The You Tell Us Armchair Revolutionaries guilty of Nick Cohen’s accusation

Mengxiu, China, Feb 2014

Mengxiu, China, Feb 2014

The You Tell Us Armchair Revolutionaries guilty of Nick Cohen’s accusation about Boko Harem

Nick Cohen writes:

Leftists came to resemble American neoconservatives. The US right, or an element of it, thought American military power could solve any ill. The left, or an element of it, talked as if the west was responsible for all ills. Both were self-obsessed. Both believed that the west remained the motor of history while the rest of humanity were bit players…..

….On the few occasions western leftists feel they have to justify themselves, they say they must dedicate their energies to challenging what they can change. They cannot influence the Taliban or Boko Haram, but can lobby their own governments. Even if you take these explanations at face value – and I don’t – they have a Tory feel to them. Until recently, it was conservatives, not leftists, who said that “charity begins at home” and quarrels in faraway countries were no concern of ours.

So what is the evidence?

You Tell Us  is where the Guardian’s armchair revolutionaries and terrorist sympathisers, the would be barricade builders, the vanguard of the anti-Neocons gather. What is their record on Boko Haram?

Since the 220 schoolgirls “were taken as slaves” on 13/14 April there has been just one post on YTU condemning this act of  what Cohen calls “sexual supremacy” by Boko-Haram.

On 13 April, blessmycottonsocks wrote:

With the appalling news that, in the latest atrocity, islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has murdered 135 more civilians in Nigeria, when will the UN take action?
Or will they wait until the genocide reaches Rwandan proportions?

This is the only time Boko Haram has been mentioned on YTU since the girls were captured.

That long time member of the French Communist Party and terrorist sympathiser Backtothepoint, as if to anticipate the need to prove Nick Cohen’s point, replied with:

Perhaps there should be an international conference to redraw the map of Africa and try to repair some of the damage done by the Conference of Berlin, where the colonial powers carved up Africa between them, drawing borders across the map with rulers.

Prior to blessmycottonsocks‘ post it was 27 February when Boko Haram was previously mentioned on YTU.


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