About the Guardian’s Comment is Free

The Guardian’s Comment is Free

A collection of articles with a common theme of how the Guardian treats its contributors, censors their contributions and reneged on its commitment to reader participation.

Comment is Free is crucially, about the articles and the comments – Natalie Hanman
Above the line with Kizbot – what she might have written with a little help from her admirers and critics
Additional comments on Cif is, crucially, about the articles and the comments
Below The Line with Comment is Free contributors: ‘a choir of angels or a fanfare would be nice’
Censoring Comment is Free – the chickens come home to roost at The Guardian
Dan Gillmor claims – “The ‘right to be forgotten’ doesn’t mean we should be censoring Google results” – but the Guardian does
Dan Gillmor claims – The ‘right to be forgotten’ doesn’t mean we should be censoring Google results – but the Guardian does
Deborah Orr adds her verbal distortions to the Zimmerman – Martin story
Gary Younge article – “Open season on black boys after a verdict like this” – pulled by the Guardian
Glenn Greenwald appeals for Press Freedom but fails to mention the censorship of his own employer
Open letter to the Editors of four Scandinavian newspapers who wrote to Prime minister Cameron
The Guardian’s Readers’ editor on… changing or deleting content in the digital archive
The Hounding of Ultimathule
The posts of Shenkuo 28 May – 3 June 2012
The You Tell Us Armchair Revolutionaries – guilty of Nick Cohen’s accusation
This Guardian Censorship of the Comment is Free historical record is almost beyond belief.
Who censored Wellcitedevidence?
World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) demands Guardian changes stance on phone tapping journalists
Hall of Shame – those who’d rather ban posters than argue with them
Better late than never and JohnYardDog joins the Hall of Shame
A response to the Guardian’s article – Inside China’s ‘cancer villages’
False allegations of rape and domestic violence are few and far between
On the incidence of false accusation of rape
Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime – legitimate visa applicants pay the price
Julian Assange – who said what, when and where?
My short venture into CiFUnderground
The Stench of Hypocrisy in Rotherham
We the abused – after Savile, the confessions
What a bunch of wet fish the Guardian’s moderators are…..
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