Why I resigned from Comment is Free – A from the heart farewell to Comment is Free from BeautifulBurnout


 Why I resigned from Comment is Free – A from the heart farewell to Comment is Free from BeautifulBurnout

BeautifulBurnout 19 February 2013 10:46pm replying to Imageark

You intimated earlier as to why I wasn’t posting on Cif any more – the conversation with Lostgirl highlights what the problem is. BeautifulBurnout as a moniker has been hounded off CiF by a nasty little creep of a stalker and his nasty little acolytes who – some of them for years – have decided that because they don’t like me I am fair game to be traduced left, right and centre on the internet.

I speak only for myself, but having never met MrsB, the famous self-made woman and barrister I neither like or dislike her, although I feel she has made a valuable contribution to the Guardian’s interaction with its readers since she arrived on Comment is Free sometime in late 2008. Of course having asked for her entire posting history to be deleted, it’s difficult to ascertain when she started posting, but the first reply to her was on 1 October 2008.

So BeautifulBurnout is signing off for good now.

Actually she returned as CalamityJane123 on 28 Jan 2013.

I am fortunately lucky to have a good life, with a lovely family, a job I am absolutely passionate about that takes up a great deal of my time, and some fab friends. I really do count my blessing every day, because I certainly wasn’t born into the lap of luxury, and I remember what it was like to live in a prefab as a child with no money to spare, or to wake up in the morning with enough money for either a packet of fags or some bread and cheese (as you can imagine, the fags always won out in the end).

As I’ve said before, who better to win the David Cameron Bootstrapper of the Year Award?

Sadly, there are some sad, bitter and downright vicious people out there whose lives are really not what they would have wanted them to be. I do feel genuine compassion because I know what that feels like as well. But I will be buggered if I am going to allow vicious, spiteful stalkers and haters to pick up on my every internet word and twist them beyond recognition for their own pleasure; to mock me, my autistic child or any other aspect of me and my life just because they are sad muppets and/or trolls who can only feel happy about their own lives by being spiteful to other people. I cannot honestly understand what satisfaction people get from being deliberately vicious, but there you have it. I always was one to see the good side in people, no matter how obviously vile they were, in the enduring hope that perhaps I was right and they really weren’t as horrible as they seemed to be.

Yes all very well but how does such a claim stand up to the available evidence?  Here’s MrsB posting on the Untrusted Site, seeing the best side of UnashamedLibertarian

Fuck off you imperialist cunt. It’s called freedom of speech, and it shows what bastards the Yank establishment are once and for all.

It’s about time the rest of the world put aside its differences and kicked the shit into the americans.

She continues in similar vein:

There has got to be something really unhinged about someone who will set up a website just to stalk me, though.

I set up this site in response to MontanaWildhack‘s site where in its first year and before I set foot in the place, she published over 400 posts about me, many of them rather childish abuse. I posted on the site between 6 November 2010 and 29 March 2013 when despite a massive contribution of posts, music and photographs I was banned.

And something equally unhinged about people who think it is a normal thing to do and are happy to join in with the kicking. Ah well. Nowt so queer as folk.

They can all fuck right off, frankly.
Hugs to those who care, (and a big fat raspberry to those who don’t). :o)


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