We the abused – after Savile, the confessions

“Life had taught him about something far more complicated than justice. Its name was balance.”
 Carsten Jensen, We, the Drowned

Peter McGrath wrote an article in Wednesday Guardian – There is no worse sin than turning a blind eye to a paedophile’s activities,  about hearing that Anne Atkins had ‘confessed’ to not reporting a paedophile. He stated “there’s no excuse for letting children suffer appalling abuse”.

Ally Fogg responded BTL with a long and detailed post about his former scout leader and football coach. Ally doesn’t say how old he was at the time but mentions being at a camp with a 13 year old school friend.

And MrsB answered with her own experience of being “systematically abused by a piano-teacher between the ages of 9-11 – in the early 70s” and some years later reporting this to her dearly beloved mother who ignored her and portrayed the abuse as quite normal – “yes it happens all the time”.

But neither of them say what they did or more importantly what they are doing about ensuring that these abusers are brought to justice, assuming they’re still alive, and how the other victims might be offered closure.

Balance I suppose.

And it reminded me of the following exchange on the Untrusted in 2010. And like Cedar Mountain, the battle raged over three days.

From MontanaWildhack after being absent from the site for an entire day following an “attack” by MrsB over a case of two older boys sexually abusing a younger girl:

“I appreciate the kind words that were said on yesterday’s thread, but I get the feeling that some of you think that my anger at the tone of BB’s response to my first comment Tuesday morning was in some way exacerbated by unresolved pain stemming from the sexual assaults that I referred to or some behind-the-scenes stress that you think I may be going through right now. I assure you that that is not the case.

“I felt and continue to feel, that her response to me was patronising and dismissive. Nothing that she said on Wednesday did anything to change that feeling. On the contrary, quite frankly, they only increased my irritation.

“You claimed yesterday that you didn’t mention your own sexual abuse as a bit of one-upmanship or to imply that you had dealt with yours in a healthier way than I had.  Quoting MrsB:

“I was also assaulted as a child by a piano teacher. I didn’t tell anyone about it until I was in my late 20s. But we seem to have a very different perception of what that means about life.

Montana continued

“What other purpose could that statement possibly serve but to imply that I am only seeing the case through a haze of unresolved pain?

“And you claimed yesterday that there was nothing patronising about saying that you were commenting based on your professional training. Again MrsB:

“Your experience is personal – mine is professional, and frequently involves dealing with all kinds of allegations made by children either in the criminal or the family justice system.

Montana continued:

“I’m sorry, but you are far too intelligent and, as a lawyer, far too skilled in the use of language to have not intended an implication that your professional opinion carried more weight than my personal opinion.” Again MrsB

“If she had read my later posts yesterday, she would realise that I was not even saying I believed the girl did lie, just that there was clear evidence that she could have lied”

Montana continued:

“Well, I did read your later posts on Tuesday. The only concession that you gave to that effect was in response to MsChin. You said:

“I am not saying that the little girl did lie. I am saying that there is a possibility that she lied, which, had we have been dealing with adults, would have meant it was chucked out at half time. There must be reasonable doubt.

“And while there was medical evidence, it wasn’t evidence that supported the original claim of rape, nor was there any of the boys’ DNA on the girl’s clothing”

Given that this is what you had to say on Monday:

“Doctors and nurses” is now attempted rape and sexual assault, it seems.


“I’ve no need to tell you about the way in which kids tell fibs if they think they might be in trouble. And I can’t help feeling that this is what has happened in this case, given that she admitted in court that she had made it up. It just doesn’t sit right.

And there was this on Tuesday, before MsChin reiterated the point she had made on Monday about the consistency of the girl’s story prior to being in adult court, witness statements and medical evidence:

The little girl described herself to the judge as having been “a bit naughty” and admitted pulling her own knickers down. I can remember being “a bit naughty” in exactly that way when I was that sort of age, in our garage with Sean from across the road. He got his out, I got mine out*.

I can remember being 10 and being kissed by a boy called Paul from Liverpool and liking it very much then being worried I might be pregnant, because the only idea I had about sex was that people kissed then had babies.

If my very puritanical mum had caught me, I would have been terrified and can quite easily imagine myself saying in both situations “well, he made me do it”, I am pretty sure. And without having even the slightest inkling of what that would have meant in adult terms.”

Montana continued:

“So you’ve actually made your opinion — one that really has nothing to do with your professional training — quite clear. You believe that the little girl was lying because she was afraid of getting into trouble. Now, if you had said that your personal opinion is as valid as mine, you would have been correct. But you are dressing up a personal opinion as a professional one to try to give yourself an authority on this that you just don’t have and that is what is patronising.”

So for what it’s worth Montana your analysis of BeautifulBurnout’s character is spot on and confirms what others have observed, that she is patronising and dismissive, while bathing in the adulation of her admirers.

And what wisdom did we get from Deano?

“Tell you what Bitey my friend if I were a Chinaman and you were advising me which education establishment in the UK to send my son or daughter to, and I found out that you were an internet poster with the monikers you have chosen for yourself………….well I would have to say fuck off you pretentious cunt.”

Naturally I had to remind Deano, in the same way that the Duke of Edinburgh had to be reminded, that a chinaman is a man who sells china, and not a term for a citizen of the People’s Republic,  Hong Kong or Taiwan.

And just to prove that it’s never too late:

An elderly man has been jailed for 11 years for the rape and sexual assault of four young girls up to 63 years ago, in what is believed to be the oldest case of its kind ever prosecuted in the UK.

Reginald Davies’s four child victims, the oldest of whom is now 71, were all in court to hear the 78-year-old sentenced for 13 counts of rape, attempted rape and indecent assault dating back to 1949, when the first of his victims was just eight or nine and he was 15.

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