Open letter to the Editors of four Scandinavian newspapers who wrote to Prime minister Cameron

Stained Glass Window, St Anthony in Meneage, Cornwall England, December 2012

Stained Glass Window, St Anthony in Meneage, Cornwall England, December 2012

The Editors of four Scandinavian editors wrote to  Prime minister Cameron. Their letter was published in full in Sunday’s Observer and among other things said:

“We are surprised by the recent acts by officials of your government against our colleagues at the Guardian and deeply concerned that a stout defender of democracy and free debate such as the United Kingdom uses antiterror legislation in order to legalise what amounts to harassment of both the paper and individuals associated with it.” *

It is interesting that while the UK government’s use of “antiterror legislation” is currently the subject of a legal challenge in the UK’s courts, the censorship employed by The Guardian through the use of unaccountable moderators continues on a daily basis. These are unaccountable moderators who remove from the online edition, comments which one of the papers senior editors, Natalie Hanman, in September 2010 said in her opening piece in her new job:

“I want to emphasise that Cif is, crucially, about the articles and the comments. Together they make up the complete picture of what we publish.”

Yet time and again Ms Hanman and her editor Mr Rusbridger have refused to answer questions about the total lack of editorial control of those moderators who decide which parts of the complete picture will stay and which parts will be removed.

As such, as editors of four Scandinavian newspapers, you might consider writing now to Mr Rusbridger about his failure, stoutly to defend democracy and free debate.

*  This I presume refers to Mr David Miranda who is not an employee of the Guardian, nor one of its journalist but is described by the paper as “a member of the Guardian’s team”.