United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention sides with Assange

Julian Assange

 United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention sides with Assange – Update

I have never seen a more crass, misogynist statement on the issue than this one posted by Frogg2222 on Montana’s site.

The enduring lesson of the Assange Story — Be wary of groupies, and never screw two in swift succession !

And later adding to his comtempt for women:

These were older than the screaming girls** chasing pop stars, but I suspect they may have been just as silly in their er enthusiasm to catch such a prize . I can’t be bothered to look again at the timelines ! But their objections came with a certain delay and collusion if I remember right, and the prosecutor in the case seems an odd bird …

I have followed the Assange in Sweden story since he first appeared in the Guardian in November 2010.

To her credit Montana gave him a robust response:  

to Frog’s second post  “Well Montana, that is what the Assange story amounts to.”

No, it fucking isn’t. It’s what you’ve decided to believe it amounts to. The only people who know what happened are Assange and the two women in question, so you cannot possibly be in a position to make that judgement.

One thing that Assange doesn’t even dispute is that he penetrated one of the women while she was still asleep. Consenting to sex in the evening doesn’t mean that you’re happy to be awoken by penetration the next morning. A sleeping woman cannot consent. Penetration without consent is rape.

As for the prosecutor and the two women only seeking STI screening — in the US, at least, a victim has no say in whether or not charges are brought. I’d imagine the same is true in Sweden. If someone goes to the police to file a complaint and the police decide that the actions in that complaint warrant looking at by a prosecutor, it is not for the victim to decide. If the prosecutor feels that a crime has been committed, they’re obligated to file charges.

There is fuck all evidence that the US is trying to get Assange extradited to this country. Sweden is not Denmark and Assange is not Snowden. So, evidence that Denmark (an ally of the US) would be willing to help extradite a US citizen who had committed a crime back to the US (for, whatever you think of what Snowden did on a moral level, it was undeniably a crime) is not proof that Sweden (officially neutral) would be willing, not just to extradite an Australian citizen to the US, but to trump up rape charges against him for the purpose of doing so.

Support for Assange seems to be a mixture of misogynistic belief that women are just lying bitches, happy to cry “rape” every time a man double crosses them in some way and knee-jerk anti-Americanism that imputes the most evil and corrupt motivation to everything the US government does, even when it requires an absolutely risible interpretation of the events that are known. Just why in the hell do any of you believe that Sweden would be more willing to extradite Assange than the UK?

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