Hall of Shame – those who’d rather ban posters than argue and debate with them

CifUnderground Community Standards state:

1) Cifunderground is a fun, light-hearted and supportive site for those who want to natter, play, exchange ideas and information, discuss matters of some or no importance, moan, vent or rant.

2) Everyone is welcome despite past activities elsewhere but please do not be an arsehole here.

desdemoaner wrote : April 6, 2017 

I agree with fantasy forum’s comment. Plus I have been identified by name and moaned and vented about but those comments were allowed to stand. But when I made one comment about another poster who doesn’t post here, an admin bod was onto me immediately, quoting the community standards. That’s hypocrisy.

It is indeed hypocrisy and the “controllers” at the site have confirmed the accuracy of the comment and banned her.

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