Another visit from Comment is Free’s “ubiquitous, i’m in the mood for robust debate,” HermioneGingold

Dreaming of Fortune Telling,  Laitan ancient village, Chongqing, China,  April 2013

Dreaming of Fortune Telling, Laitan ancient village, Chongqing, China, April 2013

A particularly active period here yesterday with 889 page views – the most for some time. Whether it was my two posts on China and the one on BeautifulBurnout each of which will have been posted on Twitter, or the occasional visit from HermioneGingold, we’ll never know. Ms Gingold writes:

“i may annoy & piss people off on various forums….”

You mean you’ve actually posted something of substance in the three and a half years since the Guardian created you in an attempt to derail any serious discussion that might develop on WDYWTTA and YTU?  I’m surprised. You couldn’t perhaps provide us with some examples as my records are seriously lacking in that department. You’ve addressed me a few times, here on 05 Jan 10, 11:11pm with

“do give it up dear. you are a terrible bore.”

This a comment on why I set up this place.

Here you are again on 4 November 2011 on the same topic and managing to run to two lines this time:

“i probably would have reported him to the police by now. it is totally unacceptable behaviour by one person to another.”

These are of course rather tired and unoriginal contributions no doubt posted to demonstrate which side you’re on, in case anyone had any doubt. But it’s your official role in denigrating and undermining serious discussions where you’re most objectionable, as you were here on 04 April 2013 at 5:28pm, in a post that attracted some 24 recommendations, doubtless from others who felt we had nothing to learn from a man who burnt alive six of his children as the final act in a “polyamorous and benefits-funded lifestyle”:

mick phillpott is an utterly revolting human being. there is nothing to learn from him or his actions. he is thankfully unique. let him rot in jail & never be heard of again.


Nothing to learn from him?

And you who masquerades as a champion for an oppressed minority?

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