HankScorpio – abusive, racist, bully.

Update 1

HankScorpio hero of the Untrusteds and one of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs Tax Inspectors, making a rare Friday night appearance with yet another attempt to insult PaulBJ with a racist comment:

‘”The cause of liberalism has come to a pretty sorry pass when it amounts to little more than Pikey’s right to call a spade a fucking nigger.”

and continuing:

“I’m a working class white person who’s in favour of the public sector, and trade unions, and equality generally”.

A working class tax inspector and a genuine working class hero with friends in the Serious Organised Crime Agency?

You really need to be very careful about what you post on here or elsewhere in the future because I’ve got plenty to pass on to my friends in SOCA.

Both Lenin and Lennon must be spinning.


If HankScorpio had a slogan it would be “Socialism and Equality for White Men”.

Here he is addressing sheffpixie about  heyhabib, who unlike Hank, clearly isn’t White British:

Racism is in the eye of the beholden, sheff. Having said that, I did call habib a 
paki when, in extremis, I got a bit pissed off with him stalking my every comment.

This is a man who regularly abuses many of The Untrusted regulars while they continue to fawn over the bully. And to prove the point here’s sheffpixie replying after seriously considering this racism for three minutes and dismissing it as insignificant:


Stop bloody despairing and come and spend an evening with some friends. There’s no excuse – you can practically walk there from where you are.


Following on from his racist abuse of heyhabib,  HankScorpio turned his attention to the Black English poster PaulBJ:

HankScorpio said…

You’re not proud, Paul. We all know that. Your humble and subservient, and very very greedy for approval. It’s sad to see. You need to get some self-respect.

As for wiping the floor with my white arse, don’t be silly. You’re playing up to racial stereotypes there.

“You dont exist as far as i’m concerned.”

Suits me. Fuck off back to waddya. As I said earlier, you’ll be more at home there. Maybe hermione can take you on as her houseboy.


“The anti-smoking lobby are distinguished by their puritan school monitor views, none more so than AlexJones. Alex, I’d far rather spend an hour in a lift with a group of dedicated smokers on a sponsored smoke than with you and your self-righteous, sanctimonious, “ooh it’s smelly” middle class wank.”


Don’t misrepresent what I’ve said, yak, you snivelling arsewipe. Don’t bother engaging with my arguments until you’ve developed the necessary brain cels.

@Yak – yeh, thank God you emigrated. The moment you left the country the collective IQ shot up.

Tell the truth now, where have you emigrated to and what are you employed as? I am genuinely interested to know, given that your profile suggests that you’re not the sharpest and least xenophobic knife in the box.

HankScorpio  4 April 2008 11:31PM

@Roncim – … As I alluded to above, it rankles with me that CiF is open to 
reactionary bigots*  when the right-wing papers don’t show the same tolerance. On the other hand, I do enjoy the debate at times and I enjoy the moral superiority that comes with knowing that the Guardian pays greater respect to free speech than the right-wing rags that your politics are clearly aligned to. [Edited by moderator]

And the second from The Untrusted

You should have banned Bitey a long time ago. You didn’t because you had some idealistic principles about liberty and censorship, and you never realised that you effectively censor others by giving him free rein to outing people as he did yesterday by linking to a Cif post from BB from three years ago**

It’s shameful that he’s still allowed to post on here, peddling lies and abusing the rights of others.

And now you’re all gonna cold shoulder me by posting pictures of baby fucking seals because, what, my left-wing vision is a bit more left-wing than your left-wing vision which exonerates all of you from blame for where we are.

It’s both pitiful and cowardly.

Anyone who disagrees with HankScorpio he calls a bigot – it was one of his most used words on his time on CiF. Goodness knows what it was the moderators edited out.

** This refers to a link I produced to BeautifulBurnout’s ATL article in the Guardian in which she exonerated the police for releasing  Malik Mannan on bail and who immediately went home and stabbed his 26-year-old wife Sabina Akhtar to death.

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