MontanaWildhack celebrates Peter Bracken’s banning from CiF but welcomes him with open arms to her own site.

 Eat your heart out Napolean

Eat your heart out Napolean

MontanaWildhack commented on Ideas 13-16 April.14 Apr 2012 8:42pm

My comment wasn’t a potshot at Bracken — it was a genuine expression of surprise at the volume of what seem to me to be mostly crocodile tears about his banning. You may think it’s “low” for me to be consistent in my opinion of someone whether they’re still active here or whether they’ve been banned. I see it as hypocritical to suddenly act like you’ve lost the company of an old pal when someone you never cared for proves himself to be incapable of expressing himself within community standards.


And on Ideas 13-16 April.14 Apr 2012 3:24am

I may well piss off pretty much everyone else who reads this thread with this comment, but here goes:

Are you people freaking serious? All the tears for Bracken’s demise? All the “he kept me on my toes”, “he knew what he was talking about”, etc.?? You’re joking, right? That sarcastic British wit that you’re always saying we Americans don’t get.

He made shit up wholesale as he went along, he made wildly inflammatory accusations of other posters based on woefully obtuse readings of the comments of those posters, he was arrogant, abrasive and utterly dismissive of anyone who dared to challenge his overweening self-regard.

I don’t know what got him banned under his own name, I wasn’t around for that, and I’m generally against banning anyone who isn’t a deliberate troll, so I’ll go so far as to say that I doubt I would have seen his banning as justified.

But miss him? I would think that the only way that any rational poster could miss Bracken would be in the way that one would miss a carbuncle after it’s healed.


And on Ideas for 6-10 April.08 Apr 2012 8:31pm

Well, shall we bury the hatchet and have a hug? I know that I can be rather acerbic, but I don’t actually enjoy feuds and animosity.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think much of the Graun banning people, either. Bracken shouldn’t have been banned. Neither should a whole lot of other people. I’ve only ever banned 2 people from the UT and, yes, one of them was Kawtara1. She didn’t seem to be able to get it through her head that she didn’t have the right to demand that people discuss what she wanted to discuss. She was making the place intolerable and drove away several very much-liked posters — permanently, I’m afraid. The other person’s sole raison d’etre was to hurl insults. I see no need to tolerate that.

(Posted two days before she banned Bitethehand )


And on A welcome from Comment is free’s new editor.06 Sep 2010 10:33pm

Related to the moderation issue, I would also like to support amnesty for banned posters. A nice changing-of-the-guard gesture? I even miss certain posters that I never agreed with & it would shatter the delusions that one particular member of the banned harbours that regulars at the Other Place had anything to do with his banning.

(The Other Place – presumably – and the “one particular member” – who?


And on What do you want to talk about?.05 Oct 2009 1:42pm

Yeah. Ultima. I can’t say as that I would miss her, but I do think banning her is OTT. Bring her back, Graun. And bring back Hank, Monkeyfish and Woolly while you’re at it.


And on What do you want to talk about?.04 May 2009 11:25pm

I’m happy that Jay’s coming back and I will cheerfully admit that I’ve come to thing of him as a ‘friend’, but I want to echo/reiterate that it isn’t just about Jay and it isn’t just about posters I agreed with who’ve been banned. It’s the whole concept of banning anyone or deleting anything that wouldn’t get the GMG into legal trouble. As far as that goes, I’m not sure why anything posted in the comments section would get them into legal trouble. BeautifulBurnout – would a disclaimer to the effect that the opinions expressed herein are not those of the GMG not be enough to protect them? And now they’ve got Billplasterer?! Oh the humanity!

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