“Just an oblique reference to a former commenter of this parish” – CalamityJane123 replies to Fooster

The Bridge at Ya'an, Sichuan Province, China, Oct. 2011

The Bridge at Ya’an, Sichuan Province, China, Oct. 2011

Just an oblique reference to a former commenter of this parish – CalamityJane123 replies to Fooster

CalamityJane123 is of course by her own admission, the Crawley Barrister BeautifulBurnout and the oblique reference is to Bitethehand of course – and she continues:

…… who continues to thrive elsewhere, dredging up comments people made donkey’s years ago and rerunning old arguments from 2008 or some such in the vain hope that this time around people will think he won. 😀

Ah you mean lost arguments like these:

1.   Her claim that the two Swedish women’s accusations of sexual assault by Julian Assange are ” a pile of steaming crap?”

2.  Her predictions about the future state of the UK economy: –  “Also, the way I see world economic shifts going, the time may well come where it will be more economically attractive to live in a booming India than it will to live in a bust Britain.”

3.  Her claim, coming very close to holocaust denial, that proportionally more Roma than Jews were killed during the Nazi atrocities – “BTTP said “perhaps” because we don’t actually know – some say proportionally more Roma were killed, some don’t.”

Actually MrsB managed to find one academic source that suggested this “proportionally” claim might be the case:

Ian Hancock, Director of the Program of Romani Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, has argued in favour of a higher figure of Roma people killed of between 500,000 and 1,500,000. The higher figure is twice the next highest estimate and as such must be questioned.

However to suggest that the enormity and horror of the holocaust against Europe’s Jews can be decided on empirical data alone, is precisely the trick that’s pulled by the deniers and I’m surprised MrsB is using it so willingly.

4.  Her ignorance of the status of universities in her own country – “The desire to educate one’s kids in the UK or the States has everything to do with money and status and naff all to do with lower standards of education in their own countries – like rich kids from here going to Harvard, Yale or McGill, or rich kids from the States going to Oxbridge.”

So there’s no difference between the two Oxbridge universities and say London Metropolitan and East London? 

5.  The claim that because Female Genital Mutilation is forced on some girls in a small number of countries where the Christian religion predominates, the barbaric practice has nothing to to with Islamism and is “merely cultural”.

The truth is that of the 53 countries where FGM is prevalent,  23 have over 70% Muslim populations.  Muslims comprise 23% of the world’s population and if FGM were equally distributed, there would be between 23 and 32.2 million cases of FGM among Muslims. But the figure is actually around 100 million.

6.  The twice made claim that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was not guilty of raping Nafissatou Diallo, when the crime of rape was never on the charge sheet.  And from someone who’s on record as stating, most admirably that she is  “not interested in making rich people even richer. I am interested in justice for people, not corporations”.  Except when one is Head of the International Monetary Fund and the other a poor single mother, African, hotel cleaner.

I could go on.

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