Better late than never and JohnYardDog joins the Hall of Shame

Walking the Dog in Lijiang, China

Walking the Dog in Lijiang, China

Better late than never and JohnYardDog joins the Hall of Shame,   for this post I discovered while checking ArecBalrin’s posts:

And never mind the fact that unlike music, cinema, theatre or television that just need you to sit there video games come with manuals that require reading or even that all ten of last year’s top selling (all platforms) video games either feature subtitles or written instructions on the screen, 10jiaothehand doesn’t seem to understand that video games can also lead to broadening what it is people read.

This was rather strange as until then I’d only had a few civil and complimentary exchanges with JYD.

He did respond to me on one later occasion when I suggested that Tybo and BTTP might fight a duel for BeautifulBurnout’s affection:

I’m fairly sure that BeautifulBurnout would be able to kick your ass all on her own.

To which my response was:

Sadly the historical record indicates that when “kick ass”, (horrible phrase) has failed, as invariably it has, your heroine seeks refuge in the arbitrary justice of the moderators, as she did last time I and others rebuked her for publicising her son’s remark that London’s police deserved to receive the wrath of the killers, looters and arsonists because – “Well, Mr Cameron, this is what happens when you f**k people over.”

Not surprisingly this comment was removed by the moderators.