This Guardian Censorship of the Comment is Free historical record is almost beyond belief.

Buddhist Zhamei monastery Yongying, China

Buddhist Zhamei monastery Yongying, China

This Guardian Censorship of the Comment is Free historical record in almost beyond belief.

Yesterday I posted about long time poster BeautifulBurnout admitting defeat as one the chief censors on Comment is Free and her asking the Guardian to delete her profile.  This has been done and she now joins those of us whose profiles she helped to get deleted, along with all those others who have fallen foul of the moderators’ axe.

Earlier I wrote about the importance that Natalie Hanman, Comment is Free’s editor, put on the importance of readers’ contributions to the threads that followed above the line articles.

These threads represent the historical record of the Guardian’s venture into an interactive relationship with its readers, brought about by the personal computer and the internet.

Why then has it taken the decision to censor the threads on which MrsBootstraps (BeautifulBurnout) posted,  and remove her posts so as to make many of the responses to her posts meaningless?

So for example on the thread following  article Who guards the guardians? there were seven posts responding to one or more posts by MrsB, but her post (s) have disappeared.

Thus thylacosmilus posted quoting BeautifulBurnout:

“As I have had call to say before in relation to this matter, don’t any of you numbskulls poo-pooing this article actually bother to read at all?”

We read, all right.

But where is MrsB’s original post?   It has disappeared so we’ve no idea what it was she said “in relation to this matter.”

Or take this thread on page 8 of Seumas Milne’s article – George Galloway and Jean-Luc Mélenchon expose a huge political gap

BeautifulBurnout posted five times and got 10 responses. But all her posts now have “This comment was removed by a moderator”, leaving only the responses.


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