Guardian censors warnings by the late Jo Cox about antisemitism in the Labour Party

On 3 November the Guardian published an article by Joris Luyendijk – In Brexit Britain, being a foreigner marks me out as evil.

The article ended:

Usually a piece like this concludes with a sanctimonious warning of what history tells us xenophobic incitement ultimately leads to. But we are well past that. Jo Cox is dead. Hate crime figures have soared.

The implication throughout the article is that it was those who voted to leave the EU who were guilty of race and religious hate crimes.

The following post about the last interview Jo Cox gave to the Independent was deleted by the moderators:

Had you researched a little more about what the late Jo Cox has said, you might have come to a different conclusion about where at least some of the blame lies for what you see as faults in the UK’s society.

Jo Cox who received sexist comments and remarks about her appearance on social media after criticising Mr Corbyn, said: “We have got to be able to have debates that do not descend into vile attacks or abuse. It should be OK for people to put their head above the parapet in the Labour Party in a fair and moderate way without being mowed down for that. There are definitely misogynistic trends and themes, an aggressive, patronising and slightly sexist tone to some of the messages I get.”

She defended Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s Political Editor, who was the victim of sexist abuse after an online petition called for her to be sacked over her reports on last week’s election results. “She did a good job. This is offensive. There is a strand of people involved in the Labour movement who go way too far in attacking anyone who has a different view to them,” she said.

She argued that Ken Livingstone, who has been suspended by Labour after suggesting that Hitler was a Zionist, should be expelled permanently. She said: “I think it is time for Ken to leave the party. It would be very difficult for members to accept him back after what he said.

Jo Cox was passionately in favour of the UK remaining in the European Union.

And just to show what a pathetic, vindictive individual Joris Luyendijk is, here he is back in July also writing in the Guardian:

When the EU starts negotiating the terms of its divorce from the UK it must aim to inflict maximum political and economic damage. Financial powers should be repatriated from London and it must become nearly impossible for Asian, US or African multinationals to continue to have their EU headquarters in the UK. Universities, companies and cities must receive generous help to attract the best minds from their UK rivals, for instance by offering EU passports. There are many more blows the EU can deliver to make sure the UK faces a dark decade of economic stagnation and political isolation. Ideally, its economy should not get back to its pre-referendum size before, say, 2030.        (my emphasis)

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