Jay Reilly – anti-feminist, arrogant, dismissive, denigrating and much loved member of the Untrusted cabal.

Lion in tree, Tanzania, 1998

Lion in tree, Tanzania, 1998

JayReilly became the subject of some discussion both here and on the thread following interviews with some CiF personalities following the death of Georgina Henry, the Guardian’s founder of Comment is Free.

JayReilly started posting on CiF on 18 Jan 2008. His first post was a question about creationists at Leeds University, but his second and fourth were to set the tone for his virulently anti-feminist contributions and philosophy, his arrogant and belittling attitude for the next five years:

JayReilly commented on Text back!.by Cath Elliott on 18 Jan 2008:

Aside from the fact that the only credibly source here, the Home Office, disputes your figures, can you not see the problem with taking stats from rape organisations at face value? Charities work by getting funding, the bigger the problem, the more funding. Rape organisations have an enormous vested interest in making these figures as large as possible, and you would be mad not to be a little more sceptical. I asked 1000 convicted rapists whether they were guilty, 97% said they were innocent. Hence i have shown that 97% of convictions were actually false allegations.

Again, trying to prove rape stats with links to feminists sites isnt that convincing, to say the least. One police force recorded 15% of allegations as false, i saw that figure within the last 3 months, cant remember where though. We will never know the true figure for false allegations, but if it was anywhere near as low as 3% i would suffer severe shock. I remember a retired lawyer, who had put many rapists behind bars as that was his speciality, said something long the lines of ‘You wouldnt believe the amount of false allegations, you really would not believe it unless you saw it.” Anecdotal, i know. He was an American, but im sure things arent that different over here.

JayReilly in his fourth comment posted on Why do so many men still think the sex trade is fine? by Catherine Bennett on 21 Jan 2008:

This article has all the academic rigour and substance of a GCSE media studies project. Dreadful article that adds absolutely nothing whatsoever to the debate. Ranting is not journalism. Guardian editors, please understand the distinction.

On 30 April 2009 JayReilly was banned from CiF but after a serious campaign and a grovelling apology on his part, he was reinstated after one month.  He last posted on 30 March 2013.

Let me leave the last view with Cath Elliott, posting BTL as Mswoman, on 25 Mar 2008:

And I would say that you, JayReilly, BrusselsLout and the rest of your ilk are the reason why feminism is still so vital today. Thankfully although you all tend to congregate on the CiF fem threads and try and dominate the discourse, out in the real world you’re a rapidly diminishing force. To read the frustrated and powerless misogyny posted on CiF is to observe the death throes of a dying breed; but unlike the dodo and the woolly mammoth, no one will mourn its passing.

With some irony, JayReilly and BrusselsLout, both of whom replied to Cath, totally missed the main issue of the article by Angela McRobbie entitled – Post Feminist Passion.

And no surprise that BrusselsLout last posted on 1 February 2010 while JayReilly with I’m pleased to say much modified views struggled on for another 5 years.

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