Has CalamityJane123 taken the Guardian’s Comment is Free for the ride of its life?

Has CalamityJane123 taken the Guardian’s Comment is Free for the ride of its life?

Update 1

An interesting development on this story. The link to the original article on the website – ladytaylor72.wordpress.comnow routes you back to the Comment is Free article.

On Wednesday 24 April 2013 14.37 BST an article titled Dear Iain Duncan Smith, thanks for nothing appeared on Comment is Free.

It tells of the experience of Janet who writes:   After 15 months trying to live on £30 a week, I have a job. But I am worried about those your government continues to persecute.

Janet is quite clear about the government and fits in well with many of the armchair revolutionaries and anarchists on CiF:

This not only put a strong halt to my job-searching opportunities but also rendered me unable to walk, move and function like a regular human being, yet I continued to campaign and complain in an attempt to highlight the vile way in which the majority of benefit claimants are treated in this country.

Nor did Janet pull any punches – this from the original article:

Get your head out of the arse of the hand-reared, corn fed swan that it’s obviously stuck up, and check out the real world. You won’t catch any diseases if you leave London.

At the end of the CiF article is the following:

This is an abridged version of a piece you can read in its entirety here.

This piece was posted after a suggestion from CalamityJane123

But if you open the link to the original version of the article, you’re met with the announcement:

ladytaylor72.wordpress.com is no longer available.

The authors have deleted this site.

Furthermore the article on Comment is Free was closed for comments after less than 20 hours, the last post being at 10:25am on  25 April 2013.

Has the Guardian been set up?

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