A surprise visit from hermionegingold, Comment is Free’s maestro of the inconsequential and irrelevant

Ronald and friend, China September, 2006

Ronald and friend, China September, 2006

A surprise visit from hermionegingold, Comment is Free’s maestro of the inconsequential and irrelevant

This site, for the first time,  has been graced with the presence of hermionegingold, 

hello everybody.

first & last time post on here. but i can no longer contain myself.


what a tangled web you weave. what started off as a “freedom of speech” blog not in anyway related to your crazed obsession with beautiful burnout has yet again descended into the silence of the lambs. i don’t blame anyone that has been taken in by your shenanigans, you do it well but a look at your front page screams ‘blimey’

encouraging people to maintain your own mania is to my mind wicked. you have.

you sir are no gentleman. do your worst. cut & paste, i couldn’t care less.

Hmm, if this is the first visit how can she know it’s descended into anything again? But that’s bye the bye.    🙂

The post appears in the Comments section of this site.

I have been aware of hermionegingold since I advised her on insect bite cream after she’d been troubled by mosquitos back on 11 Aug 2009,  although her arrival on CiF seems to have been to discuss the not too finer points of soap operas, the X Factor and Big Brother. Some claim she’s a creation of the Guardian editors but I’ve no evidence to support that.

Here is part of an email I sent to the Guardian’s Comment is Free moderators in November 2011:

I’m not asking for any posts to be removed, just reminding you that you preside over what has become more of a private club, where the unwanted are blackballed, rather than the expression of free speech that it once was.

This was after yet another removal of my posting rights.

An outraged hermionegingold (who has yet to master capital letters) had posted in response to my final post:

“i probably would have reported him to the police by now. it is totally unacceptable behaviour by one person to another.”

This was in response to my post to BeautifulBurnout, which among other things said:

“So we agree that patriarchy exists which is more than lots of the men and some of the women posting here

My email to the moderators continued:

To put the record straight, while I have responded to MrsBurnout’s articles ATL and some of her vast number of comments below the line, I have never used foul or abusive language in any of my posts and have only ever included information that she herself has published on the web, either on CiF or on Montana Wildhack’s Untrusted website.

And if hermionegingold had the courage of her convictions and went to the police, they’d probably arrest her for wasting their time. I have an almost complete record of everything I’ve ever posted on CiF since May 2006, and it would reveal that unlike her who posts some of the most inconsequential drivel and treats “Ideas” and before that WDYWTTA as her personal gossip column, I have always treated the aims of the Guardian in developing its interactivity with readers with the utmost respect.

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