Corbyn supporters who do hate their country?

Oradour, where 642 of its inhabitants, including women and children, were massacred by a Nazi Waffen-SS company.

Corbyn supporters who do hate their country?

Paul Mason writes in the Guardian:

“Theresa May says Corbyn hates Britain but she is the one who doesn’t understand it”

He continues quoting the Prime Minister, Theresa May, (about whom the degree of misogyny that is tolerated on CiF is disturbing):

“Jeremy Corbyn, said the prime minister, “doesn’t understand – or like – our country … He accuses me of wanting to wrap myself in the Union Flag, as if that were a term of abuse.”

Yesterday Corbyn declined five times to condemn the IRA’s terror bombings and whether this amounts to “hating Britain” is for Corbyn to answer.

However Jeremy Corbyn’s “official” spokesman on Comment is Free is TheGreatRonRafferty. Since Corbyn’s election to Labour leadership, whenever comments are open on a “Corbyn article”, Ron has been one of the first posters to appear; frequently he is the first. It happens so regularly that he must get prior warning that an article is about to appear.

Ron, a retired school teacher is someone who does hate Britain and does so from his home in France. When an Islamic terrorist killed thirty-eight people on a Tunisian beach resort, 30 of whom were British , here was Ron putting the blame on the then Prime Minister and British armed services personnel:

Can we cut the crap. These people were shot by a lunatic, trained by lunatics in a country where Cameron rushed to use his military without a thought for the consequences.

Likewise The Untrusted’s BeautifulBurnout / CalamityJane123 / etc. – Jane Haybroek, now a Labour Party branch officer wrote about British troops serving with NATO in Afghanistan and comparing them to the worst of Nazi murderers:

“You talk about “well known Nazi atrocities”. The sort of thing I am talking about is the casual cruelty of an occupying force, as happened month in month out in small towns and villages throughout France, from the accounts I have heard.

The same way they happen month in month out in small towns and villages in Afghanistan.”

Towns and villages like Oradour-sur-Glane ?

How can anyone say that about her country’s Service personnel without having hatred in her mind?