BeautifullyBurntout is physically sick at vicious trolling

The Catholic Church, Bingzhongluo June 2009, Yunnan Province, China

The Catholic Church, Bingzhongluo June 2009, Yunnan Province, China

Cath Elliott wrote an excellent piece on the way she’s been attacked over a period of years by people from a site “Don’t Start Me Off”

So good was the piece that Helen Lewis reproduced it with a short introduction in the New Statesman.

It reminded me of the piece I’d written here about how HankScorpio, BeautifulBurnout, Backtothepoint and others had used MontanaWildhack’s site to make totally false accusations of paedophilia against me.

What I found interesting was that someone called BeautifullyBurntout posted the following on Cath’s site:

Reading this makes me feel physically sick. It is horrible to be the subject of vicious trolling. Stay strong. (And keep in mind the harassment laws too, if this level of personal abuse continues.)

Is this the same BeautifulBurnout who accused me of being like Gary Glitter and stood four square with the racist bully HankScorpio? Surely such double standards can’t exist in the same person?

Clearly I have a stronger stomach than BeautifullyBurntout, as having followed what men post about women over the years, the abuse from the patrons of “Don’t Start Me Off” come as no surprise whatever.

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