Below the Line with MontanaWildhack – and her “real potty mouth”

The National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, 2013

The National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, 2013

Below the Line with MontanaWildhack – and her “real potty mouth”

Comment is Free’s new feature showcasing some of its favorite personalities in the Guardian’s commenting community. This week:


I’m tempted to say that I’ve learned that I have a real potty mouth, but in all honesty, I knew that already. But that’s how I’ve most changed since I first came to the Guardian, too. I try a lot harder these days to express anger without language that would make a sailor blush and without resorting to ad homs,…..

An understatement if ever there was one, but there’s nothing wrong with modesty. So here we have Montana in full flight – and remember some of these people on the receiving end are her best online friends.


Bracken, for example, likes to go on about how vile, foul-mouthed and aggressive I am but in all the time I’ve been on Cif, I’ve only been in pre-mod once

The historical record however is somewhat different:

MontanaWildhack exchanging best wishes with HankScorpio:

I’m a middle class hypocritical wanker now, am I — simply because I told you that I was sick of you insulting anyone who doesn’t live up to your standards of ‘authenticity’? Just who the fuck do you think you are, anyway?…… I struggle to make ends meet every fucking month and I will never be able to afford to send my son to Austria to study — so where the hell do you get off calling me middle class, you pompous, arrogant, self-satisfied son of a bitch?

And about BeautifulBurnout:

I felt and continue to feel, that her response to me was patronising and dismissive. Nothing that she said on Wednesday did anything to change that feeling. On the contrary, quite frankly, they only increased my irritation.

You claimed yesterday that you didn’t mention your own sexual abuse as a bit of one-upmanship or to imply that you had dealt with yours in a healthier way than I had.

I’m sorry, but you are far too intelligent and, as a lawyer, far too skilled in the use of language to have not intended an implication that your professional opinion carried more weight than my personal opinion.

and further on:

So you’ve actually made your opinion — one that really has nothing to do with your professional training — quite clear. You believe that the little girl was lying because she was afraid of getting into trouble. Now, if you had said that your personal opinion is as valid as mine, you would have been correct. But you are dressing up a personal opinion as a professional one to try to give yourself an authority on this that you just don’t have and that is what is patronising.

and later still:

But you can come along and spout shit whenever you feel like it and accuse me of not being as authentic as you are. You are no better than Parallax or Bitey or Billp, Hank. You’re nothing but a fucking troll anymore.

followed by:

Every time I see people on Cif making nasty comments about the UT (or “Montana’s blog”, as some people say), it hurts me. Every time you and Hank come around and make blanket statements about how boring the place is, how hypocritical or shallow or whatever — it hurts me. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how you could possibly think that it wouldn’t.

And for CiF’s most love Frenchman, Fripouille, (well other than Backtothepoint)  🙂

Oh, and I don’t know if Fripouille ever lurks here, but just in case he does: You really are a pompous, arrogant, vile, insensitive sac of pus. Here’s Montana in full flow voicing her love of Chekhov: Argue your own fucking views — don’t argue a point and then say “Gosh, I don’t really believe it!” when you realise you’re outnumbered.

And finally:

And finally: FUCK OFF, BITEY Yes, you sick, stupid motherfucking arsewipe. You’ve been banned. You will be banned and deleted every time you try to show your useless, stalking face here. Try all the proxies and new IDs you want — they will ALL be gone. You’re a parasite, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to let you feed off of this site any more.” 

As she says herself:

 I try a lot harder these days to express anger without language that would make a sailor blush……

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