MontanaWildhack posted – 15 February 2009: “I promise not to censor comments. Help me let people know that it’s here, okay?”

Off Aberystyth, Wales, Spring 1988.

Off Aberystyth, Wales, Spring 1988.

MontanaWildhack posted – 15 February 2009: “I promise not to censor comments. Help me let people know that it’s here, okay?”

Sometime later, reflecting on this promise:

Scherfig a founder member of The Untrusted posted 27/5/2010:

If I can set my usual personal abuse of bitey aside for once, (even though his creepy stalking behaviour is totally unacceptable), it might be worth considering the occasional valid point that he makes here. Deano seems to think that everyone should comment on here, but not biteydeano will apparently accept every type of racist, classist, predujiced nonsense (and excuse it, as many others here do simply because they don’t want a confrontation) as long as he can ramble on about reaming his cock, and mungo, and can adore every young miss ad nauseam. Thauma just tells bitey to fuck off (fair enough). BB engages with him repeatedly – why? Many others have also told him to fuck off, myself included. But here’s a radical thought – we have endured all sorts of crap on here, but we draw the line at bitey. Why is that? I imagine that it’s because his contributions have been purely aggressive and negative, no surprise there (cf parallax, billp). But perhaps it’s also because many posters here feel that this is a safe space where inconvenient and uncomfortable opinions should not be heard. (Or eg. in the case of the bigoted and obnoxious Nap, should be defended on very dubious grounds – he’s young, unemployed, mentally fragile -WTF people!) That’s a very dangerous road to go down, and us old-timers have been there before. Well, if it’s the case that we don’t want to hear anything nasty here, then what’s the fucking point? At the risk of sounding like a dinosaur, I’ll say straight out that it wasn’t like that when we started this place, and I don’t think that it is the future of this place either.

On a more specific note, I’ll say to paulbj that your offensive assault on practically everybody here was at least honest and heartfelt and passionate (at the time). I’m not singling you out – it’s just a recent example, not the first, but not to be swept under the carpet either. And I would still call you a paddy nigger (but not in a bad way). Although I wouldn’t think of calling habib a Paki, or Turminder a half-caste Jock. Why is that, I wonder? What is the difference? Although if I wanted to say these things here, why shouldn’t I? These views exist in the real world so why should they not be expressed here? It’s surely a subject for discussion with all the animosity and insults and personal offence that that might entail with such a conversation on this forum (a bit like the real world but perhaps with more honesty!). UT – freedom of speech, no moderation, not Cif.

I suppose my point here is that if is this to be a forum for the exchange of ideas and political discussion (amongst other things), then treading on eggshells with each other, and everyone spouting the same tired old bullshit won’t actually do it. I think that you regular contributors here should think hard about what way you want UT to go. You’ll end up with the forum you deserve.

And on a final, very personal note, I support montana 100% in her response to BB‘s coments. As usual here, everybody wants to be pals and nobody wants to ‘take sides’. l’ll say straight out that montana‘s reaction to BB‘s comments was right on the money and BB was totally wrong in her personal (disgused as professional) interpretation of the case, her patronising manner and her dishonest response to montana. I’m disappointed that more intelligent posters here didn’t recognise that. Sorry, BB – sue me.

And lastly, at risk of sounding precious, I really think that you should all think seriously about how you use this forum which montana started and which she still works hard to maintain. Apart from thauma and myself, nobody has ever done anything practical here. I’m more or less out of the loop now, but I still care about this place. And who knows? It might disappear tomorrow.  (My bold)

To which I responded:

An interesting post scherfig and having looked at my own records, it might surprise you that as far as I can see, we never fell out about anything that either of us posted on CiF. I stand to be corrected on this because of certain IT problems that have been alluded to earlier on this thread, but I don’t think so.

You call me a stalker and ask “BB engages with him repeatedly – why?”.

And you answered your own question earlier this month when you wrote about her, far more perceptively and cuttingly than I could ever have brought myself to, if only because I like to engage with posters, like you, who present a challenge, rather than an easy target:

“You have a huge ego and an apparent need to prove your liberal credentials to us ordinary people on this blog. Your posts are mostly about you. You take pride in ‘bashing the fash’ but it just sounds like a schoolkid being stroppy. It’s bullshit. Sorry, but I find you incredibly naive politically (Lib Dem Ya?) so we’re never going to be best friends You get a lot more from this blog than you give. Fair enough.”

Sounds like a very fair comment about MrsBootstraps  🙂

This was prompted by Chekhov’s recent comment about censorship on the UT site.

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