Hall of Shame – those who’d rather ban posters than argue and debate with them

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Hall of Shame – those who’d rather ban posters than argue and debate with them

Update 6   24 July 2017

A request that all those responsible for the running of CifUnderground be added to the Hall of Shame for banning Desdemoaner, a regular contributor to this place since its inception, whose knowledge of the NHS and related matters is an ongoing asset to discussions here.  I can understand why I was banned after just a brief period contributing to the place but banning Desde rather smacks of first order cowardice.


Let me start this off with a post from one of CiF’s long standing and most respected contributors, Princesschipchops on 2 May 2009 at 3:43PM, commenting on the banning of JayReilly, by which time I’d been posting for over three years.

Same goes re Ultima – she has never said anything that I can see that is offensive but people who keep asking why is Jay banned then go on to ask why is Ultima or BTH still here. Well then you are all hypocrites are you not? If BTH and Ultima have never been offensive – never sworn at or threatened other posters why should they be banned? Because you do not like their views?

Some of the more infamous banned are here.

After CiF introduced a moderation policy and a set of Community Standards, it wasn’t long before those who abused the moderators found themselves subject to having their posts pre-moderated and then being banned. Many returned with different names and continued to post until once again their abuse towards the moderators resulted in a further banning.

What was pernicious in the extreme were those posters who identified and reported returnees, not because of what they posted, but for the sole purpose of getting them banned. Sometimes this was because of pure spite; other times because they couldn’t stomach their views being challenged.

So here is the Hall of Fame where the guilty parties are named:

Ally Fogg, JayReilly, BeautifulBurnout, thaumaturge, MontanaWildhack, turminderxuss, RapidEddie, Gigolo, sheffpixie, shazthewombat, heyhabib, NormanHadley, backtothepoint, PhilippaB, LaRitournelle,  tybo, Meerkatjie, bettystanton, RichJames, LordSummerisle.

Some of these merely identified me in one of their posts, but others admitted to taking on the role of censor. One of the most ironic was RichJames after I’d posted the following quote of Vaclav Havel, whose death had just been announced:

“When a truth is not given complete freedom, freedom is not complete.”

Vaclav Havel, 5 October 1936 – 18 December 2011

One of the more vociferous and persistent of reporters and banners is the poster backtothepoint who also writes ATL as Tony Shallcross and on the Untrusted as spike.

Here’s a short exchange with him on 27 May 2011 when I was posting as 10jiao

Backtothepoint had been seeking anyway possible to defend the former Soviet Union and the leaders of its former colonies in Eastern Europe. I posted the following:

27 May 2011 2:27PM

Ratko Mladić joined the Yugoslav Communist Party in 1965 and remained a member until 1990. Which probably explains <b>Backtothepoint’s</b> attempt to deflect attention from this mass murderer by repeatedly introducing Hashim Thaci, (who?) into the argument.

BTTP reported this comment and got it deleted and then posted:

What do you want to talk about?
backtothepoint’s comment 27 May 2011 2:48PM


Do stop stalking me, bitey, it’s very tedious

To which I responded:

10 jiao 27 May 2011 8:43PM

BTTP, you manage to define what stalking isn’t and what hyperbole is in a single post.

Here’s what stalking is:

Scotland Yard faces fresh questions this week over its failure to monitor Michael Pech, the man who murdered the Harvey Nichols beautician Clare Bernal, with claims that officers overlooked evidence that showed his behaviour was becoming increasingly obsessive.

The resumption of the high-profile inquest this week will hear that Clare’s two flatmates and Pech’s former manager had become worried for the safety of the 23-year-old. Metropolitan Police officers, however, did not take statements from them when initially assessing whether Pech, 30, posed a risk.

Pech, who was her ex-boyfriend, was seen creeping among shoppers in Harvey Nichols’ Knightsbridge store before pulling a gun and shooting the beauty consultant in the back of the head in September last year. Five months earlier, Clare had told officers that Pech had threatened to kill her.

And claiming you are being stalked is hyperbole.

And a furious BTTP responded and reported 10jiao.

What do you want to talk about?
backtothepoint’s comment 27 May 2011 8:45PM

@10jiao aka Bitey


And since this BTTP has accused at least two other posters of being me including the now legendary Xiangchenwho not surprisingly has also been banned.

Stalking and trolling are accusations often flung at posters on CiF who expose  the weakness of arguments or who threaten to upset the virtual love affairs and cliques that develop on CiF.


I was looking through the archives for something else when I came across this gem from December 2009 from LordSummerisle:

Comment on: What do you want to talk about?
LordSummerisle 07 Dec 09, 11:13am


During that period visitors to CiF’s WDTYWTTA were able to read that Bitethehand is a:

I really have to admire the way you make it sound as if that were the opinions of a number of people when in fact it was all taken from a single, now deleted, post made by someone against whom BiteTheHand appears to have an increasingly personal and worrying vendetta.
I know it will cause great delight to some of his adversaries that Bitethehand’s comments are facing a delay before they appear …

A delay of a month would be about right.

Anyway, let’s not beat around the bush here. You are BiteTheHand.

Apart from the obvious giveaway that DolphinTorn is a new poster who appeared as soon as BiteTheHand went into pre-mod and that your phrasing, sentence construction and avatars are similar, here’s the other smoking gun …. BiteTheHand’s “About me” says

“There is something wonderful in seeing a wrong-headed majority assailed by truth.” John
Kenneth Galbraith

DolphinTorn’s “About me” says

‘As to the evil which results from a censorship, it is impossible to measure it, for it is
impossible to tell where it ends.’ Jeremy Bentham

I’m tempted to report this post as using a second identity to get around moderation is a flagrant breach of community standards, but I’m a massive fan of the old saying about giving people enough rope. Take a tip from me though. Try never get into a situation where you need to disguise your identity to remain safe. You’re bloody awful at it and you’d be found in ten minutes.

It took LordSummerisle rather longer to realise that I never attempted to disguise my identity.   🙂

And he never got over the fact that I among others criticised him for his comment:

I hate to break the news to you and Amnesty International but rape has always been a weapon of war. This is not evidence of increasing violence towards women.


Update 5

Having ditched her BeautifulBurnout moniker and persuaded the Guardian to remove all of her posting history, MrsB adopted a new moniker CalamityJane123. Mind you she did manage to breach the CiF standards by having two active sign-ons at the same time, but then compared with the censorship issue, that particular transgression is really quite insignificant.

But it wasn’t long before the Human Rights Barrister from Crawley was once again demanding the moderators silence anyone who might criticise her or one of her heroes, in this case, former Professor Peter Guillam who was using Comment is Free to campaign for compulsory English language lessons for the great unwashed.

Update 4

Better late than never and JohnYardDog joins the Hall of Shame for this post I discovered while checking ArecBalrin’s posts:

And never mind the fact that unlike music, cinema, theatre or television that just need you to sit there video games come with manuals that require reading or even that all ten of last year’s top selling (all platforms) video games either feature subtitles or written instructions on the screen, 10jiaothehand doesn’t seem to understand that video games can also lead to broadening what it is people read.

This was rather strange as until then I’d only had civil and complimentary exchanges with JYD.

He did respond to me on one later occasion when I suggested that Tybo and BTTP might fight a duel for BeautifulBurnout’s affection::

I’m fairly sure that BeautifulBurnout would be able to kick your ass all on her own.

To which my response was:

Sadly the historical record indicates that when “kick ass”, (horrible phrase) has failed, as invariably it has, your heroine seeks refuge in the arbitrary justice of the moderators, as she did last time I and others rebuked her for publicising her son’s remark that London’s police deserved to receive the wrath of the killers, looters and arsonists because – “Well, Mr Cameron, this is what happens when you f**k people over.”

Not surprisingly this comment was removed by the moderators.

Update 3

In October 2010 Julie Bindel wrote an article Anonymity for rape defendants would be a disgrace”  to which Ally Fogg and I, posting as Licentialiquendi both contributed a number of posts.

In a successful attempt to get me banned and censor the debate, Ally posted the following:

I’d like to link to a nice liberal lefty source like the Guardian, but as we both know (we’ve been here before, Bitey) the Guardian has a strict policy of never reporting cases of false rape allegations, even when they are proved beyond all reasonable doubt and lead to such horrific, fatal consequences.

Was there any other reason forAlly to  identify Licentialiquendi as Bitey other than to get me banned from posting on The Guardian’s Comment is Free? And incidentally a search of the Guardian’s database for false rape allegations returns about 1,200 results.

Update 2

chav45 joins the Hall of Shame

24 March 2013 2:44pm

@kyushuchaos – Hello Bitey.

Update 1

SquirrelNutZipper joins the Hall of Shame

SquirrelNutZipper 21 February 2013 5:42pm

GreatGramps just started posting on 31/12/2012 and he/she/it is complaining about cliques?…….. and nesting was introduced a full 4 weeks prior to your first sign-on.
Unless, of course, you’re a returnee from Ultimate Moderation with a new-look visage and the same old frothy bile.

The original post has been deleted but this follow-up is still there:

Needless to say the moderators obliged and banned GreatGramps.


Today a request to add Shazzbot to the list of Shame.

So here she / he  is in her own censorious words, courtesy of 101 who brought this censorship to my attention:

“Here Shazzbot outs not one, but two posters:-

3 August 2012 6:54PM

Response to Pagey, 3 August 2012 6:44PM

Pagey – ScissorPhone IS SoundMoney. I got that from his very first posts under this new moniker, when he praised SoundMoney and mourned his demise.

I’m just saying that I seem to have developed a nose for this kind of quick-change, which dates back to the dreaded Semtex01 days (and her current incarnation).

Shazzbot 3 August 2012 8:10PM

Response to Kawtara1, 3 August 2012 8:06PM

Semtex, why would anyone want to take Machiavelli as a primer on the human condition?

The poster “ScissorPhone” was subsequently banned, and all but two of his comments expunged.”

Thanks to 101 for this addition to the Hall of Shame.

What is it with Shazzbot that she / he wants to be remembered as such a grotesque abuser of free speech and human rights?


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