BeautifulBurnout leads MBC55, Anne Tanner, and AndyLucia in a cruel vicious assault on a young unemployed man

Phoenix Ancient Town, Western Hunan Province, China, July 2009

Phoenix Ancient Town, Western Hunan Province, China, July 2009

BeautifulBurnout leads  MBC55,  Anne Tanner, and  AndyLucia in a cruel vicious assault on a young unemployed man 


”Off you go now. Why not make your “drug addict” Mum a cup of tea and show her some gratitude for bringing you into the world, bringing you up and putting up with you under her roof at an age when she must have thought you would have been out of her hair. Do something for someone else for a change without expecting anything in return. You might actually benefit from it.”

”I am really tired of reading your shite on here night after night. Get yourself over to the MuslimhatersRUs site with your friend Sara if you want to go on like that. It is really not wanted here. There is not one single person who supports your “difference of opinion” on this site.”


”You know I’m actually starting to feel sorry for you. You’re a hate-filled, narcissistic little nobody with a truly unwarranted belief that he is superior to everybody under the sun, who believes that the world owes him the things he wants and that he should not be called upon to demonstrate the slightest facility for anything. You are constantly jealous of everone who has anything that you dont, and you’re incapable of attributing it to any quality, merit or effort on their part. Instead, you ascribe it to cheating, lying, stealing or, what seems to be worst of all in your eyes, co-operating with or helping each other or simply acting like decent caring human beings towards each other.

You cannot begin to accept that your opinion is merely an opinion, one formed by a particularly ignorant little wastrel. \every pronouncement from you is Universal law, stated by the only one who truly knows or understands, yet it’s based in painfully limited experience and reading supposedly intellectual studies that feed your fevered brain and support you in your hatred.

You’ve leached off people’s goodwill and sympathy for as long as I’ve known of your existence on the internet, yet everything done for your help and benefit has been rejected by your refusal to take any of the chances available to you, any of the options dug out by others. You wallow in your own misery because you’re either too scared to do something that might relieve it, or you’re too fixated upon the sympathy and attention it still just about gets you.

You lie and twist language until the things you say cease to have any meaning. To try to claim that suggesting someone who is racist is a bigot is in itself a bigoted person was to distort the English language beyond the point where it has any meaning. Your words are white noise, sound without meaning. You are an intolerant, intolerable little creep, pissing in the wind whever you open your fatuous gob, and for me you can go crawl under the stone that you love, toad-like, and stay there.

I will no longer recognise your existence, acknowledge or respond to your posts (for which you’ll no doubt be delighted). You really are one of themst disgsting little excrescences I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. And your own personal torment is that you will always be that way”


You feel safe in your bigotry, finding out that you just might be wrong is just too scary isn’t it? making up your mind before looking at the facts is no way to learn anything.


Don’t try to be a smart arse Nap, you don’t have the chops for it.

Pathetic. Whichever way you cut it, objectively or subjectively, you’re an offensive little bigot.

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