt and they rarely had recourse to any means of clearing their names. They were the real victims. Many were blacklisted and couldn’t work for years, others charged or imprisoned and some even committed suicide. The wounds continue to the present day in some people.

You casual use of the term “New-McCarthyites” for anyone who disagree with you is an insult to those suffered through this period. You have media access, you can write an article stating your case and answering your critics. You do not suffer loss of employment or income, nor does your family because you cannot provide for them.

You say you resent Nick Cohen’s “attempt to smear by association” but you have the freedom to come on here and write an article defending your views about al-Qaradawi and even though you say you reject some of his teachings, it is generally accepted that this person is a rather unsavoury character. Nevertheless, you still speak of him in glowing terms and try to make it seem that in spite of his reprehensible views he’s really a nice guy.

Where is the McCarthyism in this? Did you get fired from your job or been put in jail? Since you see fit to defend al Qaradawi to a certain extent, you cannot be surprised that some people will question this and wonder just where you’re coming from. You can then write an article about it giving your side of the story and defend your views. And even though many people will remain unconvinced, you would still be allowed to carry on as usual. Where’s the McCarthyism in that?

And anyone who thinks I never contributed anything to Comment is Free needs only to look at my posts on that thread, just ten  days before the Untrusted cabal engineered the suspension and banning of Bitethehand.

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