MontanaWildhack announces her “walking away from CiF – 16 March 2010


MontanaWildhack announces her “walking away from CiF 16 March 2010

On What do you want to talk about?.16 Mar 2010 11:21am

I know I said a couple of days ago that I was done with Cif, but I need to say something about the banning of LordSummerisle:

This should be proof positive for anyone who hadn’t already figured it out that most of the people who have been banned from Cif have not been banned for ad homs, as a few of the luvvies want to believe. Posters are banned from Cif for transgressions against the Guardian’s identity politics bullshit. If LordSummerisle can be banned, anyone can. Those of you who like to tell yourselves that HankScorpio, Monkeyfish, et al., were banned for being abusive to fellow BTL posters are deluding yourselves. Look at how long Ultimathule and Bitethehand were allowed to remain, despite continually attacking other BTL posters. But both of them toed the Graun’s ideological line, so they were allowed to stay until the Cif staff could no longer defend the indefensible.

I suppose maybe I should be grateful that LordSummerisle has been banned for such an innocuous offense — it has wiped away the trace of doubt that I had about walking away from here.

(And for how many more years did Montana continue posting?)

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