Montana Wildhack said… Jay – I love you, too, sweet pea! A change from her usual abuse but still rather hypocritical.

Decorated House, Jianshui, Yunnan, China, February 2014

Decorated House, Jianshui, Yunnan, China, February 2014

Montana Wildhack of JayReilly said…Jay – I love you, too, sweet pea!  A change from her usual abuse but still rather  hypocritical

When Montana Wildhack posted this romantic aside in May 2009,  JayReilly had been posting on Comment is Free for over 15 months. This is long enough for even the least observant to have grasped how his politics were so fundamentally at odds with those of the anarchist / revolutionary / social democratic / Lib-Dem alliance that at the time was The Untrusted.

How many times have those who have dared to criticise Islam and multiculturalism been taken to task by the likes of Wildhack, mschin, BeautifulBurnout, Backtothepoint and other UT regulars?

Well here’s JayReilly commenting on the article – Let Tower Hamlets’ new mayor prove his detractors wrong. (CiF 29 Oct 2010 11:01am)

This entire fiasco is itself an apartheid-style attack on democracy. If people could take off their blinkers for a second they might see that. This is the emerging split along ethnic lines of the political machine of a major London borough, accompanied by some of the most appallingly anti-democratic (and criminal) behaviour in recent times.

This is the whirlwind reaped by our multicullturalist betters, who thought a country actively encouraged to group along religious and racial lines would be “progressive”. It truly boggles the mind.

We need to get a grip on this. Scrap faith schools, for a kick off, and start trying to remould this fractured cesspit into a unified political entity capable of actually challenging the political class who are currently defecating all over us.

Multiracial – by all means. Multicultural – unbelievably short sighted and naive.

Now I have a certain amount of sympathy with Jay but his views are diametrically opposed to those expressed by defenders of Islam that inhabit the UT.

And here even earlier on 17 March 2009 just a few weeks before Wildhack’s post on CiF’s Our birthday hangover.17 Mar 2009 10:22am :

This is, to me, one of the biggest problems with sections the left, the refusal to judge issues rationally on merit, and instead to look around and decide whose side of the fence you want to be on. Well we wont criticise the neolib practice of mass immigration, because then we’d be making common cause with the BNP and white van man. We wont criticise the sexist policies of Harman because that makes common cause with knuckle dragging misogynists. We wont criticise Muslim homophobia or misogyny because that makes common cause with racists.

So why the near hero worship of Mr Reilly by the Untrusted cabal rather than being branded what others would be called – namely a racist Islamophobe?

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