RedMiner blows the gaff on the ATOS Work Capability Assessment interview

The Botanical Garden Kunming, China, April 2013

The Botanical Garden Kunming, China, April 2013

RedMiner blows the gaff on the ATOS Work Capability Assessment interview

My first encounter with RedMiner was on 7 October 2010 after he’s posted the following piece of abuse on You Tell Us:


I’ve just about had enough of this fucking country

It’s a fucking cesspit.

If you can leave – go

To which I responded:

Don’t be so silly RedMiner, just yesterday we had the first woman achieving the status of Free Miner. Which other country that might accept you with your delightful turn of phrase, has achieved such social progress?

“After a two-year legal wrangle that reached the House of Commons, Elaine Mormon’s right to work beneath the ground – and hold the age-old title of “free miner” – has finally been recognised.”

On 12 April, Pagey, who posts so often on CiF that he sometimes seems to be of the staff of the Guardian, announced that he had been invited to attend an ATOS interview.

Several posters offered their support and sympathy with Pagey’s upcoming ordeal, but RedMiner wasn’t one of them. And why was this when he’s been in the vanguard of those condemning the Government’s use of ATOS to attack the sick and disabled?

According to RedMiner who’s a bit of an expert on these matters, with Pagey’s obvious ability with words and his stunning retorts on Comment is Free, he should be able to sail through being asked “a few questions for ten minutes”.

Here’s RedMiner posting on the Untrusted site on 30 March

“Anyone who felt able to fake disability/illness under PCA (personal capability assessment) would have no problem doing the same under the WCA – it’s the same process! The idea that whereas in the past fraudsters took DWP medicals but are now running scared of being asked a few questions by Atos for ten minutes is bizarre.”

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