Montana Wildhack bans all mention of this site – and the comrades bend the knee.

Palma Cathedral, Majorica

Palma Cathedral, Majorica

Montana Wildhack bans all mention of this site – and the comrades bend the knee.

Well here she is commenting on What do you want to talk about?. 22 Jul 2009 2:06pm on the occasion of the banning from CiF of MrPikeBishop.

The hypersensitive modding to protect the sensibilities of ATL writers is probably my single biggest irritation with Cif. Especially in the case of the professional journalists and politicians. They’ve chosen work that puts them in a public arena and they spend their lives telling us how we should conduct ours. If they can’t handle the abuse they receive, they have no business being in the business they’re in. As Harry Truman used to say, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” What is especially galling is when BTLers are censored for pointing out hypocrisy in an ATL piece. Don’t like being shown for a hypocrite? Easy — live your principles. If you can’t live your principles, don’t preach them in such a public forum and expect other people to pretend not to notice what a hypocrite you are.


Montana Wildhack bans all mention of this site – and the comrades bend the knee (2)

And here she is again on her favourite subject:

MontanaWildhack commented on To defame religion is a human right.17 Apr 2009 1:25am

I don’t believe that anyone has the right to go through life without being offended and I don’t believe that any thought or idea, no matter how repugnant, should be censored. For example, holocaust deniers offend the shit out of me, but I think they ought to be free to spew their ignorant crap wherever they want to. I’m free not to listen to them. See how that works? By the same token, if I want to say that I think anyone who believes that the Bible is a literal record of history is crazier than batshit, I think I should have that right. People who believe that the Bible is a literal record of history are free to either ignore me or tell me that I’m going to burn in hell. I’m okay with that – I’ll let them. What is not okay is when people who take the Bible literally say that their version of the creation of Earth must be taught in state-funded schools alongside accepted scientific theories or that I have to cover myself from head to toe in black cloth, lest the sight of my shapely ankles drive men into frenzied lust.

And that, my friends is part of why I’m so sad that, not only WML, but also Monkeyfish, HankScorpio, SilentHunter, and Hermine (sic) have all been banned recently. It saddens me that Billplasterer has apparently been languishing in pre-mod for nearly two months now. I didn’t always agree with some of them – and a couple of them almost never – but why on Earth should they be banned? I can easily skip right over their posts if I don’t like what they’ve said.


And to top it all – an invitation to Bitethehand 

Montana Wildhack bans all mention of this site – and the comrades bend the knee (3)

MontanaWildhack commented on What do you want to talk about?.28 Jul 2009 8:48am

“Bitethehand: (posted)

First of all, unless they’re going to contradict me, I think you’ll find that it’s not the moderators who decide the cut off point, but the CiF editorial staff.”

Montana replied:

I know that now. I did not know that in February when I started the (Untrusted) blog. I’m not being disingenuous. I’m not lying.

As for comments that were made on the blog, I’m not responsible for what other people post there and I’m not going to pretend that people don’t sometimes use foul language and say things there that would be moderated here. But you know what, Bitethehand? It’s a public blog. There are no ‘subscribers’. The followers that are displayed there are people who have chosen to have the posts and comments e-mailed to them. You are perfectly free to post comments over there, yourself. It’s not a clique and comments aren’t moderated. You can call me anything you want. I won’t moderate it.  (my emphasis)



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