CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout andRichJames have found another Holocaust denying soul mate in SonsOfOwainGlyndwr

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, England, Dec 2012

Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, England, Dec 2012

CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout responding to and congratulating SonsOfOwainGlyndwr  02 August 2013 10:00am.

Well said, sir.

I am not surprised that she has found a soul mate in that modern day windbag from the valleys, SonsOfOwainGlyndwr, him of the overly pompous –  “One is so impressed with your critique of myself,…”

One? – who does he think he is, the Prince of Wales?

Like MrsB, SonsOfOwainGlyndwr is a modern day Holocaust denier comparing the two advertising vans on the streets of six London Boroughs for a week to the Final Solution:

Well at least one positive will come of all this, unemployment  may well decrease by a few thousand in the construction industry as concentration camps and attendant gas chambers and ovens are built to irradiate once and for all the ‘illegal immigrant problem in this nation.

I think they have a word for it, namely, the Final Solution.

Small wonder his antisemitism was accurately described by this quote from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

“Distinct from denial and distortion is misuse of the Holocaust. Misuse occurs when aspects of the Holocaust are compared to events, situations, or people where there is no genocide or genocidal intent. Holocaust denial, distortion, and misuse all undermine the understanding of history. Denial and distortion of the Holocaust almost always reflect antisemitism.

And it seems CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout has earlier form on this issue.

Here’s one of the reasons RichJames might have asked for his comment history to be deleted, namely to disguise the fact that, like BeautifulBurnout he’s been less than robust when it comes to opposing antisemitism:

31 Mar 2013, 2:16PM

@Richjames if you think antisemitic attacks are “wrong”, why are you tying to downplay them?

What’s very interesting is that while the post remains as the last one on Hillbilless’ profile, the post has disappeared from the thread.

and look at Hillbilless’ previous post:

Hillbilless commented on The disturbing persistence of antisemitism in Europe.31 Mar 2013 2:07pm 18

The Holocaust is special. Nothing like it has ever happened before. There are always terrible atrocities, but that targetted, methodical, singling out of a group of people for extermination, every single one of them that can be found, with the aim of making them extinct all over the world is unprecedented. It hasn’t happened before or since. We should be reminded again and again about it. Never forget.

Doubtless the members of the clique considered Hillbilless too much of a danger to them.

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