The Anatomy of a Comment is Free Banning

The Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery, Zhongdian

The Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery, Zhongdian

The Anatomy of a Comment is Free Banning

100qindarka posted on Comment is Free from July 2013.  On 12 December Kenan Malik wrote an article  Immigration is not the problem –  Behind hostility to migrants lies a sense of the dissolution of national identity and abandonment by politicians. The article in part was about the cultural impact of large scale immigration into parts of the UK.

Sometime after the article appeared, PeterGuillam, a long term contributor both below and above the line joined the thread with rather cynical contribution:

Wow. An intelligent, sophisticated, historically informed article about immigration. You’re going to get some stick ….

and followed this with further cynicism:

By the way, it’s always very striking that those who bang the national drum most loudly can’t, themselves, write in correct English. (By “who’s” you meant “whose”; ‘Carpenter’ should not have been capitalized, whereas your opening ‘i’ should have been; and ‘have’ should have been ‘has’ to agree with ‘someone’). Maybe you should go on one of the language courses for immigrants to bring yourself up to their standard before you start on the lachrymose self-pity?

100qindarka replied with:

So Peter, the answer to austerity and all that precedes and follows it is a comprehensive understanding of the English language?

You sound like Michael Gove’s kind of man.

To which Peter’s response was:

No – just saying that is striking that those who bleat most about being English, and being swamped by immigrants, can’t even speak/write the English language.

To which 100qindarka replied:

It’s striking?

It certainly is Peter.

But what I’d like your opinion on is the effect of such a dramatic impact on the cultural experience of those who now find themselves living in an area where they were born maybe 80 or 90 years ago, yet are almost alone in speaking English, albeit of a kind you consider to be deficient.

This was the final post from 100qindarka before the moderator’s axe fell.  So what is the explanation for what in Comment is Free terms was a fairly innocuous exchange?

Look no further that the post by CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout at 1.12pm:

He’s an “old friend”, Peter. He already knows all he needs to.. 😉

So not being satisfied with deleting her own entire commenting history,  CalamityJane123 / BeautifulBurnout has now appointed herself moderator in chief in order to deal with anyone she perceives as attacking one of her associates.

Peter Guillam is a long-term poster on Cif.  In real life, he was formerly a professor at the University of Cambridge. I imagine he’s rather embarrassed at MrsB’s childish effort at censorship – at least I hope he is.


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