Will BeautifulBurnout / CalamityJane123 / BuddhistBarrister@0Calamity / DanielBlake / face the same fate as disgraced solicitor Phil Shiner?

There is no doubt that the Barrister who at various times has posted under these monikers is a great admirer of that staunch supporter of human rights, the recently struck off solicitor Phil Shiner.

Here she is as CalamityJane123 commenting on the Guardian’s Ideas for 18-19 December 2014 5:14pm

I note the parliamentarians hiding behind parliamentary privilege to call Shiner, personally, a liar.

Cowards. Come out and say it outside the confines of the House and then we would see the outcome.

And again the following day:

I can’t see how you can impugn Phil Shiner for something he knew nothing about either.    And

So why is Phil Shiner and PIL (Public Interest Lawyers) being rounded-on in such a way, then? Because there is nothing the government would love more than to get rid of a serious thorn in their side.

And here a day earlier on the same thread:

That is neither here not there as the basis of my argument is not with regard to the outcome of the Inquiry, but in relation to a great number of posters who are painting Phil Shiner to be at best stupid and at worst venal and corrupt for pursuing a case with no evidence other than that proffered by a bunch of lying enemy combatants.

Phil Shiner has done the job he should have done.

CJ previously posted on the Guardian as BeautifulBurnout but asked for her entire posting record to be deleted:

This Guardian Censorship of the Comment is Free historical record in almost beyond belief.

She has also also equated NATO forces in Afghanistan with the Nazis in Second World War occupied France.

Here she is as BeautifulBurnout 7/7 London Transport Truther Conspirator speaking about whether the British security services had prior knowledge of the bombings that killed 52 innocent London Transport passengers:

……or the third option, which is that they knew it was going to happen and did nothing to intervene because they saw the political value of letting it happen.

And again,  serious questions for a Crawley Labour Party Officer about holocaust denial, anti-semitism and Nazism.

From Today’s Guardian:

The unit investigating claims of abuse by British forces in Iraq is to close down, the government has announced, saying it will also greatly reduce similar inquiries connected to Afghanistan and Northern Ireland.

Ministers said the decision was made after misconduct findings against a solicitor Phil Shiner involved in many of the claims.

Time for the Bar Council to start investigating its own.

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