BeautifulBurnout dismisses Leni Farrer’s critique of Comment is Free and sides with The Guardian’s Editors

Nare Head, South Cornwall, December 2012

Nare Head, South Cornwall, December 2012

BeautifulBurnout posts:

Come off it Sara, please. The day she died, Bitey was post-mining to try and find something that was critical of CiF, then went on the attack at people……….

Leni Farrer was highly critical of the direction the editors of Comment is Free were taking it. Here is Leni’s post that I published to demonstrate this:

When I first came to CiF long posts and interesting discussions were the norm – I learned a lot in areas I had little experience of and in some cases came to understand why others held views opposed to mine . I might not have come to agree with them but could see why they believed as they did . The aim of the discussion then became to try to bridge the gap .

But – all gone . We seem assailed on all sides by trite nonsense – I say this as someone who values the role of nonsense and silliness in our lives – in addition to the serious and thought arousing . I love the creative and the ponderous both . In short I am disappointed in CiF.

Of course I could have posted a number of others such as this one:

The G has failed to realise the rich veins of knowledge and experience which have been evident here to so many of us – to now dismiss posters in such derisory terms is to lose them .

Can it be salvaged – does the G want us or is it really happy with one liners and strings of insults ? Serious comment is being drowned out . There are many posters who could have provided informed and authoritative contributions ATL – many have already gone or are considering it .

I will, perhaps , keep an eye on it here – in the hope that something might be salvaged . 

Of course what BeautifulBurnout means is that no one should portray Leni Farrer as she really was, but instead her views on a range of issues should be distorted,  disguised or dismissed. And why is this?

Because BeautifulBurnout along with Dean Hancock would prefer to use the late Leni Farrer’s memory to bolster their own egos, which would be difficult in the extreme if Leni’s real views and opinions were published.

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