BeautifulBurnout Rumbled by New Statesman’s Martin Robbins

St Pancras 2

Sir John Betjeman, St Pancras International Station, London.

BeautifulBurnout Rumbled by New Statesman’s Martin Robbins

Martin Robbins writes about Jeremy Corbyn:

Suddenly, the cranks and conspiracy theorists had a home in his Labour party; and they flocked to it in their tens of thousands.

I’m reminded of those “truffers” BeautifulBurnout and Backtothepoint: speaking about whether the security services had prior knowledge of the bombings that killed 52 innocent London Transport passengers she wrote:

…or the third option, which is that they knew it was going to happen and did nothing to intervene because they saw the political value of letting it happen.

To which Backtothepoint responded:

One hundred percent support for BB. As has been said, if we didn’t ask awkward questions about official versions of events, then the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six would never have been cleared. That’s not to say that those convicted of the London bombings were innocent, they very probably weren’t. But even in such imperfect democracies as we have, it’s our duty to take a very sceptical view of anything we’re told that may not be true. I still regret having taken the Guildford and Birmingham convictions at face value at the time.

But not it would appear, the London Transport bombings.

And as if to prove that the security services and the government were covering up the truth she writes:

There is some dispute as to whether, if they (the bombers) got on the earlier train that was slightly delayed, and thus arrived at Kings Cross at 8.28, they would have managed to get from the Thameslink station to the Underground in time.


And the 7/7 bombers left Bedford on a train that was cancelled.


The rationale for the 7/7 truthers is that in constructing the evidence to cover their tracks, the state got sloppy and attributed a non-existent train to the ‘bombers’.

To which Peter Bracken responded to this “crank’s list of birdbrained conspiracy delusions”

You couldn’t make it up. And if you think, BB, that tripe of this nature does not deserve to be derided, think again.

So to return to the New Statesman article, as BeautifulBurnout is now a new Labour Party branch official in Crawley:

“The result is a Truther-style movement that exists in almost complete denial of reality”

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