BTH’s posts to RichJames

This is a record of the entire posts that I’ve made in response to comments posted by RichJames on CiF.

It hardly warrants his description of me as a piece of human filth. But it is an understandable reaction from someone who arguments have been so soundly countered.

RichJames  13/5/11

I think the sad irony of the wars and Al Qaeda is that they’re not so
different to their counterparts in the United States government.

If you examine the two major components of the Christian religion in the USA –
Protestants and Catholics, how many have died as a result of conflict between

Then examine the the same for the two major components of Islam in Pakistan – Sunni and Shia.

Now tell us again that they’re not so different.


RichJames   10/8/11

“these were the people about whom ArecBalrin says “there is no
reason not to riot.”
Yes. Arec is renowned for his dry wit.

I’ve followed ArecBalrin on welfare, health, human rights and related issues for
well over two years and I seem to have missed his penchant for dry wit.

Perhaps you could post your favourite piece of his dry wit so I can reconsider his defence of the ‘rioters’ in a new light?


smtx01   26/8/11   –  addressing RichJames and BeautifulBurnout

Why don’t you and bttp stop being grasses and try arguing with the
poster cafedescargot on points, otherwise it looks, well, petty.

Quite and thank you.


And I suspect Cafedescargot may just have a little, secret crush on
the Beebster – bless!

Not me, I think BTTP‘s your man there. o(╯□╰)o


RichJames     24/9/11

I used to work as a customer assistant in a supermarket,  ace.

So were you one of the “appallingly unctuous and obsequious”  kind or one
who “values their customers – in as much as they acknowledge you exist” kind?


RichJames          28/9/11

Why do people continue to claim that the far right stand strong
chances of electoral success in the UK?

Could it be that it means they can avoid looking at the conflicting and
contradictory political views they hold, by portraying a unified, politically rampant, fascistic opponent? Could it also be that they are particularly over-represented on this part of CiF?


RichJames         1/10/11

Terry Callier ‘Time Peace’

No Youtube in China I’m afraid – you’ll have to describe it.


RichJames      1/10/11

I agree that freedom is important; but you’re claiming that somebody
opposes it when they don’t. You can’t expect anyone to take that claim

So why do backtothepoint and BeautifulBurnout go running to
the moderators every time Bitethehand, one of CiF’s original posters, and
I mean May 2006 vintage, you might conclude almost a founder member, says
something that interferes with their carefully cultivated “celebrity status” on this thread?

If that isn’t an abuse of free speech then what is?



With regard to the WDYWTTA thread that RichJames discovered this weekend, here’s quotes from that thread from two of CiF most respected contributors, Sarka and princesschipchops:


There is sometimes a bit too much of the school playground about
CIF (some childish rather than witty jibes, a certain amount of mobbing – e.g.
trying to diss and intimidate the “disloyal” BTH has become a bit of a gang sport for the lads on the feminism threads, though fortunately he is immune).


Same goes re Ultima – she has never said anything that I can see
that is offensive but people who keep asking why is Jay banned then go on to ask why is Ultima or BTH still here. Well then you are all hypocrites are you not? If BTH and Ultima have never been offensive – never sworn at or threatened other posters why should they be banned? Because you do not like their views?


RichJames – On Censorship 4/10/11

well true – but it was for praising their sterling work in combatting
BiteTheHand’s malign influence.

Nobody combats Bitethehand, they may just delay him by a few minutes. You’ll find him posting on the Telegraph, the Independent and
the UT, as well, as you pointed out this weekend in the archives of the Guardian


RichJames    9/10/11

If Jobs inspired people – great; but let’s not pretend that hawking IT
products is a noble vocation. The Cult of Apple, indeed.

In your rush to defend, you failed to read my post properly. I was commenting on the intelligence and decision making skills of the consumers who buy Apple
products, not the the people whose noble vocation it is to sell them, many of
whom as others have pointed out, often don’t earn enough to buy them.


RichJames     9/10/11

She’s (lightthecandle) not written anything defamatory: just
offered her opinion on the ‘paper’s editorial stance.

So how about this RichJames?

With regard to the editorial policy many are asking why the Guardian seemingly still supports the liberal democrats and therefore the coalition as it moves further to the right – something which they feel they deserve an answer to.

So apart from your rather perplexing reference to the daughter of the mother of our good Lord, what exactly was it you meant by:

Thanks for the pointer, Sister Mary. But she didn’t do that anyway. She criticised the editorial stance as it actually exists – namely the support for Lib
Dems, not Tories.

Not Tories?

….the Guardian seemingly still supports the liberal democrats and therefore
the coalition as it moves further to the right…

But not the Tories RichJames?



RichJames> & TimeTravelAgent you were promised some photos
as, to use your words  Hackensack shlepps again.

Here the foot of the Hailuogou glacier at 2,850m

And here  the permanently snow covered summit of the 7556m Gongga Shan that feeds the glacier.

Both in the Hailuogou National Geological Park, Sichuan Province, China.


RichJames             27/10/11

Such a claim indicates an absence of culture among those making it:
Arab countries spurred the Rennaisance; and led the world in architecture –
domed Mosques would have been impossible without advanced

No you could do it through trail and error and work out the mathematics later.


RichJames         30/10/11

A talent was not a coin, nor was it a synonym for gifts and abilities but a weight of a precious metal such as silver, and one talent was worth more than $1,000 in today’s money.

And interesting that you refer us to the story, the moral of which is:

‘For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but
from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. And cast the
unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’

Could be the start of the Coalition’s Manifesto.


RichJames          2/11/11

You moan

RichJames, I never, ever moan.

I confront, I argue, I get up happy in the morning and go to bed happy, but I
never ever moan.

And I promote world class self-made women like BeautifulBurnout – she shows us all the way to a future where bootstraps will be as significant as tents outside St Paul’s are today.


RichJames             2/11/11

As you’ve only been commenting here since November 2010, perhaps you’d like to explain how you’re so intimately familiar with the past history of MrsB and me?

You say:

When I fancy someone, I don’t try to seduce them by threatening to
end their careers. There really are some mental folk around.

And did you pick up this term of “mental” as a way of abusing anyone who hasn’t reached your level of intellectual prowess from the Guardian’s style guide?  Or was it something you came up with all on your own?

For someone who portrays himself here as a carer, you have a strange vocabulary to express it.

And remember I never post anything that isn’t recorded as evidence for when we all need to account for our posts.


RichJames           2/11/11

Flipping snogmonster wrecking the thread, for God’s sake…

Rich, if you’re going to comment on this issue, please do some research first and then try to post something original.

Otherwise try silence – it’s very therapeutic.


RichJames              1/12/11

True – but that’s precisely why it’s well within bounds to point out
what he’s up to.

So over to RichJames – you’ve got the floor here to present your evidence. Here’s your source – or much of it.



Response to fripouille, SleepingTarsia, Richjames, AndyLucia,

Islam and the Equality of Women

While it is impossible, given their diversity, to paint one picture of
women living under Islam today, it is clear that the religion has been used in most Muslim countries not to liberate but to entrench inequality.

Women’s rights are compromised further by a section in the Koran,
sura 4:34, that has been interpreted to say that men have “pre-eminence” over women or that they are “overseers” of women. The verse goes on to say that the husband of an insubordinate wife should first admonish her, then leave her to sleep alone and finally beat her. Wife beating is so prevalent in the Muslim world that social workers who assist battered women in Egypt, for example, spend much of their time trying to convince victims that their husbands’ violent acts are unacceptable.

Muslim women today experience high rates of illiteracy, poverty,
violence, exclusion and other problems that are sometimes perpetuated in the
name of religion.

20 of the 25 lowest-ranking countries on the World Economic
Forum’s 2010 Gender Gap Index, which ranks women’s participation in society, are Muslim-majority countries.
Most women today exercise the right of freedom to go out
independently, to work and earn, <b>to pretend to be equal to man</b>, but this, sadly enough, is at the expense of their families.

It is noteworthy that Islamic teachings are attentive to the needs
and rights of the weaker gender throughout her life: as a daughter,
sister, wife, mother, and as a member of the Islamic society.

(my emphasis)
A survey by the Council on American Islamic Relations showed that
two of three mosques in 2000 required women to pray in a separate area, up from one of two in 1994. Islamic feminists have begun to protest this, advocating for women to be allowed to pray beside men without a partition as they do in Mecca


RichJames         30/12/11

If you’re claiming that the young man in question is representative of
blacks in Britain,…..

No I’m stating the exact opposite, that Kirk, along with those involved in
the riots and the black on black killing and maiming that have become an all too common part of London street crime, are both a tiny minority, a massive
embarrassment and an ongoing danger to what the writer refers to as “the black


RichJames             17/1/12

There are c. 10 million disabled people in the UK: c. 18% of the
population; which is the same percentage of disabled people amongst the working population.

And from the same source you cite:

Over 6.7 million disabled people are of working age which represents 18
percent of the working population. 


50 percent of disabled people of working age are in employment

And of these:

Only one in 20 of those asked said that they required support to do the

Which to me is rather interesting as the Disability Discrimination Act defines
disability as:

‘A physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on a person’s ability to carry out day-to-day activities.’

So clearly for large numbers of people with a disability, work is not the day to day activity with which they require help.


RichJames            26/1/12

People may remember that Hussein attacked Iran, using real
weapons of mass destruction.

These couldn’t have been the WMDs Iraq didn’t have would they?

And if Iran had nuclear weapons you don’t think it might use them to return the

Or is that a risk you’re prepared to take?


RichJames                      3/3/12

Are you able to cite any evidence that mothers in general are proud of their
daughters who in public, or indeed in private swear like proverbial troopers, or
even their sons for that matter?

I’m sure our own good Queen would be horrified, as would my own mother and I think you’re out on that minority limb of yours again if you think otherwise.


RichJames, so far this month you’ve found the time to write 41 posts
compared to my 12. So if your comment  “spending time posting on-line is a bit
sad” applies to anyone……

I on the other hand have found time to be here, herehere and here.

Which I assure was much better than sitting in front of a computer screen.


RichJames          3/3/12

………….and I fail to understand the government’s obsession with private

Oh it’s quite simple Rich, they suspect they can get a good day’s work
from workers in the private sector whereas they know that public sector workers like you spend much of their day on CiF rather than working the people who pay their wages / benefits.



Interesting editorial here and just in time to expose one of CiF’s homophobes:

Sadly though when the Guardain entertains comments like this from one of its
protected posters RichJames, it seems homophobia has a protected
status on CiF:

That time of the month is it, Joseph?

The only man alive who exhibits the symptoms of Post Menstrual Tension

And the post is still on the Guardian’s website almost 10 hours after being posted and reported.

And the Guardian bans the people who object to these homophobic comments and those who post their objections and protects the homophobes.


RichJames         11/3/12

And it is perfectly clear that there are readers he frequently harasses. None of 
them have ever done him any wrong as far as I can tell;

You mean like this threat from Mr Hank Scorpio yesterday?

I’d love to meet you, Bitey. I’d fucking take your face off, cunt.


RichJames 11/3/12

I’m tired of this bullshit about cliques.

Does this mean you’re resigning your leadership?

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